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February 2019

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Song and Story The Eclectic Background of Laurie Anton


here are two elements of my background that drove me to become the lawyer I am today: my love of music andmy interest in business.

music, focuses on special education and rehabilitation. My teamwas at one of only 15 schools in the country teachingmusic therapy at the time. I went to hospitals and worked with patients who were handicapped or had special needs. This experience shaped the

For most people, business and art are two fields that could not be further apart. But as an attorney, it has beenmy mission to bridge this gap. Long before I decided to go to law school, I read contracts. Throughmy background inmusic, I knew a lot of bands andmusicians who needed help. I was always the person chosen to review contracts and help the group or performer succeed. As youmay be aware, musicians are artists first. They know their stuff when it comes to notes and harmonies, because that is what they do. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily know about the business aspects of their careers. As a vocalist, I performed through college and always loved it. But I saw firsthand how easy it is for people to take advantage of talented artists. I wanted to put a stop to it. Understanding business is the best way to do that. After graduating from law school, I took it a step further and got my MBA with honors fromNova Southeastern University Huizenga School of Entrepreneurship. This cementedmy business background. Before I came to work with Mr. Shapiro, I obtained a license from Tennessee, and worked with, among other things, clients in the world of music, film, and business litigation. I truly enjoyedmy time inTennessee, but much like how my music background pushedme to law school, that same experience encouragedme to find a place where I could help those in pain. I attended undergrad on a scholarship to the University of Miami, where my major was inmusic therapy. This field, part medicine and part

way I approachmy cases today. My job is to help people who are recovering from a terrible injury understand the pain they are in andmake sure they are taken care of.

“This experience shaped the way I approach my cases today.”

My path to law wasn’t clear from the start. I have an eclectic background, and there were many turns and detours. But all of that together helped me become the attorney I am today. I have a great deal of patience when it comes to facing challenges, but I’m a fighter. I fight for my clients and will go to the required lengths to get the most my clients are entitled to and deserve. It’s not in my nature to give up, and I can see my own passion to help people reflected in the team I work with now. Everyone at the firm is fantastic. We have seasoned professionals fromdifferent backgrounds, and each person has their own way of solving problems. This is a great advantage when working on client cases because we aren’t practicing law in a vacuum. We discuss cases with one another to get feedback, share notes, and provide input to ensure every client gets the best this firm can offer. Mr. Shapiro has done a great job putting together a tremendous group of people. I have worked in other firms before throughout Florida andTennessee. I can say with confidence that I amprivileged to be working at the law firmof Marc L. Shapiro, P.A.

-Laurie Anton

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