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Figure 5 Project workflow

The economics The economics of the new system was determined by the rev- enues to be earned from heating tariffs and the costs to be covered by Gentofte DH Company. In this field, the Comsof software offers a wide configuration of opportunities. Depend- ing on the adopted criteria, it is possible to include different heat tariffs for consumers in the calculations. The evaluation of costs and revenues has a multi-year character and is calculated over the considered network lifetime. The heat and electrical power purchase costs and their fluctuations over the years can be evaluated.

All new 18 areas with 6,000 consumers were included in the analysis. The investment costs were determined with Comsof separately for each location and broken down by specific pipe diameters or heat exchanger capacities. Each distribution net- work operating cost was determined for the lifetime expected by Gentofte Dh Company. The calculated cost of constructing all new distribution areas was confirmed by other analyses conducted for this project and considered credible by GF.

The conclusion In conclusion, two different software were used for the task performed for Gentofte Dh Company: the well-recognized in District Heating world Termis software and the new Comsof Heat Designer software. The use of the tool provided by Comsof has significantly simplified the work related to creating the routing in distribution areas. It allowed obtaining the network design, the investment, and variable costs at one time. Therefore, the time required for creating new routings and financial calculations has been saved. The simultaneity of these calculations also made it possible to speed up selecting the optimal route. Furthermore, the verification of hydraulic parameters performed with Termis confirmed the correctness of the proposed designs and gave a complete overview of the future network operation. The entire task could not be fulfilled in Comsof Heat nor Termis only. The synergy of both solutions was the key to success in this case. In addition, it should be emphasized that the Comsof Heat Designer is quick to learn. It means that municipalities can make preliminary designs and heat planning that at a later stage can be verified in Termis.

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