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destroy nearby tissues. As Fitness andWellness News puts it, “Constant movement of the allergens through the bloodstream prevents these delicate tissues from becoming inflamed.”One of the best movements for allergy sufferers is swimming because it’s a great full-body workout and the humid air is gentle on the lungs. With hay fever and other pollen allergies in full swing, now might be the perfect time to start a new routine. If you do decide to start exercising more regularly, just remember not to overdo it right away. Going from entirely sedentary to training like a marathon runner overnight actually can be damaging to your body because the change is such a shock — you might end up sick as a result! Instead, ease yourself into your new workout regimen by adding a bit more duration and/or intensity to your sessions over time. Also, if you’re already feeling sick or suffering from severe allergies, do yourself and others a favor and stay home. Going out when you’re under the weather will just spread your germs to other people trying to stay healthy. Here’s the bottom line: While it’s been proven to help, exercise isn’t a silver bullet for preventing or controlling illness. It’s still smart to take other common-sense precautions against illnesses like the flu and COVID-19, like washing your hands regularly (including before and after you work out), getting enough sleep at night, and avoiding people who are coughing or sneezing.

before returning to the bloodstream. Basically, exercise helped the mice become even better illness-fighting machines!

On top of staving off illnesses like the flu, there’s evidence that working out can help control allergy symptoms. Fitness andWellness News reports that the link between the two comes down to blood flow. When you exercise, your blood flow speeds up, which moves allergens more quickly through your body so your kidneys can eliminate them. On the contrary, sedentary living encourages allergens to stay put and

A ‘Silver’ Bullet

Attorneys General Stand Firm Against Snake Oil

Jim Bakker dominated headlines in the late 1980s with his legal troubles, and now the televangelist is facing a new lawsuit in 2020. The original story of Bakker’s fall begins on a TV set. Bakker and his wife at the time, Tammy Faye Messner, hosted the popular evangelical talk show “The PTL Club” from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s. However, their reign came crashing down when Bakker resigned after being accused of offering money to church secretary Jessica Hahn to cover up rape allegations. Bakker was later convicted of scamming thousands of viewers out of millions of dollars, and he spent several years in prison. Today, Bakker hosts “The Jim Bakker Show” and leads Morningside Church in Missouri. While freedom of religion is protected in the U.S., a recent promotion on Bakker’s show caught the attention of attorneys nationwide.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic found its way to the U.S., many people stocked up on emergency medical supplies. For some, this meant purchasing colloidal silver “cures” that were promised to kill the virus. Supplements, pills, and oils with no scientific evidence of their efficacy were sold to consumers until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent cease-and-desist orders to seven manufacturers in March 2020. One such product involved was Sherrill Sellman’s Silver Solution. Sellman, a self- described naturopathic doctor and mind- body psychologist who appeared on Bakker’s show on Feb. 12, proclaimed Silver Solution is a cure for the coronavirus. Bakker promoted the product and later sold it through his website. The Missouri and New York attorneys general caught wind of this scheme and immediately filed cease-and-desist orders, and even a

lawsuit, against Bakker. NPR explains that Bakker and his church are in violation of state laws by “falsely promising consumers that Silver Solution can cure, eliminate, kill, or deactivate coronavirus.” Bakker stopped selling Silver Solution in mid- March 2020. Even as the lawsuit continues to move through the court system, the message is clear: The justice system is cracking down on the sale of snake oil.

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