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It’s a stereotypical picture of love and joy: A child opens their presents on Christmas morning only to be disappointed they didn’t get what they wanted. Suddenly, Dad brings out one more box, and a little whimper escapes the cardboard. The child’s face lights up! Their dream has come true. Inside the box, of course, is a new furry best friend. While many holiday films lean into this magical bond between people and animals, the reality of pet care isn’t so romantic. Adopting a pet comes with serious responsibility, and statistics show a staggering number of families return these pets after reality sets in. According to RSPCA, three pets are abandoned every hour during the holiday season. If you do decide you’re ready for a pet, recognize you will be financially responsible for it over the course of its entire life, which can be up to 14-plus years depending on the type. Are you equipped to handle routine veterinary costs in addition to food, supplies, and the occasional toy or treat? Do you have a plan in place for As part of our client care coordination team, Cheryl Jackson-Sinkler helps our clients connect with our caring and experienced lawyers. With her practical and compassionate demeanor, she embodies our philosophy. When a person comes to us in their time of need, they become more than just a client; they are family. “I first met Michael and Shelia Manely and the rest of The Manely Firm through Tenera McPherson from Staffing One,” Cheryl says. “I really liked their approach to their clients and their cases, which is to try to be a source of calm and reassurance, coupled with their knowledge of family law. When I applied, we clicked, and here I am five years later.” Before starting at The Manely Firm, Cheryl admits that she had never worked in the law field. “However, my time here has given me an insight into all that goes into the law that I never had before. I am grateful that I was able to discover this career.”

when you go on vacation or in the event of an emergency? If not, it’s best to plan those things sooner rather than later. In addition to the financial responsibility of pet ownership, some pets require regular exercise, special diets, and even social interaction. So, if your family is always on the go, consider a low- maintenance pet fish instead. Your children can help feed the fish and clean its tank, giving them the fun of pet ownership without the hassle. Keep in mind that different fish have different needs, so do some research before making the commitment. If pet ownership is not viable right now, you can interact with animals outside the home in plenty of ways. Volunteer at an animal shelter, enroll in horseback riding lessons at a local stable, or buy season tickets to the zoo. Pets can bring immense joy to your life when you’re prepared but immense stress and hardship when you’re not. Make the right choice to prevent your pet from becoming another sad statistic. here is when we can help our clients get the results they need. My position allows me to help people through some difficult times. Knowing that I played a small part in helping the clients start new phases of their lives able to move on makes me feel good.” Whenever Cheryl has free time, she spends as much of it as she can with her daughter, Jessica, who is in her second year of college. She also enjoys volunteering for the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA). “I am a daughter, sister, and wife of a military veteran, so I dedicate a lot of my free time there. This is a cause I hold very dear to my heart, since I feel like we need to give back to all of those who fought and defended our country. “My husband and I are very active members, and we have traveled all over Georgia, and other states as well, in our work with the American Legion Auxiliary. Currently, I hold the position of Department of GA, Historian, which has taken over my personal life, but my husband, Clarence Sinkler, is right by my side.”

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The more she learned about the law field, the more her passion grew. “The best part of being


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