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September, 1934

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to me at some other time—if it had come alone, instead of being accompanied by so many other depressing circumstances—if it had been of a different kind . . .” and so on through a hundred suppositions of what might have been better arranged. How seldom do we realize the faithless­ ness that is in such a mood of soul as this I But we may come to realize it, and es­ cape from it too, if, in the secret o f His presence, alone with Him, we lay our bur­ dens at His feet and listen for His words o f peace.—G. H. K n igh t . Rest, weary heart, From all thy silent griefs and secret pain; Thy profitless regrets and longings vain! Wisdom and love have ordered all the past, And shall be blessedness and light at last; Cast off the cares that have so long op­ pressed ; Rest sweetly, rest I — S elected . Counteracting False Teaching “Many false isms play havoc with sin­ cere Christian people by their house-to- house ministry,” writes H. H. Savage, of Pontiac, Mich. “Why should we not meet them on their own ground?” As an antidote for the poison of cult lit­ erature that is being scattered promiscu­ ously on every hand, the House-to-House Evangelization Society (interdenomina­ tional), with headquarters at 10 Richmond Building, London, Ont., plans to issue a four-page monthly paper in newspaper style, designated for door-to-door distri­ bution. The cost, in quantities, will not be higher than that o f the average tract. Sample copies are available. Each issue o f the paper, called World-Wide—With Tongue and Pen, will carry a serial story, a Bible searcher for children, a family worship column, messages for both Jews and Gentiles, texts in various languages, and an expose o f one o f the present-day cults. Paragraphs from the writings of Moody, Spurgeon, Dawson, Gaebelein, and others, insure the orthodoxy of the monthly. This worthy enterprise calls for the interest and prayer support o f the Lord’s people. The secretary o f the Society, A l­ bert E. Dallimore, will welcome inquiries. Religious Articles by Worldlings The modern newspaper is quite within its rights in providing articles on religion from the pens o f celebrities in the world of literature, drama, and racing; but it is exceedingly questionable whether these ar­ ticles are likely to do any good to the cause o f Christ. The Apostle James re­ minds us that “the devils believe, and trem­ ble.” Their belief is no contribution, either to true faith in God or real religious ex­ perience. It is quite possible that any mill hand or factory girl may know how to tinkle on a piano, but no musical society would ask her to lecture on “The Music I Love.” The grocer’s assistant at the village store may be able to find the Pole Star, but no company of astronomers would seek his help in solving the problems o f the heavens. A child of ten, brought up in a Christian home, could tell more o f God than celebrities who spend their whole life devoid o f any consideration for spirit­ ual things. A certain Russian dramatist was very fond of church bells, and when a friend asked the reason, he replied, “ That is all that is left to me o f religion.” —Christian Herald and Signs o f Our Times.

DIVINE INTERVENTION IN RUSSIA Present Russia is reckoned as a godless country, where the atheistic government is determined to wipe out the name and memory of God from its dominions. . . * - nu+ld* onH PFor many years atheists there have been strenuously opposing the glorious Gospel of Christ and the results today are terrible. Torture, murder, famine, pestilence, droughts, earthquakes, distress, and tumult are ^n full sway among the people in Russia. Surely the power of Satan himself is *>e'nWhilenthese "lines ^ ere' being written, striking news reached our office . ' It was reported that the Soviet government, after exhausting all its methods of fighting this summer s drought mid threatening failure of crops, had issued a proclamation asking the believers to pray to God for rain. If this is tr" OnhtehisSbra ^ , toow L g‘S we 8 are 5 ? workers together with Christ the Russia Inland Relief Mission at this momentous time, presents its appeal to all believers in America and elsewhere for their earnest prayers and financial assistance in behalf of His starving children m Russia, and for the furtherance of God’s intervention there until Russia will come to Him on her knees. Send all communications and gifts to the RUSSIA INLAND RELIEF MISSION JOHN JOHNSON, General Director 690 Eighth Avenue, Room 506-S __________ New York, N. Y.

pure, unqualified gift of God. If happily you have it, you may, and you will, realize the truth of the Scripture statement that there is “peace in believing.” — I. M. H ald em an . OCTOBER 29 Burdens and Bridges “ Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee" (Psa. 55:22). An ant, that was carrying home a bit of straw, came to a crack in the rock it was crossing. The ant tried in different ways to get its burden across the chasm, but every attempt failed. Finally, the little creature launched upon another plan. It placed one end of the straw at the edge o f the crack ; then, going around to the other end, pushed, until the first end o f the straw had reached the other side. Then, treating the burden as a bridge, the ant walked safely and easily to the other side. All the burdens that the Christian bears may become bridges, if they are cast upon the Lord.— S elected . OCTOBER 30 When the Sufferer Can Sing “ Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him" (Job 13:15). Why do God’s children suffer? W e could mention several reasons. Peter tells u s: “Ye greatly rejoice, though now for a sea­ son, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: That the_ trial of your faith, being jnuch more precious than o f gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.” Madame Guyon, ten years a pris­ oner because of her faith and testimony, was a willing instrument in the hands of her all-wise and loving Lord; and from her pen came these beautiful words of peace and jo y : “A little bird I am—shut out o f field and air, Yet in my cage I sit and sing to Him Who placed me there: Well pleased a prisoner to be, Because, my God, it pleaseth Thee. Naught have I else to d o ; I sing the whole day long; . . . And He whom most I love to please doth listen to my song. He caught and bound my wandering wings, . But still He bends to hear me sing. — S. D. H ogue . OCTOBER 31 Resting in God "My people . . . have forgotten their resting place” (Jer. 50:6). When any crushing sorrow falls upon us, the rebellious heart, if not the lips, will say, “I could have borne this if it had only come


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parture from the Lord. In the path of the believer, evil may meet him in the form of fierce temptation, o f sore conflict. There may be times when his faith is severely tested, and when the enemy makes a special assault upon his soul. Then it is that he feels his need of a refuge. He finds it in God. Many have . . . lost all their peace the moment the testing has come, because they did not at once hide in their refuge. It is not the outward trial, after all, that we need be afraid of. The real evil is the evil of sinning against the Lord. To be kept from that evil is to be kept in peace, though storms may rage around us.— S elected . OCTOBER 27 The Love of God "Love never faileth” (1 Cor. 13:8, R .V .). Is it my love to God? N ol It is some­ thing better than that. Is it God’s love to me? It is something wider than that. The “love o f God,” it seems to me, is that love which God has toward every creature that He has made—that love that leads Him to open His mighty hand and satisfy the de­ sire of every living thing. If God shed that love abroad in my heart, that love will not be discouraged by trying circumstances. The love of God will never fail. — J. H udson T aylor . Love o f God, so pure and changeless; Blood o f Christ, so rich and free; Grace o f God, so strong and boundless— Magnify them all in me. — C odner . OCTOBER 28 Peace in Believing “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’’. (Rom. 10:17). The final issue in respect to Christianity is—whether the Bible is the fully inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God. I f it be, then all question as to miracle and doctrine is definitely and dynamically settled; and there is nothing for the Christian to do but sail quietly and restfully on the waveless sea of faith. I f you reject it as such,-then you are in the troubled waters of reason, perpetual guess, the black darkness o f tor­ turing doubt, and the unrest of soul for which there is no cure. It is to be remem­ bered beyond all question that faith is not a matter of evidential conviction, but the

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