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Build Your Community

Releasing the Potential

Our resident Coach Dr Will Medd provides some helpful advice on building your own community.

A coaching series by our resident Coach Dr Will Medd.

What is your potential as a researcher? Imagine having the support of a group coaching process over 6 months to support and challenge you to achieve those important goals.. Dr Will Medd and NHS R&D North West will be running a series of workshops to release your potential.

So, here you are, all alone, and thinking about how to build community around your research. Hm. Satish Kumar wrote in his autobiography ‘You are therefore I am’. In other words, you are already in community! Look around. Who are the people already key to enabling your research work and life to happen? Let alone the pets that help you pause while realising great ideas. And who else would you like to join the party?

My guess is one of the following may be getting in the way • Not knowing where to start. In which case, if really true, the rest of this issue will help. • You’re worried you could get knocked back, rejected. Indeed you might, not everyone will want to join you. However, if you stay true to what you know is important and work from there, then those people that are important will come forward. And the rest will wish they had! • You’re worried it will be too successful. It might get too much. It’s true, sometimes when you start to make connections they proliferate and you might find yourself being pulled in all kinds of directions. In other words, you’re scare of success, of loosing control! How to switch these around? If the first is the problem, take small steps. Identify them, put dates on them and do them one by one. If it’s the second, remember you are offering connection to people - allow them not to need you while knowing you can stay generous to those who want to come along. If it’s the third, remember Marian Williamson’s quote often misattributed to Nelson Mandela, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We have to ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world”

Write Here, Right Now - 22nd May 2018

Failure to Learn - 6th July 2018

“Write here, Right now!” live coaching writing retreat offers a combination of ‘retreat’ to create space to write and live coaching ‘experiments’ to explore different approaches to the experience of writing.   Focusing on your particular piece of writing, in a playful way we explore personal values  (what’s really at stake in this piece of work?), how we get in our own way (what pressures are created in our own heads?), how we might write from different experiences (what perspectives might be helpful?) and what might be worth giving a go (what are the options for playing with here?).  Sustaining your resilience and being the leader of your research is not always easy to pull off.  This day offers an opportunity to examine your resilience, stepping back to re-align and plan the next steps in your research, recognising the need to keep the balance right with work and the rest of life.  The day will build on questions around what’s at stake, choosing perspective, finding confidence, getting out of your own way and identifying habits that help and habits that hinder. Finally, what’s next will be explored in a way that energises! Resilience and Self-Leadership in Research - 12th June 2018

How do you feel about ‘failure’ and ‘failing’? Does a fear of failure get in your way, hold you back, create stress, make you feel an impostor? We will be looking at what we can learn from the classic heroes journey when it comes to learning through failure. In folk tales and Hollywood movies, there are universal codes of behaviour that heroes use when confronted with challenges. By studying these templates and applying them to our own research lives, we can learn to recognise the prospect of failure and find new ways to overcome it. In essence, we become our own hero.

Pause with Purpose © - September 2018

In the context of feeling rushed, under pressure and experiencing uncertainty, there is ironically a tendency to take on more, to focus on the urgent and to the let the important slip. The day draws on wide ranging thinking from the worlds of life coaching and mindfulness in a wonderful blend of activities that invite you to step back, take stock, experience alternative perspectives, explore common challenges and identify your next steps.

I’m sure the rest of this issue helps with how to do that. I’m also sure if you’re reading this you’re clear on what’s important to you about the idea of community. Though of course double check - really, what is important to you? What is at stake here? Assuming that’s clear, the question I want to ask is: What is going to get in the way? And let’s try answering that by asking, what is it you are believing about community, and about yourself, that may be inhibiting you moving forwards?

by Will Medd

Will Medd is an ICF professional certified coach, and resident coach

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