. .



I .

WIl §Bark ~. ~uY'Il'k §Barrua J...~. §Braila + T o MR. MARK M. MAYCOCK and MR. MARCUS A. G. MEADS, who resigned III June, 1916, this volume is affectionately dedicated in recognition of their long and faithful service in this school.




'. .

S M E. Pd. D.

DANIEL UPTON,. B.., . , Pl"lIwpal

....) o o :r: u VJ

GERTRUDE M. BACON Supn"inttndtnl of Tea(hing

1Ji amlty nf tIr1' !Ii urmal i.91'partm1'ut "

ORREN L. PEASE . .•.•..•• . ...•. . Science B. S., wI. S., Norwich University. J. lVIAcDoNALD . .•.•. . . . Pedagogy B. A., Western College; M. A., Uni– versity of Iowa; Columbia Uni– versity. DAVID

D ,\NIEL UPTON.. . ,Principal B. S., Olivet College; M. E. Cornell University; Pd. D., Albanr Normal College. SuperintendeNt of Teaching Buffalo State Normal; Columbia Uni– versity; University of Buffaio. GEORGINA E. CHAMOT, ... Domestif Ar~j' Buffalo State Normal; Columbia UnI– versity. LourSE i\1. C."'SSETY . . Prinl'ipal of Kindergarten Dep'! Ruffalo State Normal; Columbia Uni– versity. SUSAN FR.'\NCES CHASE ..... , ,Ps,vchology B. L., Universiqr of Wisconsin; M. A" iVIilton College; Pd. D., University of ButIalo. ELIZIIRETH L. BISHOP . . . .. . Science lluffalo State Normal; Columbia Uni– versity. . .. ,Librariall n. L., Smith College; Buffalo State Normal. liM L. KE!\IPKE . .. ••.•....•..•. . EJ/glish Buffalo State Norma!; Pd. D., Uni– versity of Buffalo; Harvard Uni– versity; Cornell University; Colum– bia University. 1\;0.-1ELlA B. SPRAG U Ii . .. .. . . .. ... Drawing Cincinnati Art Academy; Pratt Insti– tute. ELlZM1ETH C. LAN GR. . ....... . Principal 0/ f/oflulif)ld Arts Dep't Hackley lVlanual Training School; Columhia University; University of Wisconsin. GERTRUDE M. BACON .•. ,." •. " .• ; GRACE V[ELf~.. . ..

],'NE E. JOSLIN . .... . ............ .

Assistant in Kindergarten Dep',

13ufIalo State Normal. JOSEPH F. PHILLIPPI. . . ...... , •..

lV/atliematics and Vocational Work Fredonia State Normal. FREDERIC P. WOELLNER ....... , ... . Pedagogy and Penmanship A. B., University of Cincinnati; Col– umbia University. JENNIE ROBSON ... . Logic find Arithmetic Pd. ll., Albany Normal Co(Jege. H. LEIGH HUNT . ..... . Domestic Science Buffalo State Normal. LILLIAN C. HOFFMAN •.. .. Domestic Art Keystone State Normal (Pa.); B. S., Columbia University. DEWITT T. RING . .. . . .. Geography B. S./ State Normal College (Kent, 0 ,); University of Chicago; Oh:o State University. . .. En.r11ish Buffalo State Normal; B. S., M. A, Columbia University. RJ~;\l\-roNI) M. DODGE", . ... . ... . 1V/usic ll. S., Elmira College; Cornell Musi(" School. WALTER H. KLAR, .... " ••. . .. • Drawing Nlassachusetts Normal Art School; National Academy of Design. . .. . English A. B., University of Nebraska; M. A., Columbia University, ESTHER M. HOWLAND . . D()mestic Science Drexel Institute; Cornell University; Columbia Universrty. DOROTHY UNDERHILL • . Physical Training Sargent Normal School of Physical Training. IRENE M. LAN1·HNG . .. IVIINNIE :M. NEWM,u\r.. .


] ,\NE :M. KEELER .

Reading and Physical Training Ithaca Conservatory; Emerson Col– lege.


Registrar -' History A. n., Elmira College; Columhia Uni– versity.




ltlarultu (If tl1r ~tl1(1(1l (If 1llradirr

ELIZABETH B. Sr"l"lALL ......•••• , •• ,


" . Superintendent of 1 eachlng Buffalo State Normal ; Columbia Uni– vc rsit), ; University of Buffalo.

Critic Teacher, Fifth Grade Buffalo City Training School; Colum– bia University; Chautauqua School of Expression j Outdoor Players, Peterborough, N. H.

CARRtE BENSON ..•.• , ......•• , ••.•

Critic Tel/cha, Fourth Grade OSV{cgo State Normal; University of Buffalo; Columbia Universit}'.

HELEN Yl. OLMSTEAD ............. .

Crit,:c Teacher, Ninth C,·t/de Buffalo State Normal; Columbia Un i– versit}l; University of Buffalo.

ANNIE E, DAViES ............ , ....•

Crilic Teacher, Sevel/th Grade Buffalo State Normal; Columbia Uni– \'crsity; School of Pedagogy, Uni– versity of Buffalo.

l\1AY T. CHURCHILL ...... .

Critic Teacher, Second Grade

Ruffalo State Normal.

ERN INA S. SMITH... . ...• •. .

Assistant in Killdergarten 111ethod Critic Teacher, First Grlltle Buffalo State Normal; Columbia Uni– versity; University of Colorado.


Critic 'i'eacfll'r, First Grade

Buffalo State Normal.


.MARY H. FO\VLER .......• " •• , , . . .

FRANCES RUDELL, .• , ....•. , •• .•.

Critic Teacher, Eighth Grade Buffalo State Norma l; Columbia Uni– vcrsit}'.

Critic Teacher, First Grade


Buffalo City Training School.

Ii I

.T ANE L. ELpS ............ .


Critic Teacher, First Grade

Critic Teacher, Sixth Grade Buffalo State Normal; Harvard Uni– versity.

Buffalo State Normal.

CLARA KRETNHEDIR, ••••• , .Kindergarten Buffalo Kindergarten Training Class.


Critic Teacher, Third Gratie Buffalo Statt' Normal; Columhia Uni. versity.

OFFICE STAFF N ELLIE P. HOWL."\ ND, •... , . , .. ,.

Secretary to Principal

V. J A:vfES l\I{ORGAN..


LYf)fA A. CHI\MOT ..• 'Teacher of German Buffalo State Normal.


THERESA A. ROEI-ISLER ..• •• .....

Critic Teacher, Secolld Grade Buffalo State Normal; Columbia Uni– versity; University of Buffalo.

JANITORS FRANK H. S~lITH ................ ,. Chief WILLIAM H. GREENE .... . .... . Assistant


+ Go, little Book, your time has come to journey Among the friends who joyous welcome give. Unfold your pages - show to them our efforts That" Normal" days may e'er in memory live. Recall with joy the youthful recollections Of days gone by, that will return no more. Revive for us the scenes that picture "Norlllal " In those light-hearted, happy days of yore. And when O ld Age sha ll lay the telling finger That leaves a mark upon each youthful brow, Be then, 0 Book! a comrade in the Evening That seems so far away and distant now.

