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Mr Gopala Krishnan , JP, BBM

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Ms Ng Liza


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Year Of the Metal Rat: A Bright Year Of Success!


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Common Folks 10am to 10pm daily MuslimDelights 11am to 7pm daily, closed on Mondays Imperial Court 11am to 10pm daily

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Sparkz KTV 3pm to 2am daily Fish@Ang Mo Kio 10am to 5am daily

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Pat’s Schoolhouse 7am to 7pm, Mon-Fri Brighton’s Montessori 7am to 7pm, Mon-Fri Learning Vision 7am to 7pm, Mon-Fri

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6459 9653


Soul Fit 8am to 10pm, Mon-Sat

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ISSUE 114 (FEB 2020– MAR 2020)

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THE GRASSROOTS’ CLUB 190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Singapore 568046 | Tel: 6554 2350 | Fax: 6554 2347 |


Grassroots with passion

MESSAGE FROM Business Development Committee Chairman

Dear Members, Greetings from The Grassroots’ Club (TGC) Business Development Committee! No organisation can be sustained without a good revenue stream. As such, among the many objectives of my Committee, enhancement of the Club’s revenue is definitely the key role. My Committee has worked hard to develop strategies and is always on the lookout for possible partnerships and expansion of the Club’s business. Revenue generated will be channeled for members’ benefits in whatever form and wherever possible. At the moment, we have kept the membership fees low and heavily subsidised Club events for members. With higher revenue, we hope to keep membership fees at affordable levels to attract more members. To better serve our members, we have brought in a new Prawn Fishing tenant recently. In addition, an outdoor dining tenant will be coming in very soon as well. Please be on the lookout for the news feed from the Club once they are confirmed. On a final note, on behalf of TGC, I would like to express my appreciation for your continuous and unwavering support. Do join us at the various Club activities to make it a vibrant club for grassroots members which all of us can be proud of.

Mr Gopala Krishnan, JP, BBM Vice-President Chairman, Business Development Committee

Wishing everyone the best of health and a prosperous 2020!


Chairman Liza Ng

Vice Chairman Chee Yi Long

Member Marie Lim Soo Cheng

Secretariat Seow Hing Hock Ethan Seet

Design & Editorial Words Worth Media


Grassroots with passion

RECIPROCAL CLUBS CHANGI BEACH CLUB No. 2 Andover Road Singapore 509984 Tel: 6546 5215 l Fax: 6545 6883 ORCHID COUNTRY CLUB 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore 769162 Tel: 6755 9811 l Fax: 6755 8874 THE ARENA COUNTRY CLUB 511 Upper Jurong Road Singapore 638366 Tel: 6897 9997 l Fax: 6897 8778 THE MALACCA CLUB New Townhouse: No. 18, 5th Floor Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka Tel: 06-282 4940 / 284 2488 / 283 3518 Fax: 06-284 8303


A very Happy Chinese New Year to all our ClubMembers! 2020 sets a new course and beginning for everyone in the year of Metal Rat. This is kicked off by having the 2020 Fengshui and Astrology Seminar at The Grassroots’ Club (TGC) on 5 January 2020 and Chinese New Year Lohei Dinner at The Grassroots’ Club held on 31 January 2020.

While thumbing through themagazine, let’s take a look at the analysis of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs in the Year of the Metal Rat. It will help navigate you toward good luck. If you want 2020 to be a good year, don’t miss this one. With all the festive feasting and celebration, you may feel tired and run- down to return to work. Your physical as well as mental capacities will affect how you feel. Turn to page 6 to see how to live well and laugh more.

As Singapore moves toward becoming a Smart Nation, find out how you can stay relevant for the future on page 8.

Specially curated for our valued Club Members and Grassroots Leaders, turn to page 12 to see the many TGC Partner Merchant Benefits that are in store for you. On behalf of the Staff from The Grassroots’ Club, People’s Association and The Grassroots’ Club Management Committee, I would like to wish all Members a Happy Chinese New Year, and a prosperous and rewarding 2020! We look forward to welcoming you at the Club in the year ahead!

