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JULY 2019


I’ve always been a patriotic person, so the Fourth of July is naturally one of my favorite holidays. I mean, who doesn’t love firing up the grill, watching the fireworks, and celebrating the United States? This year, Independence Day has extra resonance for me because my eldest son, John, will be graduating from boot camp shortly after the holiday. Needless to say, we are extremely proud of him and his selfless decision to serve our country as a member of the Army National Guard. Honestly, I was a little surprised when John came to me with his idea to join the military. He’s always wanted to study computer science, initially thinking college was the best route to pursue his dream. But after he sat down and did some research, he realized that joining the military could be an equally viable path to a career working with computers. It also afforded him the chance to serve others and challenge himself. He thought out every aspect of the plan — he’s always been a thorough young man — which relieved any A PROUD, PATRIOTIC MOM JOHN GRADUATES FROM BOOT CAMP

I’m not the only one sending John letters, either. Judging by the response rate, his girlfriend is mailing even more than I am. She receives about five letters a week back from John, while I get about one per week — I’m not jealous; I’m just saying. Apparently, boot camp is going well, except for having to eat MREs, something John would happily never do again. He says he’s been making friends, growing as a person, and pushing himself like never before. That’s music to my ears, even if I could use another reply or two!

anxiety I had about him making a rash decision. Of course, a mother is always going to have some trepidations about her child joining the armed forces, but as John tells me, the tech people don’t work the front lines.

All kidding aside, I couldn’t be prouder of John. Our country would not be celebrating birthday No. 243 without the contributions of countless servicepeople throughout history. It’s pretty cool to be able to count one of my children among that list of names. It may not have been something I was expecting, but it’s a very special accomplishment for him. I’ve got a pretty busy travel schedule in July, but missing John’s graduation from boot camp was never going to be an option. Whatever logistical hassle it will take to get there, you can bet I’ll be standing and cheering as he becomes a full-fledged member of the American armed forces. Maybe I’ll even get a wave or a blown kiss. At least, I’ll stand close enough to his girlfriend that I can pretend they’re for me. -Melissa Emery WWW.EMERYLAWOFFICE.COM | 1

“Since he arrived at

boot camp, I’ve been sending him a letter

Since he arrived at boot camp, I’ve been sending him a letter every

every single day. My goal is to make sure that he has the most mail of his class, no matter how many extra pushups it costs him.”

single day. My goal is to make sure that he has the most mail of his class, no matter how many extra pushups it costs him. Sending a letter every day requires coming up with A LOT of stuff to write about. I’ve even tried to include some funny memes to make him smile, though I’ve come to realize I’m hopelessly out of touch when it comes to current internet jokes. Nevertheless, I hope at least one manages to make him chuckle.

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