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Song and Story The Eclectic Background of Laurie Anton


here are two elements of my background that drove me to become the lawyer I am today: my love of music andmy interest in business.

music, focuses on special education and rehabilitation. My teamwas at one of only 15 schools in the country teachingmusic therapy at the time. I went to hospitals and worked with patients who were handicapped or had special needs. This experience shaped the

For most people, business and art are two fields that could not be further apart. But as an attorney, it has beenmy mission to bridge this gap. Long before I decided to go to law school, I read contracts. Throughmy background inmusic, I knew a lot of bands andmusicians who needed help. I was always the person chosen to review contracts and help the group or performer succeed. As youmay be aware, musicians are artists first. They know their stuff when it comes to notes and harmonies, because that is what they do. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily know about the business aspects of their careers. As a vocalist, I performed through college and always loved it. But I saw firsthand how easy it is for people to take advantage of talented artists. I wanted to put a stop to it. Understanding business is the best way to do that. After graduating from law school, I took it a step further and got my MBA with honors fromNova Southeastern University Huizenga School of Entrepreneurship. This cementedmy business background. Before I came to work with Mr. Shapiro, I obtained a license from Tennessee, and worked with, among other things, clients in the world of music, film, and business litigation. I truly enjoyedmy time inTennessee, but much like how my music background pushedme to law school, that same experience encouragedme to find a place where I could help those in pain. I attended undergrad on a scholarship to the University of Miami, where my major was inmusic therapy. This field, part medicine and part

way I approachmy cases today. My job is to help people who are recovering from a terrible injury understand the pain they are in andmake sure they are taken care of.

“This experience shaped the way I approach my cases today.”

My path to law wasn’t clear from the start. I have an eclectic background, and there were many turns and detours. But all of that together helped me become the attorney I am today. I have a great deal of patience when it comes to facing challenges, but I’m a fighter. I fight for my clients and will go to the required lengths to get the most my clients are entitled to and deserve. It’s not in my nature to give up, and I can see my own passion to help people reflected in the team I work with now. Everyone at the firm is fantastic. We have seasoned professionals fromdifferent backgrounds, and each person has their own way of solving problems. This is a great advantage when working on client cases because we aren’t practicing law in a vacuum. We discuss cases with one another to get feedback, share notes, and provide input to ensure every client gets the best this firm can offer. Mr. Shapiro has done a great job putting together a tremendous group of people. I have worked in other firms before throughout Florida andTennessee. I can say with confidence that I amprivileged to be working at the law firmof Marc L. Shapiro, P.A.

-Laurie Anton

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Wild Divorce Settlements

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When you’re untying the knot, it’s important to be specific about the assets you hope to walk away with. These three over- the-top divorce settlements are good examples of what not to do when dissolving your marriage. You’ve Got to Be Kidney Me Back in 2001, Dr. Richard Batista donated his kidney to his ailing wife, Dawnell, to save her life. Sweet, right? It was — until Dawnell filed for divorce in 2005 and Dr. Batista demanded she give back his kidney or compensate him for $1.5 million in damages. In the end, his request was thrown out in court because the kidney was a gift — and because removing it would be potentially fatal to his ex-spouse. 3 Times the Division of Assets Got Out of Control

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, it doesn’t matter if you were hit by a car, a motorcycle, or a semitruck; your injuries are painful and deserve proper care and attention. However, your legal case to get that care may differ depending on whether you were involved in a car accident or a truck accident. Trucking accidents are far more complicated than cases involving other motor vehicles.

Your Injuries May Be Worse Semitrucks can weigh well over 10,000 pounds, and the damage caused by these massive vehicles is often far worse than injuries caused by smaller car accidents. Survivors of trucking accidents often struggle with brain damage, paralysis, psychological trauma, and other permanent disabilities for the rest of their lives. In addition to the extensive medical care required immediately following the accident, these conditions also demand decades of ongoing care. It is important that whatever compensation you get from your case covers these costs. It May Be Hard to Identify Who Is Responsible

In a trucking accident, those responsible may or may not have been behind the wheel. Did the truck driver behave negligently? Did the


A Life Rent in Two When Moeun Sarim and Vat Navy decided to divorce after 18 years of marriage, Moeun apparently decided that, to keep the split equitable, he and his wife should divide their assets in half — literally. Moeun and his relatives cut the home down the middle, dismantled his portion, and hauled it away. Vat’s half was left standing with one wall missing. ‘Here, My Dear’ In the divorce agreement between the late Marvin Gaye and his ex, Anna Gordy, it was decided that Anna would be paid from the royalties of Gaye’s next album since he had gone broke from his lavish spending. At first, Gaye decided he’d phone in the production, but he quickly discovered an opportunity to make a unique artistic statement: “I’ll give her my next album, but it’ll be something she won’t want to play and it’ll be something she won’t want the world to hear because I’m gonna tell the world the truth.” In the end, the album was a commercial flop, though critics continue to praise its raw, emotional core.