ROTUNDA Jalan Kampung Hailam,

Tanjung Kling, 76400 Melaka Tel: 06-351 1543 / 351 1544 Fax: 06-351 6309

For detailed privileges at our reciprocal clubs, please visit http://www. affiliated-club-privileges/

Miss Ng Liza Editor, Honorary Assistant Secretary The Grassroots’ Club


Grassroots with passion

Welcome l m To Our NewMembers

A A Mehrunnisa Chia Mui Chiew Chow Ping Kong Chu Kin Sing Goh Jun Xian Brian Goh Meng Yam Haji Muhammad Bin Mohd Jamaluddin Hee Hwee Teng Heng Yong Phong Ho Jun Quan Karuppiah Chandra Sekaran Kea Hwee Ping Garick Leong Kok Weng Vincent Lim Joo Sing Wilson Michael Wong Toh Kong Muhammad Alif Bin Januri

Ng Sian Ling Nirmaldeep Kaur Chahal Ong Soon Seng Seah Siew Beng Albert Sin Weiwei June Tan Hock Kim Tan Nan An Tan Yee Sze Angeline Wan Wei Kee Desmond Wong Jin Feng Woo Wei Leong Andrew Zhang Caiyi

Pat’s Schoolhouse Tel: 6459 2382 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC Common Folks Tel: 9237 6650 10% discount on a la carte menu MuslimDelights Tel: 9633 0261 10% discount on a la carte menu Soul Fit Tel: 9235 4789 20% discount on all classes Fish@Ang Mo Kio Tel: 9839 2715 40% discount off all non-promotional items (excluding F&B) Brighton Montessori Tel: 6455 8830 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC Imperial Court Pte Ltd Tel: 6553 2777 20% discount on a la carte menu Learning Vision@TGC Tel: 6459 9653 20% discount off monthly fees @ TGC

Level 1


Level 2

Level 3

Sparkz KTV Tel: 6458 5026 20% discount except for beer during Happy Hour

Level 4


Grassroots with passion


Thank goodness, it’s Friday. Looking at this app message the previous Friday… somehow, I felt relaxed with the thought of a nice weekend to come. The very thought of being able to put down my workload after a couple of hours put me at ease and relieved me of my stress.

On the contrary, come Monday morning, with the whole working week ahead, I feel less jubilant but composed to face the days to come.

I believe, many of us share this same experience, and yet day in and day out, we go through this cycle of our life.

I have come to terms with this. It taxes both our physical as well as our mental capacities as it affects howwe feel: whether we feel happy, relaxed, composed, agitated or constantly worried.

Whilst many factors can affect how we feel, we can live and adopt a lifestyle that is more pleasant for us.

Let me share my experience with a few pointers as a guide:


Take short breaks every now and then, during work. If you are deskbound, working on a computer constantly, do take a break at suitable intervals to stretch yourself. Walk to the pantry to have a drink; have a tea break either by yourself or with colleagues. Many a task, in particular where coordination and information sharing are needed, can be done during the so-called tea or team break. It can lead to being productive whilst you have your time to relax. Reward ourselves. Midweek or midway through a hectic time period seems to be an appropriate time. Gather your buddies to chill out and enjoy your ‘happy hour’ after a hard day’s work. Wednesday seems right andmany entertainment outlets offer promotions especially if we have female companions. I enjoy short vacations tonearbyplaces suchasMalaysia and Indonesia. Every other year, I will reward myself with trips to further destinations, which include free and easy travelling with the intention to experience how others live in their part of the world. 2


Regular exercise is of benefit toour bodies. Besides thephysical benefits, exercise helps relieve mental stress. I do brisk walking frequently, and this is one exercise which you can do during your work day. Walk the extra distance to your train station instead of taking a feeder bus. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, whenever you get the chance to. This way, you build exercise into your daily routine. Do not ignore other aspects beside physical activity. Sleep and having proper rest is important to our health. I need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day. Listen to your body especially if you feel lethargic, or start being forgetful when you are deprived of sleep. Take care of our nutrition intake and eating habits (like drinking a cup of water before every meal, having a balanced diet, etc). Have screen time breaks. Nowadays, many of us, includingmyself in the past, will place our mobile phones near us when sleeping. Any beep will be answered as if it is an urgent call. This need not be the case for us!

