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December 2017

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All Kinds of Grateful

Look right above this article, and you’ll see a picture of our office. You might notice our logo, the brick building, and the windows that line the outside. It wasn’t that long ago — five years, in fact — that we called another building home. If you visited us at that time, you know that it didn’t have many windows and was quite dark. We felt fortunate to have the space, but a lot of the features were not optimal for our patients. Today, we practice physical therapy in a well-lit, wonderful space. I’ve been asked a few times why I’m standing in front of the window with my head lifted to the sky. It’s because I’m enjoying the sunshine on my face so much I don’t mind the brightness. Seeing the daylight while we work is such an improvement. We all appreciate the new building, especially the visibility and easy access it provides for our patients. We hope you do, too. I’m also grateful to have a team of dedicated staff who constantly strive for excellence. Our physical therapy is powered by people who love what they do. Their energy and passion are on display every day as we welcome patients into our clinic. So many of them are like family to us. I’ve seen each person on our team go above and beyond for patients and for one another. As we’ve grown and gotten busier, everybody has stepped up and done their part here. We’ve shared knowledge and grown together with each passing week and month.

The previous year has seen many transitions in our staff, from Omatha’s retirement to the addition of Travis and Kelsey. We’ve welcomed back Toyna after her battle with breast cancer and welcomed new additions, including Abby’s new baby, James. We eagerly anticipate Jayme’s new baby boy in 2018. We are blessed with a lot of kids in our Elite family. I love to hear about them and talk about them to anyone who will listen. The growth we’ve seen during 2017 is a blessing, and with the end of the year coming, we’re grateful for everything the year has brought.

appreciate how our “patient family” goes out and spreads the good word about the work we do. That positive vibe has been the main catalyst in our growth. On a personal note, we’re going through our family transitions as well. One of my daughters is already off succeeding in college and the other is gearing up for that milestone as a senior in high school. We’re preparing for the next step in our family life, and I love to watch the growth and progress of my daughters during this time. There are many other transitions in the families of our Elite crew, with growing babies, toddlers, kids, adolescents, teenagers and grandkids — I love it all! The journey through 2017 has been great, and we look forward to an exciting and successful 2018 for everyone. We appreciate the blessings of this life, the new friends we have made, and the goals we have achieved. I hope we are all able to take some time to appreciate all we have been given during this holiday season and prepare ourselves to make 2018 a special year.

So Thankful

Merry Christmas!

We’re thankful for the dedication of our patients because you make it possible for us to come to our dream jobs every day. Our patients inspire us, and their progress and successes keep us motivated and excited. People who have worked so hard to get better, like Dr. Wold, are an inspiration to us as a staff and to other patients who see his dedication and drive to improve. We really

–Bart Jones

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