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As we enter back-to-school season, I’m pleased to see it will be a little more normal than it was last year. When we were deep in the throes of the pandemic, with no vaccine in sight, many students, whether in elementary school, junior high, high school, or college, unfortunately had to make due with virtual education instead of in person. We saw the effect of this when we treated some college athletes who normally would have seen a specialist at their university … if they had traveled back to their universities, rather than been stuck at home. While I’m sure some high school and collegiate athletes have been keeping up with their training regimens, I’m sure that hasn’t been the case for every athlete — and I don’t blame them! This past year and a half has been a pretty unique time in everyone’s lives, so they’d be forgiven if they lost a grip on their schedules. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out for the count this upcoming fall. Even if athletes haven’t been training six days a week to prepare for their respective sports, they can still

get back into the swing of things if a few factors hold true. One of those factors is that they’ve remained physically active in any capacity. If you’ve spent the summer regularly running, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, or surfing, you’re already pretty well set up for the fall sports season. The best collegiate athletes are the ones who were well-rounded and enjoyed doing several different sports in high school. When you stay active doing multiple sports, you’re more likely to be faster, stronger, and have better reaction times due to working out your different muscle groups. Another major contributing factor to building (or rebuilding) your physical fitness is adequate rest and nutrition. I know that for high school and college students, it’s easy to slack off in these two areas especially. When you’re going from class to class and workout to workout while somehow eking out a social life with whatever time you have left, it’s your rest and nutrition that suffer the most. So, especially while it’s still hot outside in the San Diego area, student athletes should get

plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids to hydrate and replenish their bodies with all the nutrients they need for their workouts. More than at any other time in the last year and a half, things are getting back to normal — or at least semi-normal. Students spent the last year being flexible and going with last-minute changes, and hopefully, they won’t have to do that this year. However, when it comes to rebuilding fitness, I hope students everywhere (and anyone trying to get back into a regular workout routine, for that matter) can remain patient. If you rush into working out too much too soon, you’ll end up having to see us! The world is a much different place than it was just two years ago, but if we stay safe and healthy, I’m sure things will only continue to get more and more normal.

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