,I I


STAFF OF THE ELMS, 1917 LUCILE HO'V)1;-:\'S'I'IN.l!O I{indergllrten JUI.IA SlJEEHXlI," ]~(litlll'-hl-ChieC Er.T.8WOR'1'1{ D~\Y Business Manag:er

ItU'l'lI T,)NO

,n:.\ NETTE STUOZZI Afi!lt. J-l iteral-~' E tl i(or A HJ:t:J,J<; PAL1HElt to$ocicties _'I.-\HYTULOli IIoll~ehold Arts

J,itern-I'Y Editor JUl,llJS n. J..AYER Voentlonal MARGARE'l' l'Et"UEOT Art Editor


OOffir:ern ......... . , , .•.. ,NELLIE F, BURl . • • .•..... , . . RUTH D. lVlEYERS . .... . . 1VfARY C. HENESEY

President .. , , .. !lice-President.. , .. . . • • .•.. . Secretary...

. •• • • • . .. ., . .

Tre(lsurer . ... . ....... .. ...... , •.. , ...... • .


f! aledic/oria n . .


. ... ... •. . , ... , , ...... .

Sahttat-oritl ll . .

. , . • •• . • • • •.

. , ..• • . , ,

:v10TTO: /mpoj"sible is Un·American.

TUNE - Stein SonK. .

Colors-Brown and Gold.

Flower-B lack-eyed Susan.

'Neath the shade of the elm trees The years have seemed to fly, But the brightness of their mem'ry In our hearts will never die.

QlUllll11ittl'l'n uf till' ~l'nillr Qllunn SOCIAL

Emma Cluchcy Beulah Hitzel

Ruth Wcicrhciscr, Chairman


CLASS GIFT Leah Blaisdell, Chairmall

DECORATION Edith Blow, Chairman

Lucille Howenstine Louise Chamherlain

We've been comrades together Through every sort of weather; We have striven to honor Old Normal's lofty fame; And though parting may sever Our friendly ties forever, In mem'ry we'll cherish Our Alma Mater's name.

Karl Helfrich EHsworth Da)' La Verne Engel Caroline Whiting

CLASS DAY Geurgia Kiley, Chairman Genevieve Hinchey Kathleen D 'e Cue DECOR ·\TION Irene Zwickle, Chairman Marian Behr

REFRESHMENT Drusilla Stengel, Chairman

iV1arr Darker Alice Congd<.Jn Palmer 1\11 untz Regina Riedl


ANNOUNCEMENT Herbert J. Baer, Chairman

MISCELLANEOUS Julia Sheehan, Chairman

Beatrice Cooper l'vIuriel :rtilaltbie Elsie Greiner


l\tlary Walker Adelaide Nicol Florence Graesser

PIN AND RING Carolyn Farrow, Chairlllan lVlildrcd Logan ala Long

FINANCIAL Alice Richardson, Chairman Shirley Clark Margaret McMahon Doris Robinson

Harriet Minkel Ethel Hummel

MUSIC Irene Graeser, Chairman

CAP AND GOWN Anna Wollenberg, Chairman wlarian Bowman


Gertrude Frank lVlarian Barmore


(!;l'ul'rui Nnrmul--lluul', un('

All EN. GLADYS I3.-"Hurry up!" "Wait " . ,,'te" Vcr)' quiet aod dignified. Has :. mu . no trouble filling her dance programs.

I -':DJ{EWS, RUTH JUNE.-Mi,tress of , h "I h ' herself whatc'er may appen. aven t looked at this lesson,"

.II'!CRILL, FRANCES MARlE.-"l'm scared to death ." Imitate!> the modest violet. Excels in giving orde rs for physi– ca l exercises: "Sit down- stand up!"

IlAI!:R, HERBEJ{T J.-"Herbert, my boy." "D' we cat todar? Come on over to Heavey's, I'll stand you," Lugged a satchel and a sprinkling can for ten weeks. Going: 'war away to "Porto Reck." Chair– man of Announcement Committee.


BAIRD, M. MADELlNE.-"I know it but 1 can't state it, uh- uh-." "I know about a man who," etc. "Well, I don't carc where 1 teach." Thinks the children are "awfully funny."

BARNES, LlLLIAN H.-Loves to teach: "J'm going to 'Work, n,'xt ten." Likes to write lesson plans. Plays basketball. Accomplishment, English lB.




OVIA'l"J' l\[lleONNEI..L

NI';U.IE Y. HUitt Rt'J.'.tL ;\IEYTms



BAUER, DORIS ALlNE.-"Ju" a min_ ute." So sweet \vas the sOllnd of -her voice that the birds did hu:-;h their singing. Sings. Likes to go autoing. Assistant Art Editor on Record.

." N S GRACE.-"llubs." Eating B~"'~O. . FI . I " . " I' left my spats at ora"s louse. fudge. . . Has a rtistic abtllty.

JlJ..\ISDELL, LEAH MABELLE.-Pm– sm's knowledge. rfNow, ah, walt a mm- I know tha t." "Oh say, let me tet! ut('1 . . G d . I \ou-." Over-amhittous. 00. glgg er. Alumni news reporter. ChaLrman of ('1:158 Gift Committee.

BECKWITH, LEAH E.-"Lce." Always on time. Waits for order in her cIasses,

BEGGS, IVIABEL E.-"Listcn," Likes to go home every night.

liLEY, GERTRUDE LOUISE.- "SU>all." Likes

BEHR, :WARION A.-"ln - homs I'll be in Titusville." <'Well, now, up in the fo urth grade-." "Oh, I have finished all my subject matter by no\""." Decoration Committee, Class Day and Commence– ment.

BLOW, EDITH MARGARET.-"Well, I know down home we used to- ." "Oh dear, ( can't find Nellic. Tell me wt'lerc shc is, wce oo?" Social Committee. Sec– tion Representative.

• llE1'IENT, ELLEN P.-"Guess who 1 was out with." Blushes. Easy-going; good– natured.

BOWERS, EVELYN F.~"Ev." "Well, it W'iS awfu l. " llossing. Very ambitious to be Preccptress in a school. "Seen Elv ira ?" Our night librarian.

BENDER, ELSIE C.-"Sunny J im ." Poet– ess. Cuddly. Aims to please. Accom– plisbment- Singing.

BOWMAN, MARY ELIZABETH.-"Gct out the ouiji board." smile. Dignified. Has a picasant

BRAUNSCHWEIG, JULIA C.- "Brownie.» "Someone told me Knits. Assisted M'iss Keeler!



J) ~[ IZA BETH J.- KE. r. J • .i ., too sensitive a su Ject. r Ik ah4lliC 1(, .Itl' of conversation." Gcn- ··chc s . 1t " k'" Wit Il'> ' D - 1<1" and mImiC Ln e , 'tt" allCIi '" roU. WI . ' e55. b' "

BRICK, JOSEPH[NE M.- "Joc." "I'm going to have my lunch, that all." In~ tcrested in psychology notebooks. Writes poetry. IHe!anchol y J akwees. Sucks her thumb when she's tired.

, CA RRIE L.- "Sis." Q' t ind1lstrious, helpful, "What arc you going to teae\, lendy lIIe , I " Smiles


fw.n("\·o. fnl'ndl~ .

BRILL, VERONICA K.- "Babe." "I don't know." "Huh?" Likes upper grades? Algebra shark.


