King's Business - 1934-08

THE MISSIONARY REVIEW OF THE WORLD for ¿very FAMILY - - COMMUNITY - - CHURCH - - LAND - - RACE MISSIONARY - - PASTOR - - STUDENT - - TEACHER Articles and editorials written by well-known folks familiar with the progress-of preaching the Gospel to every creature in every land. The REVIEW describes methods for awakening interest in churches and mis­ sionary societies, as well as giving information regarding the latest and best missionary books. The profusely illustrated pages help tomake the REVIEW of lasting interest. There is never a dull or uninformative issue. It is in step with the times. THE MISSIONARY REVIEW of the WORLD An Interdenominational and World-wide Review o f Christian Missions R obert E. S peer , President W m . I. C hamberlain , Vice-President D elavan L. P ierson , Editor Single Copies, 25c; Annual Subscription, $2.50 ( Foreign , 50c extra) Subscription Department • THIRD AND REILY STREETS • HARRISBURG, PA.

F I R S T E D I T I O N S O L D O U T !

S E C O N D E D I T I O N R E A D Y ! The Bible Critics Refuted • B Y H C D E C N S C I E N T I F I C D IS C O V E R Y • NEWBIBLEVIDENCE


Every reader of THE KING’S BUSINESS will enjoy beyond measure this most informing book that proves the Bible record to be true, through the latest discoveries of archaeologists in Bible Lands. The author clears away the brush left by those who have been eager to belittle the Bible and gives a new courage to old-fashioned faith. A B O O K T H A T L A U G H S B I B L E S C O F F E R S T O S C O R N ! MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE MONTHLY SAYS: r

F. H. REVELL CO., 158 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. Enclosed please find.........................for which please send m e ..... Cop...... N ew B ible E vidence by Sir Charles Marston, F.S.A. Name ..................... ..................... ______________ Address ..... ............. ..... ._____________________ _

“ We have read every page with relish and can set our seal to its closing sentence: ‘Those who in all sincerity desire independent proof of the correctness of Christ’s attitude to the Old Testament will welcome the new knowledge that archaeology is giving us.’ Highly valuable because of the plain manner in which the data are set forth, challenging the interest o f!the average man. The text contains proof of the original monotheism and the use of the Old Testament names for God long before the days of Moses. Proof of the Flood, of the dispersion after the Flood, of the supremacy of Shem, and the subservience of Canaan are also presented.” Handsome Cloth Binding, $2.00 FLEMING H. REVELL COMPANY •Publishers

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