Commemorate Group | Catalog 2019 | Ver 1.1 (Online Edition)

2019 Metal Urns: Adult & Keepsake Urns: Pages 3-37 Companion Urns: Pages 6-9 Specialty Keepsake Urns: Pages 38-39 Tealight Urns: Pages 40-43 Pet Urns: Pages 50-54 Wood Urns: Wood Urns: Page 44-46 Casket Wine Bottle Holders: Page 47 Funeral Supplies: Urn Bags, Crucifixes, Sanders & Stands: Page 48

Eco-Friendly Urns: Passages Scattering Tubes: Page 49 Pet Urns: Pet Urns & Keepsakes: Pages 50-53 Pet Tealight Urns: Page 54 Pet Cremation Jewelry: Pages 55-56 Treasure ™ Cremation Jewelry: Cremation Jewelry: Pages 55-71

Commemorate Group Inc. is proud to be the Exclusive Supplier of LoveUrns® in Canada.

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