To learn more, we can seek guidance from Active Health, an initiative by Sport Singapore (


Grassroots with passion


Read a good book to nourish your mind. Best of all, you do not always have to buy books, get them from the library!

You may prefer to access the internet for information that will enrich yourself too.

Whateverwill be, will be, nodoubt. Not everything is within our control. This is a reality. I choose to be flexible. Live in the present, learn fromour past but prepare for our future. A teacher asked his student about the weight of a bottle of mineral water that he held in his hand. It weighed only 600 grams but if he continued to hold it for a prolonged period of time, it seemed to become heavier. Hold it for a longer time and it may feel even heavier… we can lift it up again after a rest and continue our journey. In other words, we need to slow down at times, and rest before we move on again, or even before we want to speed up. We live but only once. Do not sell our lives at any cost to our work. A work-life balance is necessary. I am usually serious with what I am doing, unless it is something done purely for leisure and fun. Work diligently and conscientiously, and be mindful that as one problem is solved, we will soon have to face another challenge, all along our life journey. So do not cast everything (other than work) aside now and only think of enjoyment after retirement. Live in the present, reflect on the past and prepare for the future. Live well, laugh more. Similarly, if we put down our load for a moment,

Yours sincerely, Tan Kok Yam

The writer is currently a Workplace Safety and Health professional. He is an active citizen and believes in lifelong learning.


Grassroots with passion

A Bright Year Of Success! Metal Rat Year Of The

Come January 25, the Year Of the Rat will come scampering.

In Chinese astrology, each year belongs to a Chinese zodiac animal. Further, each zodiac year is linked to Metal, Water, Wood, Earth or Fire. This is the Year of the Metal Rat, also known as the year of the White Rat or Golden Rat.

And it will be a good year filled with fresh starts and opportunities!

The Rat is the first among the 12 zodiac animals. For this reason, 2020 will be a year of new beginnings in projects, relationships, business and career. The energetic person will evolve and succeed in realising goals and dreams.

The Rat is also a bringer of prosperity. Hence there will be opportunity to earn more money this year.

In a nutshell, the Year of the Rat 2020 will be a prosperous one filled with luck, positive changes and success! You won’t be asking “Who moved my cheese?” In 2020, you are the true shaper of your destiny.

RAT It’s a year of change and opportunity for the Rat, especially career wise. All efforts will be

OX Ox’s

TIGER Your efforts pay off at work this year. You have a good chance of getting a promotion or bonus


talents will shine this year. Many changes are in store for

rewarded. Don’t wait for things to happen. Push yourself to earn that extra cheese! Your finance will be in good shape. It’s a great year to learn new skills and educate yourself.

you. Expect financial gains and promotions this year. You will also feel energised this year. Take care to recharge yourself to do well this year. Exercise, sleep well and watch your diet.

at work. But don’t lie back this year. Make sure you work hard to make a mark. In other areas, it will be a stable year. You will have a lot of energy this year so take this chance to make changes in your life!


Grassroots with passion

What does 2020 hold for your zodiac sign?

RABBIT For Rabbits, the word for 2020 is caution. This will be a year of ups and downs. Rabbits should avoid taking

DRAGON This will a fabulous year for Dragons. It will be a busy, happy year with lots of money be

SNAKE Things

looks up for the Snake in the Rat year; an improvement over previous years.

coming in. You will be able to realise your goals and dreams. You will enjoy excellent money and education opportunities this year. Focus on becoming a better you this year by making positive changes in your life. Watch out for unexpected expenditures this year.

This will be a dynamic year for the Snake with many changes occurring. There will be a lot of opportunities for advancement the Snake throughout the year and fewer problems. A promotion or raise is likely. Work hard this year to improve your life.

risks in the year. It will be stressful at work this year.Work hard at the workplace in 2020 to achieve your goals. Focus on improving yourself and your life this year. Learn new skills to have a better chance of getting promoted.

