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Leadership Skills for AEC Professionals – VIRTUAL SEMINAR DATE: June 8, 2021 PRICE: $699 PDH/LU: 6 Credit Hours LEARN MORE

OVERVIEW: Practical leadership skills are vital to the health and success of every company in any industry. Effective leaders motivate their teams to achieve excep- tional results, inspire others to be better than they thought possible, and create an environment where their team is focused and working towards a common vision. This program provides AEC professionals with the skills to become more competent lead- ers and helps attendees develop and affirm the leadership skills, strategies, and tech - niques necessary to grow personally and professionally.

Project Management for AEC Professionals – VIRTUAL SEMINAR DATE: July 6, 2021 PRICE: $699 PDH/LU: 6 Credit Hours LEARN MORE

OVERVIEW: Each team member brings their own unique experiences and skillset to project teams. Effectively leveraging the talents of your team can optimize team effec- tiveness. This course provides people-focused, science-driven practical skills to help project leaders harness the power of their team. By addressing the most important aspects of any project – the people – this course will provide practical techniques that can be immediately implemented for a positive impact on any AEC team or business. Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals – VIRTUAL SEMINAR DATE: July 7, 2021 PRICE: $699 PDH/LU: 6 Credit Hours LEARN MORE OVERVIEW: This program is specifically developed to help design and technical pro - fessionals in AEEC firms become more comfortable managing clients and promoting the firm and its services. Led by two CEOs with extensive experience from the design desk to the board room, this one-of-a-kind seminar presents business development techniques proven to drive real growth and value in your AEC firm focuses on what really works in today’s AEC firm utilizing practical and proven techniques that resonate across the organizational chart. .


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