For more than 150 years, Winchester Ammunition has led the way in innovation, inventing some of the world’s most popular cartridges. The tradition continues with the 350 Legend. As we lead the ammunition industry into the future, it’s important to remember where we came from. Here’s a look back at Winchester cartridge launches over the past 100 years.


1952 308 Winchester The .308 Winchester is a shorter cartridge, allowing firearms made in this caliber to have a shorter action than their .30-06 counterparts. It fits the bill for modern firearms better than any other cartridge invented by Winchester.

1895 30-30 Winchester The .30-30 Winchester is the grandfather of all .30 caliber cartridges. It’s almost a certainty that more deer have been taken with the .30-30 than any other cartridge we have developed.

1901 32 Win Special Offering an increase in muzzle energy and bullet diameter over the .30-30, this cartridge was the favorite of deer and large game hunters in the early 20 th century.

1925 270 Winchester The .270 Winchester is tailor-made for hunting deer and stalking bighorn sheep or pronghorn out west. Famed outdoor writer Jack O’Connor’s favorite rifle was chambered in .270 Winchester.

2001 300 WSM Like computers of today, designs are more compact and better than they were 20 years ago. The 300 WSM is a shorter cartridge than the 300 Win Mag yet it offers the same performance.

1990 40 S&W The 40 S&W outperforms the 9mm Luger in ballistic

1963 300 Winchester Mag Flatter shooting than a .270 Winchester with more down range energy than the .30-06, this certainly is the best large game cartridge.

1959 264 Winchester Mag A cartridge way ahead of its time. The 264 Win Mag boasts significant performance upgrades over its 6.5mm/.264 caliber contemporaries.

1955 243 Winchester The .243 Winchester is perfect for varmints, coyote and deer. A popular choice with youth shooters and those averse to recoil, the .243 Win fills an important niche in the hunting world.

performance while also besting the .45 Auto in magazine capacity. It’s the best of both worlds.

Deer Season XP



Super Suppressed

Power Max Bonded

2019 350 Legend The 350 Legend is the most efficient and highest velocity straight-walled cartridge in history. A cartridge built for the modern sportsman. The straight-walled design allows for this high performing rifle cartridge to be used in states that allow the use of straight-walled cartridges for hunting. Speaking of performance, the 350 Legend boasts more muzzle energy than .30-30 Winchester, 300 Blackout and 223 Remington and less recoil than .243 Winchester, yet still offering 20% more penetration. Inside 300 yards, it’s the most versatile cartridge on the market.

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