HORSE This will be a tense and challenging year for the Horse, leaving the Horse worried and down. Horses will

SHEEP This will be an uneven year for Sheep. There will be some good surprisesbutalsomany obstacles. Professional advancement will be

MONKEY This will an outstanding year for Monkeys filled with more excitement than previous years. Monkeys will often be

experience some difficulties. That said, there will also be many great opportunities. You will advance in your career this year. Work hard and look for projects where you will shine. It’s a year to try many new things to become a better you.

slow and arduous but persevere and you will succeed. There are opportunities to improve your finances. Prepare yourself for a tough year.

bask in the spotlight and will grow their wealth. Develop yourself. Step out and learn new things because this is your year for new beginnings. Bring change into your life and seize all opportunities. This will be a year to remember for all the successes!

ROOSTER You will be blessed with lucky stars this year. You will go far and accomplish much professionally thanks to auspicious stars.

DOG Dogs will have a year of ups and downs, and will face obstacles in the year. Friends will offer important support in

PIG Pigs will have the best wealth luck among all the zodiac animals. The year

will be an interesting, productive and successful one for all the Pigs. They are likely to be given more responsibilities at work and to be promoted. Embrace all opportunities for change this year; it is your year to change your life for the better.

There will be many changes in your career and business. It will also productive in other areas of your life. However the workplace may be stressful this year due to work pressure. Look after yourself. Choose activities that are relaxing.

this year. The outlook for career and finance is average. This is not a year to switch jobs or career. Unlucky stars increase the risk of injuries and accidents.


Grassroots with passion

Staying Relevant

for the

On 3 October 2019, The Straits Times reported that Singapore is ranked as the smartest city in the world by the inaugural IMD Smart City Index. It was published by Swiss business school IMD and the Singapore University of Technology and Design. It ranked cities according to technology being applied to enhance benefits and diminish shortcomings of urbanisation. There have been constant arguments by academics onwhether the proliferation and adaptation of technology is the cause of job displacements. Although there are differing views on the effects of technological advancements on employment, there is no doubt that technology and the Internet is changing the way we live, play and work. And for the average Singaporean, this has raised someworrying issues that include the future of jobs and careers. In the Q3 2019 Labour Market Advance Release by Ministry of Manpower Singapore, unemployment rates had edged up to 3.2% as retrenchment had risen. It is observed that that there are mismatches taking place in the labour market as there were 94 vacancies per every 100 unemployed persons. How then can we stay relevant and keep up with a transitioning employability landscape? Imagine this, you have just been awarded your degree and are ready for a bright career ahead. However you are faced with the rather unhappy realisation that what you had learnt for the past two to four years has now become outdated. New skills are required for the new jobs that have emerged! Now what? In the current dynamic environment we live in today, things change constantly. As Albert Einstein said, ‘Once you stop learning, you start dying.’ This is the time, more than ever, to look ahead and prepare ourselves for the future workplace. Here are five things to consider as you look towards the future:


Grassroots with passion

1. Develop the mindset for skills mastery Skills mastery goes beyond academic and professional qualifications, and being good at what you currently do. It is a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application and experience. Skillsmastery and the ability to continuously learn and innovate is recognized as one of the most important skills that can separate those who fail and those who win. Under the SkillsFuture movement, Singaporeansareprovidedwithopportunities todevelop their potential and skills mastery. Take advantage of the resources from various SkillsFuture initiatives to develop a mastery of skills. 2. Staying abreast of trends Although it may sound easy, this can be more difficult than you think. In a nutshell, look out for trends happening around you. Stay abreast of developments in your industry, in your function, in the news, and even in your hobby. Register for seminars and events through the various social media platforms such as Eventbrites and and participate in group discussions. 3. Digital media and analytical skills Robert Staughton Lynd said it best, “Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with.” Knowledge is power, and social media have provided us

