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November 2019

Family, Football, and How NOT to Burn Down Your House

November is always a fantastic month. Usually, the weather here in Louisiana is delightful, especially after enduring the long, hot, humid summer months. In addition, the children have finally acclimated to being at school and studying. I always share my Thanksgiving memories with my son, but the only one that’s successfully resonated with him is my favorite Thanksgiving story: “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” I was surprised he enjoyed it so much. I found him watching it over and over even when I wasn’t around. Generosity is important to me, and I like to share that message with him and with you, my clients. Every Thanksgiving, friends and family open their doors to me to share their food and blessings, and I do the same. Thanksgiving always brings out the best in people, and we should strive to live like this every day. Fall, of course, is also time for the biggest rivalry in the land: Southern vs. Grambling in “The Bayou Classic.” I look forward to this football game because those Tigers always talk smack but end up getting smacked by the Jaguars! You know I’m just kidding; you’re all family to me. But still, GO JAGS! “Thanksgiving always brings out the best in people, and we should strive to live like this every day.” However, along with being a time for family, friends, and football, Thanksgiving is also a

After all the Grambling fans are done licking their wounds and before you retire for the evening, turn off all kitchen appliances and put everything away safely. If you want to find more helpful Thanksgiving tips, visit NFPA.org. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Is it the food, the game, or the holiday classics? Let me know next time you’re in the office! I love swapping old Thanksgiving stories or talking football.

time for distractions. Between guests arriving and the game playing in the background, there are plenty of moments for the stove to be left unattended. To ensure only Grambling’s hopes of winning go up in flames, someone needs to watch the kitchen at all times before dinner is served. Before you start cooking, make sure the fire extinguisher is readily available and everyone knows how to use it. Gas stoves also provide an assortment of risks. They produce an alarming amount of carbon dioxide if they’re used for several hours. Take a minute before cooking to open all your vents and crack your windows two inches so gas can disperse from the kitchen. When using a deep fryer to cook your turkey, there are a couple things to consider. Never use the fryer indoors, and keep it a safe distance from your house and any flammable objects. The oil will inevitably splash around, so, to prevent oil burns for your kids and pets, restrict the area to only adults. Make sure to let the grease cool, and stow it in a metal container before discarding it.

-Dathan Hill

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