E.-"George." "I'll . S



LdtC5 to have n good t ime.


. sa}

Fond of dancillg.

" ~rccl1-bem:her. \1


BROWN, HARRIET M.- "Hattie." "Well, I should think so." Too nice. Very dear, dignified, docile, Accomplish_ ment- teaching.

l'IIRISTEN, MARGARET M ..-Very dra,~ '. "It doesn't bother me HI the least. m:HIt.:, " "f don't see what's so funny about me. Takes he rself vcry seriously,

BULL, EVALYN B.- Late for classes. "How do you solve this quadratic?" Tries to Use the Fninki,ng, system.

CII URCHYARD, CHARLOTTE '1'.-– t,wIv dear I'm so bUSf," "I can't go to Kr;mer t;dflj', 1 haven't a free period,"

BURI, NELLIE F.-IVlost popular presi– dent since Lincoln. "Wasn't that

CLARK, L. SHIRLEY- "Aw, go on!" Likes to dance. "Don't cross a bridge till yo u come to it," Expects to be her own preCeptress. IVLember of Social Com– mittee.

CONGDON, ALICE F.-"Oh, she makes me sick." Tall and willowy. Pleasant and amiable. Social Committee.

CRYSLER, HARRTET EDNA.-"Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and yOll ·weep alone." Likes to write up note books. "wlm-hmm." Specialty-Eats!!

CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET I.-"He, he, ha, ha." «Take it from me." "Does that look all right?" Witty, full of pep. Accomplishment-Waiting~(for what?)

CONNOLLY, EDITH M.-"Who said so?" Motto: "Go the limit." Likes to study (?) A friendly easy going com– muter.

CURRIE, AGNESS MARION- "Little sister." A willing worker. Very studious. Fond of algebra. "What do YOli know in Psychology?" "What arc you going to do about it?" "Well really, I don't kno\v,"

CONWAY, H E LE N ELIZABETH.– Question mark. "Have you seen the ex– l~mpt list?" "How old is he?" "Say, how do you like your new grade?" "A test! When?" "Arc we right r'

DAIGLER, ESTELLE C.- The late Miss Daigler. to do," Rah, Rah, voice) , "T don't knm.... :what I'm going "Wliliamsville, Williamsville Rah (in a soft, sR·eet, subdued

COOKE, LILLIAN lVI.-"Cookie." "Girls, write something for the Raord." Ener– getic, amhitious, honorable. Interpretative dignity, (Whaddaya mean?) Musically inclined. Editor-in-Chief of the Record.

DARKER, MARY L.-"llabe." "Girls, I have somethir.p; to tell you," "I hate to leave the ninth grade." Enthusiastic, good natured. Like·s the teachers. Have you noticed how finisllCd Vlar)' is? Social Committee. Section Representative,

COOPER, llEATRICE L.- "Oh Johnnie, Twitt, twitt, twoo." '(Never put off ti~l tomorrow ",,-hat ~{OU can eat today." Tells stories. Announcement Committee.

DAY, ELLSWORTH.-Lover of poetry. Gets advertising while you wait, Selected by the Faculty, least salary considered $ 1200. "Yes, it was two and a hawf." Originator of superior, spasmodic, sus– penderless hitch. Pianistic. Social Com– mittee. .Business manager of Elms,

CORNISH. STANLEY GEORGE-Wants to teach algebra. A devotee of Imagist poetry; "The Dllst}' Hour-glass.j' "Well, if yOll want us to get nervous prostra– tion-."

DERSHAM, JULIA M.--Actions speak louder- than words. Dignified. Has she waded through the suggested reading list?

ENO, RUTH H._I'l\1y word!" "You make me laugh," Takes herself seriously, Quotes l\!Iiss Vielie, Studious and perse– vering. Literary Editor of the Elms,

DESMOND, MARGARET sa-y-y." Cool as a cucumber. late. Dances. L ikes to teach

A-"Oh Always ( ?).

FABER, WI NIFRED CATHERINE.– "Oh, I had the g randest class!" "Seen l\!l iss Olmstead, today?" Adores fourth grade,

DIM!l1ERS, MABEL M.-Cace free, loves candy (Candee) . "I should v.rorry." "Sa\'-}1, do }10U understand that lesson? What does she want, an)'way?"

FARRELL, ALICE S.- "Oh, J h"d a WOIl- de rful time !" Enjoys dances, Likes primary grades, Green bencher.

DONATELLI, ELVIRA J.-"Ve,,,." Eva– lyn's apprentice. "If I knew as mudl as you do!" "I should worry, I've got a job,"

FARROW, CAROLYN ALICE-"Flos>;e Footl ights." l\l[otto: "Show me the path of least resistance," "No, no, m~r dear, the rings ain't here. " Threatens to be– come a missionary to the South Sea Islands. Chairmatl of Pin and Ring Com– mittee,

ELLIS, EDNA J.-"Banana oil." Has a suspiciom walk in the library. Says "Good night," Vcry prim and precise. Can say "Prunes and prisms." Accomplishment-– Teaching.

FEATHERLY, MARIE E.-"I want to catch the 2.40," B reaks the speedometer on the way to 38.

ENGEL, LA VERNE H.-"HapPl'." Ou, Siberian beauty. His neckties speak for themselves. 'fhinks there's -moncy in the ferry hoat business. "That there whadda– ya-call-it, now-etc." Social Committee.

FITZPATRICK, KATHLEEN E.-"Oh, I've got so much work to do." Finds Normal very different from college,

FLANAGAN, ANNA MAE- "We had more fun ," Taught in the fourth grade. "I have learned how to be tactful." Vcry slow talker. Witty. Likes to dance.

GRASER, IRENE A.-"Beg your pardon?" Never hurry and you will arrive in the nick of time. Likes to march. Also likes to teach dancing. Wielder of the needle. Chairman of lVIusic Committee.

FORSYTHE, KATHLEEN MARIE.– "Look here." "Help." Never has work enough? Throw out the life-line.

GREINER, Elsie H.-Knows her princlples. "Let me see." Cut out to be a dress– maker but going to be a school teacher instead. Announcement Committee.



HASKILL. GEORGINA Tats. "Don't bothe r me.

L.-"George." COII!;cientious,

"What do you know? " "Oh, I'm going to get killed in criticisms." Try again,

steady and genial.



GOETZ, ELEANOR J.-"I ·iust hate everybody!" Professional dignity. In– terested in "38."



V.-"H aughty

"Have you your notebooks up

:Vlakins." to date?"

"lVIine are."

Interested in


HELFRICH, KARL L. Alias, Herr Beau von llrummcl (before the' war). We offer Karl as our dancing representative. Says: "Hey, listen kid." Social Com– mittee.

GOLESKI, AGN ES C.- "In a graph we must havc- ." Whnt made night school at Sloan so_ interesting? Enjoyed 38.

H ENESEY, lVIARY C.-Portia. Interested m landscape gardening. Promenades around the halls. Secretaq' of Senior Class.

GRAESSER, FLORENCE A.-"Wait, Doris." Paddle your own canoe. Life is onc sweet song. "Oh su-ure." Psycho– logically inclined. Social Committee.

HERROLD, MARJE A.-Short and Sweet, Dignified if slnfllL Likes autos. "01., are yOIl pigeon-toed?»

