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Concussions It is that time of the year when kids get excited to return to their favorite sports. Did you know that football and soccer are sports with some of the highest concussion rates? Recent research demonstrates that the “old way” of treating concussions is very outdated. For example, athletes are no longer told to sit quietly in a dark room and not go to school. This treatment can, in fact, be harmful. Many schools are now performing ImPACT testing, a computerized measurement tool used to help decide when a player can return to sport after a concussion. While ImPACT testing is valuable, it should be used with other evaluation tools to more thoroughly determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to their sport following a concussion. At Foothills Physical Therapy, we are certified by Complete Concussion Management, a network of trained healthcare professionals who work with physicians, coaches, athletic trainers, and teachers to co-manage concussion injuries We provide thorough examinations that go beyond ImPACT testing. We use the most recent research-based assessments and treatments to help patients who have suffered a concussion return to school, work, and life safely and effectively.

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What’s scarier than being at a Halloween party without a good costume? Being at a Halloween party without anything interesting to add, of course! Avoid this nightmare scenario by learning the fascinating history behind everyone’s favorite Halloween traditions.


Halloween decorations tend to rely on scary or supernatural themes. Cobwebs, skeletons, and ghosts crowd the scene, but there are usually a few bats in there as well. Compared to jangling skeletons, these little mammals aren’t that scary. While bats do risk carrying rabies, for the most part, bats are more likely to help people by eating mosquitoes than harm anyone. So why are they part of our creepy Halloween decor? Bats were associated with Halloween long before the first trick-or-treaters. When celebrating the ancient festival Samhain — a precursor to Halloween — the Celts lit huge bonfires. These fires attracted insects, which in turn attracted bats looking for a midnight snack. Bats came to be linked to Samhain and that tradition was carried into modern Halloween. Giving out apples instead of candy is a surefire way to get your house egged by angry trick- or-treaters. On a night that’s all about candy and sweets, how did we come to play a game involving fruit? Surprisingly, the old game of bobbing for apples has roots in some more romantic traditions. Bobbing for apples was part fortune-telling game and part courting ritual in 18th-century England. A young woman would write the name of her suitor on an apple and put it in a basin of water. If she could grab the apple in one bite, it meant that she and her suitor were WHAT’S UPWITH BOBBING FOR APPLES?

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