Elite Physical Therapy_Is Your Life Pain in the Neck?

The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body “Reach Out For Pain Relief Goals!” IS LIFE A PAIN IN THE NECK?

Having frequent headaches and neck pain can literally be a pain in the neck, make you unhappy and less productive in life. Why do you have that pain in your neck? Often, it is caused by amuscle or joint problem. Poor posture in the upper neck area contributes to headaches, migraines and neck pain. When you look in themirror do you notice that you have a forward head posture or does your head look a little shifted off to the side, not in alignment with your neck? This is a sign of underlying joint or muscle problems. Elite Physical Therapy increases your neckmobility, improves your posture, regains your muscle strength and teaches you how to maintain your neck health. If you are having headaches or neck pain, call us today to relieve your pain.

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