NBERGER, CRYSTAL J.-"Well, 1- HOI{ h ld think-." Has -aspirations for I S QUI I I·k A deep-dyed pessimist. hi,.h sc.: lOO WO • St~ong on pS)lchology,

HERZOG, BESSIE.- "Bess." Doesn't tell all she knows, Says: UNothing stirring." H as a smile for everyone.

HUMMEL, DOROTHY B.-"Mr. Klae 'd /1' ,yes the wav," Pleasant, scnous. S:1l liS" . We wish she ,vas nilr teacher.

HICKEY, MARY AGNES.- Another one who loves gym. "I wish I had a man for the senior dance."

HUMMEL, ETHEL M.- "Oh ~ids! I made it myself." Interested. in ~IV ll En– <1ineering and position distnbutmg. Pin ~Ild Ring Committee.

HINCHEY, GENEVIEVE S.- "Didn't you know we were cousins?" One of the favored few in teaching. Assisted with her better half. Do not be deceived by her qu iet behavior.




your matter-of-fact. "\1akes a hit (you can feel it) wherever she goes. In outh." Dr)!,


BESSIE.-Has discovered her 1~ Wa~erloo. Good at mathematic::;. "Going to walk?" "Have }'OU a position?" "Now re'dlr girls 1 don't think we ought to ha've any of those teachers at our party." ('Oh."

RITZEL, BEULAH C.- "Bulerr." "I'm ' hurrying." Will' worry ahout tomorrow if today be happy, Has a smile that doesn't ,vash off. Tries to please the Faculty. Athletic reporter, Record. _Man _ ager Basketball team. Cap and Gown Committee.

KENEALY, ESTHER ELEANOR.- Spe– cializing in music.:. Loves psychology. :Making great strides in the development of response. Pessimistic. "Why a-a.' "It isn't a bit fail', not one bit,"

HOEL, CHARLOTTE M.-Peompt in having her picture taken, She has taught in Arabia. Did she like the little A-rabs?

LANGAN, ELLEN- T.-"Nellie." "Oh! that's just the beginning." ((You ought to see my ping-pangs."

KILIlOlJRN, ALlCE M,-"Dreamy eyes," ReprC5cnter.l Normal in the BiUr Sunday Choir. "You do it-for me, you can do it swell."


KILEY, GEORGIA E,-"Heip 1" Great amount of class spirit. Kept busy ex– plaining why she came so far to school. Expects to go to Columbia sometime. Chairman of Class Day Committee.

LARKIN, MARY ROSE,-"Aunt Marv," Athlete. Always in a hurry. "How ~r(' yoll doing it?"

LAWTON, ETHEL L.-"You're right." Studious, pleasant. "Good land, girl!" }) as time-Penmansh ip.

KISSIN, KMMA D.- "Don't you think so 7" "I wouldn't do that!" Wantcd- A job as cartoonist. All originals returned.

lVlcCARTHY, lVIARY .rt-'I.-"Say, listen!" The girl with the curls. Very talkative.

KOHLERT, IlEATRICE L.-"Bee," "Do you remember 7" "I don't sec why, do YOll 7" "Oil, let's have a dance." Favor– ite pastime: knocking and trying to re– construct the universe.

McCONNELL, OVIATT.- "Laullcdot." Dramatics. "Seen Bananas?" "Gee whiz, I bet I'm supposed to be teaching." Treasurer of Senior Class.

KOONTZ, VERA L.- "Vada," Takes life seriousl)'. Says: "You want to know something, don't you?" Accomplishment - Chaperon.

McLAUGHLIN MARGUERITE M,– wlusica1. ' (Ol~ lots !" Wonderfully ar– tistic. Agreeable. Art Editor of Record.

LAFFERTY, MAIlELLE izOSE.- "llub- bles." Excellent facial expressions. Teaches physical exercises.

McLENNAN, DOROTI-JY absunL" The last word. get to English III on time. of Re(;ord.

, IE MURIEL LOUISE.- Algebra feet long on Eden products. I . ja-dH'lic. Comes]Jl on t le 7.10 Sr:u.:cato l .\ '" <, ' " -. _, C uters I· h·cr. Annouou-mer.t Em' oIllm . Commi ttee. hark. IX • MAL 1 R S'.

M._ Hl-{ow Ambition_ to N cws Editor

Md;[AHON, MARGARET R-Typ;cal school teacher. Commander. "Did you bring your dime today?" Why docs she crochet? "Ob, that was an easy lesson!" Section Representative. Social Commit_ tee.

~IA ;\ LEY, VERONICA E t;N I C,~ Afr aid of the upper grad~s. Giggles. Oh, I e lll't find Laura." She's little, but Oh I I',.ints china. ('Dear, I haven't dor~e m\. < • :1' thilll-{." Admits a fondness for bngh t colored waists.

Mc'iALLY, :VIYRTLE 'I1,- "McNutt)' !" Irish \vit. "Say. kids, did you study your lesson?" Carefree. Likes an ens}, job. Pleasant and agreeable.

~ I A RQUART, FLOR~\ M,-"Foby," A,– complishment- Eating. She ought to be healthy at Pine l~l i l1. "Wait till I tdl \'OU, girls."

McNAUGHTON, RUTH S,- "Rufus," Our sleeping beauty. They say she sings, but we're from wIissouri. Ho"vcver, she may be merely exclusive.



Likes the country. Privileged character. Couldn' t wai t 'tii September for her job. " 1'11 come back for g radua tion."

MAGO, HARRIETTE WHITE,- "Do you say N ausicaa or N allsicaa?" "Oh I kno\v I didn't pass, girls." LiIC-es gram– mar grades best. "Well, what did VUl! do ?" ,

)[ EROW. RENA H.-"Rene," ''T;ck!ed to death." Safety first. Likes. to stay alone?

iVI ALONE, C. TERESA.- "Class, we wiU be quiet." Has securcd her position. Aims high.

)[EYERS, FLORENCE K - "Seen Ree?" Gig~l es , whispers, can ~erta:nly see a juke. "H ello kid." ~'Huh?"

:MEYERS, RUTH ,D.-"Floofi." "Ye gods) Buster." Likes 'to go to parties. Accom– plishment-hats. Vice-President of Senior Class.

'fORGAN, l\1ARY.- "Oh my goodness, I . haven't that-." Likes to cut music. I'Gee, she bawled me out for fair."

\JORRELL, ALTA T.-----" lVly teaching was .Iwful." Very fond of talking. Likes to teach drawing. "Here's a good one for her."

MILLER, ALMA MARIK-"Now all start writing together." "I just bought this." Very fashionable.

'fORSE, ALICE M.-The girl with the blue sweater. Says : "Oh, say." Accom– plislllllent- Ability to sleep sitting up. In– terested in dramatics.

MILLER, WINIFRED M.-"Listen! Do you think they were any better today?" "Oh, I know." "Do your duty." Likes to sing. . Reminds teachers of l~ssons.

lIULCAIRN, MARY C.-"Gertrudc, have you got the key?" Wants to catch the 5.30 Lockport car. "Do you th ink she'll Alink mc?" "They' re trying to get me in!"

MILLOY, JESSIE LORAINE.- "La petite enfant." Demure. ~'Iakes the most of her hair and heels. Great kidder. Green bencher.

