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MAY 2019


To the Wisest and Most Fun-Loving Woman I Know

T he month of May is important for all the women in my family because it provides us with the opportunity to get together for our annual Mother’s Day celebration. Every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, my mom, my sisters, my daughters, and my daughter-in-law share a fantastic lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon shopping. In preparation for our get-together this year, I have found myself thinking a lot about my mom and the profound impact she had and continues to have on my life. “My mom raised my sisters and me to be ambitious, strong, smart, and hardworking; as a result, I know I owe any success I’ve had raising my own kids to her.” Growing up, we did not have a great deal of money, and at several points in my childhood and teen years, my mom worked three jobs to be able to support us. In fact, that is the reason I started working so early in life: to help Mom any way I could. Even though she spent most of her time at work, my mom still played an extremely active role in the lives of my sisters and me. We like to joke that she had us all trained at an early age because she had this ability to snap her fingers and point, and we knew exactly what

she wanted us to do. For example, one day, I was sitting on the couch watching a TV show with my mom when I got a phone call. Without even looking up, she snapped her fingers and pointed, and as if I could read her mind, I got up and finished my call in the other room. She was trying to hear the show, so I knew my talking was bothering her. Our friends still think it is baffling how connected our brains seem to be. In addition to sharing brain wavelengths, I find myself becoming more and more like Mom every day. I’ll say or do certain things and think to myself, “Oh, gosh! There she is!” Fortunately, there is not another person to whom I would rather be compared. My mom raised my sisters and me to be ambitious, strong, smart, and hardworking; as a result, I know I owe any success I’ve had raising my own kids to her. While my mom still stays busy working with the American Legion Auxiliary, I try to spend time with her every chance I get. This is partially because working in elder law and estate planning is a constant reminder that we never know how much time we have left, but it is also because my mom is, simply put, a ton of fun to be around. One of our favorite and most fun-filled pastimes is when I take her to Louisiana to throw some money at slot machines. My, that woman loves to gamble, and she always seems to win!

Maintaining my relationship with my mom, as well as with all the other women in my family, is a vital part of my life, and I think that nearly everyone can benefit from strong familial bonds. Throughout my experience working with clients and their families, I know these kinds of foundational relationships help with every facet of life. So, as you get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with your own traditions, I encourage you to continue to take advantage of time spent with anyone in your family. If the frightening events on the news teach us anything, it is to make the most of every moment shared with loved ones. To my mom, and the mothers of my seven beautiful grandbabies, Brittany, Rebeca, RaeAnn, and Amber, I hope you all know how appreciated you are! Happy Mother’s Day!

-Kim Hegwood



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