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JULY 2020

MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF THIS SUMMER Enjoy the Holiday and Stay Up to Date With Us

maybe do nothing for a half-hour can be so therapeutic. It does us all some good to step away from our phones and computers once in a while and just enjoy the moment. I encourage you to spend some time this month doing just that. We also wish you a happy Fourth of July! The celebrations might look a little different this year, but at its heart, this holiday is about appreciating the nation we all get to live in and the struggles our forefathers went through to establish a free country. Of course, this can be well appreciated by putting some tasty burgers on the grill, grabbing a cold drink, and sitting back to enjoy the day. As you know, we had to postpone our Shred Day in April, but we’re excited to announce that we’ve rescheduled Shred Day for Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We always look forward to this event, and it’s exciting to have it back on the calendar. As the date gets closer, we’ll keep you posted with all the information you’ll need. Because of the effects of the virus, the federal government has shifted a few of the deadlines for their relief programs. At the time we’re writing this article, July 15 is the new deadline for filing tax returns and paying any taxes due for

2019. Additionally, business owners and employees have until July 30 to receive an extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits, a much-needed relief for those who have been unable to work because of the pandemic. If you qualify for this benefit, ensure you access it before July 30. If you have any questions around these deadlines, then please reach out to us. You can also check our website and Facebook page to stay updated on the latest information around taxes and other financial information that may affect you. We know this is a confusing time, and we want to be a resource for you to turn to. As always, we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. “Especially with everything going on in the world right now, taking a moment to step back and maybe do nothing for a half-hour can be so therapeutic.”

How are you? Have you been enjoying the warmer weather? While we’ll still undoubtedly have a couple of lingering cold spells before summer officially arrives, it’s been nice to feel some warmer weather and see the sun. Summer is a time of relaxation, a time to sit on the porch and watch the sun slowly makes its descent behind the horizon. Aren’t those longer summer evenings the best? It seems fitting then that July 22 is National Hammock Day. What better reason do you need to take a day for yourself and relax? Especially with everything going on in the world right now, taking a moment to step back and

-John and Jeff Zufall

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