'lUNN, MABEL ELLIOTT.- "Daddv." Athletic. The school's prize substitl;te. Can't lose her smi le. "What do \'OU think would happen if J stuck Illy hat ·pin into my head?"

:.HOLYE, ETHEL lVI.-"Coming, Ethel ?'. "I bane a good girl." Emotional nature. Likes to dance.

YIORF, CLARA C.-"Morphie." Always ready for a good time. Pastime-Basket– ball.

:HUNTZ, PALMER.- "Well, that's all right." A smile for all. Willing worker. Social Committee.

yIURPHY, MARTHA E.-"Murphy." Easy going. Says : "Absotively." HYe gods and little fish!:!::;." Teaching mU5i('. Accolllplishment- hai r dressing.

O'MEARA, BEATRICE M .-"Jf you were reall y II teacher. it wouldn't make anv difference." "Listen, listen, girls 1;' Warbles like a lark. Werry sweet.

;VIYERS, HAZEL MILDRED.-"Fizzle." '"The saints preserve US. II Quiet and demure. Singe"How can 1 leave thee."

PALMER, ADELE M.-·'Adeel." "Girls, we must have better school spirit." Ener· getic. Runs Cl Ford. Socict), Editor of EUIS.

) PARIS, CORA H.-" Margaret's shadmv." "1 know it." Verr quiet. Likes the grammar grades. Loves 38.

NICHOSON, ARLINE C. - "Nicky." "Oh, hluff it through." "I don't expect to teach more than two yea rs." (We WOIl– der why.) A born teacher. )\Ilofe than onc interest. Easy going, good hear ted, excessive talker. Knits.

PEACOCK, MARGARET ALlCE.-"f love to read books on psychOlogy. " Studious. Carries stacks of books to and from Jl. P. L. Watches exempt lists. Does expert tatting.

O'llRIEN, MAE VERONICA.- Insists on havi ng it "l\I[ae Veronica." Retrieved Section IV's history status. Like's to work in the library. Pleasant. "Oh heavens I"

PEUGEOT, think-?" hearted. Likes art.

MARGARET G.- "Don't yo" " 1 should worry," Very g~od Spirited. Very enthusiastic. Art Editor of EI.:-'IS.

O'llR IEN, PAULI NE C.-"Pu"y." HGids! HAnd she loved old Ireland, too," Likes to play. Accomplishment-Hair dressing.

PHILLIPS, EVA ELiZABETH.-"V." "I've taught in countr), schools three years, and I know." Says the right thing at the right time. Very pleasant.

iVl.-"Susc." "Now Sobs. Conscientious, is life itself. Likes

O'BRIEN, SUSAN don't get smart."

scrious. Rcputation to be exempt.

READ, ETHEL I.- Ve,y shy. lleauti!ul blushes. "1 think that ought to be so, too." Industrious and friendly.

R.-"Why-l" Pleasant and "Now-a." "It was a-. You would like her, jf you

ROSS, MAY agreeable. "Oh, ycs1" knew her.

REILLY, JOSEPHI NE M.- "Jo." Mrs. Vernon Castle. Grins, giggles, carries on wig-wag cOJlversation with Ruth the Silent, Representa tive of the Old Cork aristocrac}'.

RUDIO,. MILDRED R. - Basketball. "Hello, there." "Oh dear, I don't know." Very modest.



MILDRED. - "Mil."

"Sure, I'll do that for ~'ou." Never in it hurry. Has acquired the ability to meet certain people, no matter how great the crowd.

RICHARDSON, ALICF, F.-"I can do that better, mvsclf." "I hate to ask questions," <;;VI.r. - '- , I don't see ,,,hy_ .n Social Committee.

SCHANK, EDNA CATHERINE.-"What did rou just say, I didn't quite get it?" She knows how to teach phon;~s. Very insistent. "I don't see why?"

RIEDL, REGINA J .-"Hcrc's a new one, listen," Studious. Has keen sense of humor. Tells jokes. Likes to tease. Social Committee.

SCHORR, VIOLA H.- "Vi." Favo,ite animal, the chamois. Loves to assist in the library. Has teaching ability. "Oh, girls, my youthful heart has been hlighted." "Why- so nonchalant?" The d

ROBERTSON, MAE.-"Cheer up." Likes to go you one better. Candidate for roll call assistant on Judgment Day. For references apply psychology V hour.

ROSE, FLORENCE MARGARET.-"I have an idea," "If she onlv- knew \\'h" 1'm here," Very quiet. Crazy about tcach.ing Ancient Histor}" Self controlled.

SEITER, MARION A.-Specialt)": Asbng questions. "Do you -know anything; about this ?"

SHEEHAN, JUUA A. M .- Grammar Specialist. Dramatic ahility. ';Am I the Strolling Student? What makes you think so?" Accomplishment- Drawing. Editor– in-Chief of Elms. Social Committee. As– sistant News Editor Record. Section Rep– resentative.

SMITH, GENEVIEVE :vrARY.- "What?" ':Everybody picks on me.'! Like!'; her leisure. A consecutive loser.

S~'!ITH, LOHRF: T.-Om o,iginal Bass–

SHl:LBERG, CLARA ISABEL.-"Oh ,a)', kids," ,Makes senior posters. lVIeck and modest as a violet. Sings.

SNA1TH, ELEAXOR G.- "Isn't that beau. u ~ te ~ ful ~l." Radical. Has a chip that will not wear off.

SllVION, CARLENE l3,-"Bustcr." "1 don't know what I'm going to do." Fond of talking and dancing. Walking directory for the school in general. Expects to go to Cornell.

SOUCIE. CELENA.~Our quiet little maid. I wonder what she docs at home. "Oh dear) I don't know:"

SMITH, CHARLOTTE MARION.– ":\trartOn," "We had better study." Loves logic. Keeps note books wcll. .

SOUTHWICK, K- ('\Vell, it's your evil mind." "Oh. I don't know, but-." Jolly, Likes logic. Always smiling. CHARLOTTE

SMITH, ELEANOR.-Advocate of ",,,he– tic dancing. "Oh, J think your mean I" "I had an apple of a class!"

SMITH, FLORENCE CLARA.~M. Pea– cock's rival in logic. "He ought to know the trials of a Normalite." Why so sleepy on Monda~' mornings?

STEI~IlRENNER. GRACE ETHEL.– One of the twins. Enthusi

STENGEL, DRUSILLA.-"Dru." Win- nef of gold medal. "A word to the wise is sufficient." Enthusiastic, original and cheerful. Good algebra teacher. Presi– dent of Y. W : C. A. Social Committee.

SULLIVAN, JOSEPH J.-"Joseph Jere– miah." "Who'd a thunk it?" "Listen, the idee is this here." Full to the brim with Irish ·wit and horse sense.

STEPHENS, MILDRED I.-"Stuflins." " Tennie told me." Wanted- An alarm clock. Cutting classes, Amazed at un– digpificd seniors.

SULLIVAN, M. GERTRUDE.-She put it in the \"rong locker. "How would you do it? Let's see." Always wears a smile. Easil}' embarrassed.

STIEG, GRACE M.- Appeacs to shed warmth. Conscientious, studious, Super– ior in teaching, and from N. Tonawanda. Nuil sed.

