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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES = QUALITY OF LIFE! How My Lifestyle Makes a Difference 1028 S. Cedar Crest Blvd. Allentown, PA 18103 • 610-776-2005 • www.CedarCrestChiropractic.com March 2019 Dr. Paul Braadt

W e all have family traits; some we like and some we don’t. The phrase “it’s in our genes” has been overemphasized. Many of these genetic influences have often been blamed for our ill health by medical research. I believe it is possible to decrease our “genetic predisposition” to most of the diseases that “run in our families” by making Healthy Lifestyle Choices. The lifestyles we have are often based on generational family habits. For example, my parents were children from the depression. My maternal grandmother cooked in a large iron pot called a Dutch oven. She would start with a piece of inexpensive meat, add anything in the refrigerator, and cook it for hours. As filler, she would drop in lumps of white flour to create dumplings. As a kid, it was delicious, but I later learned it was also nutrient deficient. These depression-era meals evolved with my mother to include less overcooking, less white flour, and more fresh veggies and salads. The health of my parents was generally better than my grandparents. My maternal grandfather started his day with a cigarette, powdered donuts, and coffee. He would then physically work hard for several hours before stopping for a breakfast that included white toast with “liver pudding” (I have no idea what was really in it), white flour pancakes with sugar syrup, and chewing tobacco to top it off. Unfortunately, as he aged, he developed severe arthritis, which could easily be associated with the inflammatory byproducts of this eating style. Today there’s scientific evidence that overcooking destroys nutrients, and that flour products contribute to obesity and heart

disease by stimulating an insulin response. Sugar drives Type 2 diabetes, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, healthy fats are vital (see enclosed article), and eating more nutrient-dense vegetables contributes to long term health. Healthy lifestyle choices equal quality of life. What my grandparents and parents did correctly was to be in constant motion compared to our sedentary culture today. Look around, and you’ll see that most people are immersed in electronic media; cell phones, computers, and online gaming have replaced the physical activities of past generations. The result is decreased health. Even though, like you, I’m very busy, if I don’t go to the gym bi-weekly, I do a 10-minute routine at home of pull-ups, pushups, core exercises, and stretches. This simple routine is called HIIT, High- Intensity Interval Training , which is proven to be superior to low intensity, high duration exercises like spending an hour on a treadmill or bike. High-intensity produces the maximum health effect in the least amount of time and can fit into a busy lifestyle. In addition to healthy eating habits and moving your body, another Healthy Lifestyle Choice is your attitude toward life . My grandparents and parents saw the glass half full vs. half empty and generally concentrated on the brighter side of things. The science of this trait demonstrates that “feel-good chemicals” called endorphins and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin can be regulated by attitude. I’m sure you agree that finding something good in most circumstances is a practiced skill. My grandparents and parents endured the Great Depression, military service in WWII, raised large families, and did so with a smile, even though it certainly wasn’t always easy. I’ve attempted

to practice this point of view and do my best to cultivate a positive attitude toward life.

Creating Healthy lifestyle choices can predictably increase your health and vitality and reduce your genetic predisposition. I’m always here to help you if needed.

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

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