This Italian favorite makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert. It’s easy to whip up and will make the holiday feel extra special.


• • •

6 egg yolks

• • •

2 teaspoons dark rum 24 packaged ladyfingers 1/2 cup bittersweet chocolate shavings, for garnish

3 tablespoons sugar 1 pound mascarpone cheese

1 1/2 cups strong espresso, cooled

2 •

How Are We Doing? Redefining What a Law Firm Should Be “I have gotten to know Marc and several of his staff members over the past year in a professional capacity. Each interaction has reconfirmed to me their compassion for and commitment to their clients and their community. I would wholeheartedly refer anyone I cared about in need of a personal injury lawyer to call Marc and his team!” –Melissa E. “Working with this law office has made me change my mind about how law firms should work. They not only cared about me as their client but also answered any questions I ever had, specifically Ms. Gerta S. Toska. I am a very demanding client, and she was able to take me through the process step by step. Thank you, the Law Offices of Marc L. Shapiro.” –Drini A.

an a Car Crash es Worse Than Car Accidents?

trucking company demand the driver work longer than the legal regulations? Did the owner of the truck fail to properly maintain the vehicle? When dealing with a trucking accident, it’s important to consider the responsibility of parties involved at every level. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, and when any corners get cut, the consequences can be deadly. Finding Specific Evidence Is Crucial Similar to an airplane, many trucks have “black box” data that can show the condition of the vehicle at the time of the accident. If you don’t know about this important piece of evidence, you could miss out on details that win your case. Finding crucial evidence in a trucking case requires knowing exactly where to look for this evidence. For example, many trucking accidents are caused by insufficient training, pressure from the trucking company, or faulty equipment. Your attorney must know how to look for this evidence in order to win your case. If you find yourself fighting a legal battle after being injured in a trucking accident, remember that you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Our legal team has experience in handling complicated trucking cases. Give us a call at (239) 649-8050 and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible. Feedback from our clients lets us know how we’re doing. Please tell us about your experiences by leaving a review on Google or on our Facebook page at AttorneyMarcShapiro . Your support helps our mission to keep moving forward.


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Directions 1. In a large mixing bowl, use

a whisk to beat together egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale, about 5 minutes. 2. Add mascarpone cheese and beat until smooth. 3. Fold in 1 tablespoon of espresso. 4. In a small, shallow dish, combine remaining espresso with rum. Dip each ladyfinger into mixture for 5 seconds. Place soaked ladyfingers at the bottom of a walled baking dish. 5. Spread half of the mascarpone mixture on top of the first layer of ladyfingers. Top with another layer of ladyfingers and another layer of mascarpone. 6. Cover and refrigerate 2–8 hours. 7. Remove from fridge, sprinkle with chocolate shavings, and serve.



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Adding Nutrients to Your Meals The Importance of Green Foods Being healthy is at the forefront of many

calories you should eat to maintain your current weight, multiply your weight in pounds by 12. If you want to lose weight, start by subtracting 500 calories per week to lose approximately 1 pound per week. You can start adding greens into your diet by adding them as side dishes. For dinner, serve a bowl of steamed broccoli or green beans. Instead of grabbing a burger at lunchtime, pack a leafy green salad topped with protein, such as nuts or chicken. This time of year, soups and stews that contain leafy greens will warm you up. If you don’t enjoy eating greens, hide them in smoothies and juices.

Americans’minds. The nutrients you put into your system are critical to keeping your mind and body healthy. Everyone knows that staying away from junk, fried, and sugary foods is a good start, but knowing what to add to your diet is equally crucial. Leafy greens, such as kale, mizuna, and spinach, are rich in dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, and iron. They also contain vitamins C, K, and E. Adding these greens into your diet can support weight loss and reduce your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

The more you eat leafy greens, the more you’ll develop a

To make sure you’re eating enough greens, divide your plate up between fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats. Vegetables or fruits should take up half of your plate. One-fourth should be lean proteins, and one-fourth should be whole grains. This guarantees that you’re eating a well-balanced meal and not overloading yourself with large portions of unnecessary calories.

taste for them. Who knows? Before long, you might find yourself reaching for the broccoli

instead of the potato chips when you’re craving a snack!

When you eat a well-balanced meal, you provide your body with the right nutrients and the calories it needs. If you’re unsure howmany

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