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How toHelp Your Kids Get Over Their FEAR OF THE DARK

Show that there’s nothing to be afraid of, whether by shining a light into the closet or taking a look under the bed — with the child looking too — to prove there’s nothing to worry about. Empower them to banish their fears themselves. If they get frightened and run into your bedroom, escort them back to their own bed and help them relax. Their own bedroom must become a safe space. Only give your child healthy snacks before sending them to bed. Sugars and processed foods activate brain activity, putting your kid on high alert. Try vegetables, nuts, or string cheese. Of course, adding more light is always an option as well. Get a lamp with a dimmer that goes on their nightstand or plug in a few fun night lights. Over the period of a few months, steadily decrease the amount of light in the room. Eventually, they’ll be fully acclimated.

For many kids, there’s nothing scarier than the unknown of a dark room. Luckily, there are ways to

help your child overcome the terror they feel as soon as you turn out the light. You can chase the beasts away for good, just in time for the spooky Halloween season. The first step to curing a child’s fear of the dark is to find out exactly what they’re afraid of. Ask your child what scares them, using open-ended questions. Don’t belittle or dismiss their specific fears. As trivial as it may seem to you, it’s all too real to your kid. A simple statement like “I can see you’re really scared” can go a long way. Then, you need to ensure your child feels safe in the dark. Spend some time with them after the lights are off, calmly reassuring them that they’re safe in their bedroom.

“The first step to curing a child’s fear of the dark is to find out exactly what they’re afraid of.”

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