, TAYLOR, MARION E.- "Oh del" me!" "Got Quiet. those p.ictures?" Blushes prettily. Very earnest.

STORY, VICTORIA.-"Vic." "No honest, 1 didn't understand a thing she was talk– ing about! did you?" Winks. Doesn't miss much. "I saw her fall right down in a puddle of mud, and know what 1 did? Laughed."

TAYLOR, 'I1ILDRED ELAI NE.-"Ocean Rlue Eyes." The other twin. Always pensive. Whr?


JEANNETTE. - "Jeanin." Don't give up! "At least I'm consistent." 'r~acher of music. Loves reading. Amiable and willing. Assistant literary editor of Elms.

THOMSON, ELIZABETH l.- "Now I know!" ';Do unto others-." Likes the teachers. Interested in goldfish.


STRUCK, FRANCES M.-"Fran." Chief occupation-Keeping track of Lohre's var~ ious appendages and belongings. "J-Iave you · your chapter outlined?" "r must meet ·Lohre." "Why, I'm not sure."

THROM, FLORENCE R. M.-Garrulous– Iy inclined. "Don't vou think?" School News Editor of illlls. President or Clionian Sorority.

WEATHERLOW, CECIL M.-Enthusias. tic over '/Bette r English Campaign," The smile that can't wear ott.

THURSTON; ADDIE D.-"Why, I don't know t" Can talk on any subject. Likes psychology.

WEBSTER, VOROTHY CHARLOTTE. - "Sec Van?" shou ld worry. ,. Hel lo, Nuts 1" Go-o-o-d night! " " I "Got any powder ?"




Likes to make

works as do the spiders.

up work.

WALKER, MARY BURNETTE.-Devo– tee of the Communit~r Chorus, Billy Sun– da~r, woman's rights and fantastic arts. Blushes dclightfulJ}r, Whispers) argues \vith Caroline. Social Committee. Sec– tion Representative.

WEBSTER, MARIA~ EMILY.-"Went home," "1 haven't looked at a word Of it. T wonder wha t IVliss Kcmpke'll say."

WEIRHEISER, RUTH V.- '·Have all the teachers been invited yet?" (.P(~dagogi ­ cally and psychologically this is an oblit– e ra ted prin<.:ipJc." "Well. Nellie wants it that way," Studcnt Facu'ty COUl:Ci! S ecretar~'. Chairman Social Committee.


MARGARET A.-"Peggy." "Su-r-e \" "Don' t you know- ?" Small, but one of OUf best teachers. Keen sense of humor. Very earnest. Likes to assist.

WETTER, GERTRUDE.-"Gert." • don't know a thing." SOLiahlc and ell lcr– taining, Danccs. Ever heard hcr call Anna? "I

WARNER, FRANCES H.- Likes to sing. 1I0h dear, wasn't that awful?" Likes to teach physical training.

WHERRY, JEAN l'>1.-"Snutsie." " \Iv grief." "1 haven't e\en looked at my le,,– son, girl ." Ac(omplishmcnt-Embroider– ing, School post-mi~t rcss.

WARREN, HELEN LOUlSE.-"JolIl" likes a good time." :'What can worry me ?"

WOLFE, MARY F.-"Whcrc's Frances?" Strong on writing, Secure in the hearts of many friends.

WH ITING, M. CAROLlNE.-Insists on the middle name. - "Now listen here, lVIary:"-'!" Latest disciple of radicalism and the "New Republic," "Well, just how large is space, anyway?" Social Com– mittee,

WOLLENIlERG, ANNA L. W.- "Ann." "I had more fun last night!" "Now, I have a little brother at home-." Plan– ning. Pleasant. Agreeable. Chairman Cap and Gown Committee,

WIEDEMAN, FRANK G.-He always wears a smile. Thirty weeks was enough for "Weedy." Genially condescending, Hw; foresight in cboice of occupation,

WOODIN, MARGARET.-"Oh, I'll never tell." "Wait a minute." Doesn't sa\' much around school. Is she always s~ quiet? Likes singing.

WILDER, LEONA.-Originator of "Wild– er Eurythmics." "Have you studied your lesson 7" Apologetic.




if When does the 74th leave 7" Enthus– iastic teacher. Flighty. Likes to '\-valle

WINTERS, ESTHER B.- "Why-a." "No place like home." Likes to go to the "caf."

WOLF, ESTHER C.-"Had such a cute time!" "In view of the fact- .',' Decid– edly blonde. Drawls.


ABELL, MARGARET.-Could be seen marching do\vn the hall encumbered by all armful of pictures, two hatboxes, and a box of charcoal, surmounted by a iarge doll, above which her head was peeping.

BARMORE, MARION I.-"Oh Gee!" "She hath a natural wise sincerity." IVIusic Committee)'

BARNER, LORETTA C.-"I hope she doesn't call on me," "She's a girl ·worth while, because she cao smile when every– thing goes wTong."

BREDER, CHRISTINE E.-"Oh, girls! vvas it awful?" "It's the stead~(, Quie't, plodding olles that win in life's long racc."

CARPENTER. FRANCES.-"Who wants a Record?" "Sometimes she's silent, sometimes she talks; but always her eyes smile." Kindergarten Reporter, Record.

DELANO, RUTH.-"l've not clonca thing more than 1 ought to have done." "Where is Ad?"

DEPLANTER, ESTELLE lVI.-1"1'here is much music in this little organ." Says: "Just oodlcs of them." "Did wc have that today?"

JOHNSON, RUTH B.- .. . "Who can say more than thiS With praIse, That vou arc you?" liDo you 'think so?"

EDDS, CORA ADELAID.-"Oh, I know mine wasn't right." Good things arc VCf}' oftcn done up in small parcels.

LA:VIM, EDNA iVI.- " 'Tis lier heart, not her head, which governs her fate ." "Oh ]iminy!"

LAWALL, DOROTHY.- "G;r!s, who wm buy a penmanship book, the best on the market ?"

EDGERTON, DORIS LOUlS.-"I got ;t in Rochester." "No sinner, no saint, per– haps) but: well, the best kind of a lass."

Hath thy toil midnight oil?"

","Vhcnte is thy learning? O'er books consumed the

HENNESSEY, HELEN H.-('Talking, talking, talking,-yc ' gods- v.,ill she cver stop?" She's a jolly good fello\\'. Says: "What will she do to me?"

LONG, OLA.-" 'Tis midnight, hut small thoughts have I of sleep." "N1y dear." Pin and Ring Committee.

MAY, FLORENCE J.- "A young fashion and figure and worth." rush it if you wilL)'

girl of II I'll

H()WE'!STI'!E, LUCILE.- "I 've lost my locker kcv." The jolliest, happiest sort of a girl ;\l1d a friend to ev~ryonc. Class Gift Committce,

METZGER, RUTH N.-"Comc on, Ellen, let's go to t he chapeL." "So unaffected, so composed a mind, So firm, so sweet, so strong) ret so l'e ~ fined. "

HURLEY, EDNA CROSBY.-"My dear." "1£ a word be worth a sheckcl, silence is worth two."

MILLER, ANNA ELiZABETH.- "A quiet, fair -haired girl whose way Is steadfast kept from day to day," ''I'll have it in tamorro\v,"

SNYDER, ELLEN KATHERINE.– "She has an eye that can speak, Though her tongue were silent." I(Oh Ruth, I just had to giggle so."

