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New distribution networks – input data For the project, the Comsof Heat Designer software has been used to conduct the process of distribution pipes routing and dimensioning. The software can simultaneously calculate a specific variant’s hydraulic and economic parameters. Thereby, selecting the optimum configuration in vast areas becomes a feasible task utilizing the Comsof Heat application. The basis data required for the calculations is the information on the future consumers. It is necessary to have the locations of the upcoming consumers in the form of points or building contours on a map. This project data was obtained from the Danish register “Bygnings- og Boligregistret” (BBR). The annual energy demand and peak demand are used for calculations as well. The accurate information about consumer’s types and the yearly energy consumption is a bottom-line for correct sim- ulations. The software requires street centreline data as well. However, Comsof also provides an option to supplement manual trace. This function can be utilized when routing should go through green areas. All data can be imported in, e.g., shape format. The software is an add-on to a QGIS and ArcGIS application. The planned extension of the system includes densely built- up urban areas of the Gentofte Municipality. That forced a net- work design based mainly on the street grid. The tool offered by Comsof was extremely useful in this case. That is because it enables the generation of the new network configuration, for

the optimum one had to be singled out to ensure the whole network’s proper functioning. That is fully effective operation both under standard operating conditions and flexible in case of the potential partial indisposition of one of the heating cen- trals. The routings of the new distribution networks must coincide with existing streets due to the dense development in the Gentofte Municipality. Routing a network under the streets provides numerous viable trace configurations. Determined by the chosen routing, the upcoming network’s investment costs, rates, and hydraulic conditions can differ. Variant analyses un- der each aspect were needed to define the optimal solution. Transmission pipelines - the initial work Gentofte DH company determined possible routings for the new transmission pipelines. Considering the annual energy consumption of the new areas and potential points of connec- tion, several hydraulic simulations were performed in the Ter- mis software. The outcome made it possible to select the op- timal configuration and diameters for the new main pipelines. The conducted analyses proved the necessity of installing a booster pump station in the extended DH network. The oper- ation of the boosting station will be crucial to secure sufficient hydraulic conditions in the areas located in the north of the city. Moreover, the construction of the booster pump station will lower the total pressure in the whole network leading to lower operation costs.

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