:VIlNOR, LUCY JANE.-"Oh girls, I'm serious." "She came in like a lamb, but we fear she has strayed."

SU'fEHALL,' E!;hA.-"Dorothy, arc you rcady?" ----- "Great thoughts, g reat feelings come to her Like instincts unaware."

NICOL, ADELAIDE URQUHART.– ('Graced as' thou aft with all the power of words." • '(Ten cents for the tca, please." Social Committee.

TUCKER, BERTHA MAY.-"Do you know what time ' I'll have to get up?" "She's quiet and refined, And she's busy all the time,"


LORETTA Y1.– ('Thanks, loads." "Her hair is not morc sunny than her smile."

O'CONNOR, NORIlERTA E.-·"Oh, if you had seven brothers." "Good naturc– what a blessing 1"

WOOD, LILAH LUCILE.-"Oh glo.·y, how docs my hair look?" O,}C of the girls always to he depended upon when there's any work to be Jone Of fun to be had.

PATEI~SON, MAREL.- "Bahc is coming up today," "HapPf I am, from care I'm free, Why aren't thqr all contented like me?"

WOODWORTH, EVAN GEL I NE.– "Van." "I haven't looked at a lesson, have you?" "A girl that's not afraid to say her say, Though a whole town's against her."

PROVOST, JULIA 0.- "She reasoned without plodding long. Nor ever gave her judgment wrong." She says: "1 had plenty of time to do it,"


BOWMAN, MARTON E.-"Now let me think." "She says 1I1 prose ""hat others say in verse." Cap and Gown Committee.

LOGAN, M ILDRED R.- "My stars!" A happy, sympathetic girL We are always glad to see her. President of T'ri Sigma Sorority.

RANDALL, LOTTIE 2.-"Oh, I'm so worried," "For she is just the quiet kind ,,,,,hose nature nc,'cr varies,"

WAIBEL, LOUISE CAROLINE.– "jVlissed my car." "Cool, unpertu rbed by stress and hurry; Inclined to work but not to \vorry."

DAVENPORT, HARRIET ESTHER.– Keen, alert and resourceful. ""'hen Har~ riet dances her Grecian fox~trot, Mrs. Castle gets behind a davenport. Roose– velt, too) has a rival here.

ADLER, EDNAE. H.- Toto the kitchen) bake, stem and (:an, And out again so spiek and span. So prompt and coy, And a voice full of joy.

DE CUE ADF:LE KATI-ILEEN.-Rccom– mended for a diplomatic commission. ':O-o-o-h ye-e-e-s 1 the point is-" She keeps on smiling. Class Day Committe(,.

BATLEY, LORA E.-Pleasant, persevering, companionable and generous, It's so much cheaper to get paper from Lora for nothing than to bu~' it. Class takes a da~r off '..vhen she recites in dietetics.

DEMING, CATHERINE.-An "thletic girl and a good manager. "A daughter of the gods is she, Divinely tall and most divinel }' fair ." A devotee of the emphatic art of ges- ticulation.

CARBERRY, RUTH I.-Accommodating, friendly and a master of circumstances. PNo" sliet pudding in the oven is a mere triAe . :Mix while baking. Delicious.

FRANK, GERTRUDE E.- Good looking and fond of frivolity,

CARMER, LlNNIE ELLEN.-Ideal teach – C1'. OUf medal winner. "Oh dear, that plumber charged me for my tinkering with the faucet as well as for the work he did."

Attractive and likeable) too, Can dance for fun or charity, Or be a minstrel true.

She SC\VS on anything -under the sun, And often says "This is so dumb." .Music Committee.

CHAyIBERLAIN, LOUISE R.-Stick-to– it-iveness and good judgment. An envi– able member of the class; onc of the flrst to secure a position. A Household Arts missionary to Porto Rico. Class Gift Committee.

GRANT, ELSIE ].-Scl f-rcliant and effici– ent. A pinnacle pupil and a wizard in concentration. Oh'! seafoam fudge. V-m-m. President of. Household Arts Club.

CLUCHEY, EIvIMA E.-Earnest, seriolls, loyal. Investigative-the eternal "?".

HEILMAN, LUCILLE SUTTO:-;r.- Ea,y going. Never trouble trouble 'till trouble troubles }'Oll. One of the Siamese t\vins. Sister is a classmate, so don't get mixed.

SMITH, ii~NE ELIZABETH.- Alias Betty. "llrighten the corner where you are," This happy little song-bird is al– ways beaming with optimism and enthu– siasm. Lesson plans are obsolete when Betty teaches "kids,"

HF.JLYlAN, RUTH SUTTON.-D;tto Lucille. Both excellent sewers and dainty, genial, courteous lassies. "Why \,,rofry and be carly?"

MATHIESON, AGNES C.-P"udent, well poised and quiet. "It's awful" the way she can coax the last nickel out of your purse 'when she is selling peanuts.

STEELE, HELEN D.-Laugh and grow plump. Will never grow old, for even her childish way of claiming; the tidbits still clings to her. Why is se,ving?

lVIINKEL, HARRIET E.- Her crowning glory is not only he r hair but also her sympath~r. The Red Cross \vill get you if you don't 'watch out. Is she knitting sDck" for soldiers? Don't burden Almond High School \vith Physics. President of Are– thusa Sororit~l , Pin and Ring Committee.

TILLOU, IVIARY.-Entcrtaining; and ver– satile. Shall I dance for ~rou as Topsy or make ~'our trOllsseau, give a toast or car– toon your enemy? One of those rare maidens who comes to the front in all things without effort.

ROBINSON, DORIS C.- Soc;able and agreeable. An explorer in the dietetics field. If the menus don't cure Perrys– hurg the fashions of this damsel \ViP surd}1 buoy them up.

ZWICKEL, IRENE E.-Altru;st;c. "1'11- do-it-for-you." If you need a doctor, nurse, housekeeper, teacher, friend, de– signer or confidante, register here.. Decor– ntion Committee.

SEELEY, QENEVIEVE H.- It ;s d;fficult to find aOf good quality Jacking in this true little girL (lLike the hrook, she pur– sues the even tenor of he r war·" A dainty epicurean. Keep ~rour 'weather ere alit for ~IIar }\I(anton patterns.

SCHULTZ, ADELAIDE A-Mothcdl', capable, good natured, generous. She has been helped greatly in dietetics from her practical experience in infant feeding and hints on reduction of avoirdupois.

1!Inratinmd ml'partml'ut

HATTENBERGER, CHARLES,-"Well, I don't know abollt that." Shrewd, active, and well posted . He is secretary of the Vocational Class and in charge of our section in the Record. A writer on me– chanical subjects.

!lAKER, EDWIN G,-"Well, I look at it this wa}!," Reserved; a profound thinker. Good at giving practical electrical demon– strations. The "Father" of our class.

BEUTHER, EDWARD ],-"I'm going to lock into this." The musical looking memher of the class. Accomplishmcnts– Alternates between being a machinist 'and a draftsman. A Pratt Institute graduate.

KAISER, El'vlIL.-"If you are going to do that, you might as well-." Character– istics- Convincing speaker, a hustler, vcry ethicaL Our Vice-President.

DALTON, ARTHUR E,-"Is that-?" Good natured, a hearty laughcr. Is often seen catching outbound Depew cars. Jack of many trades and master of most of them.

KELLNER, EDWARD,-"I don't just re– member that," Conservative, quiet. Has a somnambulistic tendency, but is getting over it.

FRIES, CHARLES-He always says: "That reminds me of a story." Humorous, sin– cere, persevering. Tells jokes. Has dis– continued th11 use of "Hadn't ought." Some hustler with the motorcycle bringing Baibel to school in the side car.

KELLER, GEORGE,-A favorite saying: "I didn't get that read}r," Amiable, talk– ative, sincere. Likes dancing and athletics.

GUENTHER, HARVEY A,- "I tell ya, fellows," Is well read, studious, Inter– ested in many subjects. Instructs at the Association Institute of the Y. M, C. A.

LAYER, JULI US D.- He says: "Yes, is that so, is it?" Serious, reserved; an electrical \\'izard.

HAl BEL, ALBERT W,- "Wcll Mr. (In– structor) what do you mean?" Aggres– sive, congenial. "The George Bernhard Shaw of the class." Knows ho\", to paint and make (them?) paint,

McCARTHY, CHARLES,- "Hello fel– lows!" Characteristics: Witt", congen– ial. Accomp.lishments-An expert tool maker and designer.

--'--"" ;'

TWRINGER, EDWARD. - "Yessi ... " Characteristics: Very grave. Accomplish– ments-Likes to be polite. Likes to sing " yVhat do yOll \.-vant to make those eyes at me for?" Works at architectural drawing,

PAPE, ALBERT.- "Oh, my no!" Charac– teristics: Tal l, genial. Accomplishments -"Tripping; the light fantastic." A grad– uate of Pratt Institute,

ROECKER, WILLIAM c.- "J ust how do ~'ou mean?" Likes outdoor sports. Is iond of reading the biograph)' of Ben– Vetil/to Cellini, Teaches structural design at Bul1alo T ethnical High School.

THORNE, EDWARD B.-He says: "I know that won't be right, do yOll think it is?" Self-complacent. Accomplishments -Coming early to school (sometimes), Favorite word: "Dearest."

5ACHER, FREDERICK R., JR.-"Gelltle– men, give me your attcntion just a min– utc." Characteristics: Pleasing person– ality, witty, The Vocational Class Presi– dent;also Captain of the BasketballTcam, Has raised a mustache which is thc cnvy of the class. Looks "down" 011 his class– mates.

WELS H, EDWARD T_- His favorite ex– [Hessions arc: "By J inks, that's right," and "1 see." A rollicking good fellow ,full of Irish wit and ktlO\"~ how to "spring" it. He handles our tiqances? He's a first class printer and always finds time to accommodate liS,

5WEIKHARDT, HOWARD H.- A favor– ite expression:

SHERNOW, SA'1UEL.- Always saY'ing: "I don't believe that." Gets down to fundamentals . An excellent mathemati– cian, well versed in comparative religions, A graduate of Cooper Union Institute.

THEURER, FRED.-"J that's right." Neat appearance, punctual, so– ciable, Has a large vocabulary, An ex– cellent dancer, likes fox trotting, believe

m~t ]l'uruttnuul ~tltinrn The recognition of vocational education as an absolute necessity, and the eve r- increas– ing demand for trained instructors, in conjunction with the stirring world-wide events of the three years during which we have prepared for vocational teadling, have more than proved the ..vise fore thought of the authorities of the Buffalo State Normal School in organi:t.ing the evening vocation al classes. Tht~ir decision was made at a time whcll this policy was not looked upon in the lig:ht of present circumstances, and when vocational edu– cation seemed but a' fad or fancy of the vocational world. Today, however, it stands in a fair way to become the prominent factor in-education. Throu~h our contact with the maste r mechanics, Lf we may use the term, of the teach– ing profession, as represented b~r the Faculty of the school, we feel that we have mastered a !lew trade. While it is true that we arc read)' to enter new fields of endeavo r, we have not, however, the tradi t ional misgivings of graduates about to ente r upon the wo rld 's wo rk, since we have all been dail y engaged in that work for a number of )'earS, even while pre– paring ourselves for this new and worthy phase of effort. Not a few of us have even prac– ticed the art of teaching, perhaps clumsily and falteringly, when as journeymen we aided OUf helpers and app renciccs to master the t rade. From this experience we have I'eadil )' seen the necessity for more effici ent methods of instruction, and morc favorable cond ition :, fo r offering better opportunities .to the com ing generation of worke rs. Our work at the Nor– mal School has enabled us to sec the reason for our fanner shortcomings, and has helped liS to n~cognize the problems before us, and to make us mo re capablc of meeting them. We hope to give to all who come under our influence dw samc feel ing of security felt hy us. ' -Ve cannot, nor do we w ish to solve the problems of Ollr pupils, hut we do hope to lead them to see some of the difficulties that thev will meet with when they pass beyond our reach. We shall strive to make them cap:lblc of overcoming thei r- diOicul ties in orde r to bridge thc gap bet\veen the wo rld and the schoolroom so th at the re shnlt be no stepping out of one into the other, but the} shall he or.e. Our ins[fuctiolls have taught us to guide others so that they may come into a fuller possession of their respective trades th an was our fortu ne. Sen iors, '\ie are about to enter a pew field of activit\' "\-"ithout cllti relr leaving behi nd om accustomed duties. Th e Federal Government b}r its recent appropriations and provi– sions for vocational education, sinccrcl v encourages \IS, and expresses its utmost fa ith in and its approval of our aspirations. It offers us an opportunit~, to put our idenls to the test. It is ou r place to see that we succeed; and in so doing, we shall justify vocational educntion and our Alma lVIntcr. JULIUS D. LAYER. m~t ]l'nrutiultul 1Jultiurn ~ei the r. lack of inte rest nor enthusiasm has been shown in an.\' of the J un ior Classe~ throughout the year. To be sure, many incidents have occurred, and a. few accidents, hilt these have always played a good part in the lessons. J n the d('mollstration 'ovork a num– her of good lessons have been taup;ht-tllost of these lessons rela ted to plumbing. This m democracy. Athletics has played a large part in the season's work. This rea r for the first time the No rmal School has been represented on the Basketball court by Vocational men. Im– mediately at the beginning of the season great interest arose in basketball. A first and second team were organized. While the season did not prove a big success in the number of victories, it has been a success financially m;d !:iociatl y. Everyone of the team was .,

QIIunn ~n"g 1.

~hal1 th~ class whose l"tcst strivings Stand t n umphant th ro ugh her power

Cease to love its Alma .wI ater With the passing of the hUH r? No!

CHORUS I.Dud let thc praises of No rm al be ri nging, Long may our hearts and voices laud her Echo her call : "Service to man!" "Impossible is un-American." II. I,n the ~vo,rld's br.oad strife cngnging, Education s test IS wrought. Shall the standards r aised hy N Ofma! Lose their place in deed or thought? No! I J I. May the counsels given at Normal Work through liS unto that end When, our worthy trials and triumphs Shall !dClds and practice blend. Then!

III singing;;

LiLL1,,;\l :\!IAY COOKl!.

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