with access to information at our fingertips. However too much information can sometimes be overwhelming, and more importantly, not everything is factual. It’s important to be able to be able to manage and organise the consumption of information, and evaluate the reliability of information. 4. Build a diverse network Networking is essential to success in the corporate world, regardless of what industry or profession you’re in.With the fast changing pace of economy, don’t confine yourself to networking with people only from your industry. Build a network will a diverse group of people will help to open different doors of opportunities for you. Someways to build up your networkwith diverse groups of people include participating in activities organised by the Residents’ Network or Community Centre, or joining interest groups like Toastmasters Clubs. 5. Being ready for opportunities Opportunities are for those who are ready to grab them. Start preparing yourself by picking up various transferable skills like public speaking, critical analysis, and communication skills. Stay curious about new trends and methods that can potentially increase your employability.

It is no doubt that the challenges in the workplace are getting more complex. As our world is becoming more interconnected with the rapid rise of technology, staying relevant and competitive in the labour market is no longer about simply getting an educational qualification. As Singapore moves toward becoming a Smart Nation, our ability to embrace changes, stay abreast of trends, and being ready for opportunities by upgrading ourselves plays a pivotal role in shaping our future. It is through our willingness to change that enable us to stay relevant amidst these changes - our skills, our jobs, our future. The Author Hua Lim is a highly versatile educator who has worked with a diverse mix of individuals including students, parents, educators, business associates and civil service professionals. Hua Lim’s professional experience had provided him with opportunities to train and coach in personal development and employment skills. Hua Lim is recognized for his servicecentric approach, and best known for his abilities to simplify concepts in his training and delivery.


Grassroots with passion

1 Day Musang King Feast and JB Shopping

21 Dec 2019

31 members jumped at the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited durian feast at a durian plantation at Tangkat. Besides the durian feast, members also did some sightseeing, savored scrumptious local food and picked up local goodies on their way back to Singapore!

Grassroots with passion 11


Grassroots with passion

F&B TGC Partner Merchant Benefits

Ply Baked Goods • 10% off with minimum spending of $10 in a single receipt. Promotion valid till 30 June 2020. Email:

Kontiki • 15% off on a la carte menu.

Promotion valid till 30 June 2020. Address: 11 Rhu Cross, #01-02, PAssion Wave@Marina Bay, S(437440) Email: | Contact: 6268 5225

Sky View Pavilion (Singapore Flyer) • Complimentary Double Boiled Cabbage Soup with Bamboo Fungus &Mushroom with minimum spending of $50 in a single receipt during Birthday Month Promotion valid till 30 September 2020. Address: 30 Raffles Ave, #01-04, S(039803) | Contact: 6854 5245


Capitol Optical • 25% off frames & sunglasses. • 15% off ophthalmic lenses.

• 5% off contact lenses (With minimum purchase of 6 months’ supply). • Complimentary eye health check (Prior appointment is required). Visit for outlets address details.

Luminous Dental Group • Special rates for TGC members. Visit for more details

Kenko Reflexology & Spa Enjoy 15% discount on a-la-carte services at all Kenko outlets: • Foot Reflexology • Shoulder and Head Massage

• Body Massage • Spa Treatments

Promotion valid till 30 September 2021. Visit for outlets address details.

Crystal Time 20% discount off the following range of watches at the selected stores: • LUMINOX VivoCity #01-k30, TANGS Tang Plaza Level 3, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, OG Orchard Point Level 1 • ARBUTUS VivoCity #01-k30, TANGS Tang Plaza Level 3, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, OG Orchard Point Level 1 • CLAUDE BERNARD VivoCity #01-k30, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 • EDOX VivoCity #01-k30, TANGS Tang Plaza Level 3, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4 • REEBOKWATCHES: Robinsons The Hereen Level 4 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 Promotion valid till 31 August 2021.

All Well Scoliosis Centre • 10% off First Visit (Consultation & Treatment and 1 Free Treatment session)

• 20% off Single Treatment session • 30% off Package of 10 sessions Promotion valid till 30 June 2021. Address: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #10-05, S(238882) | Email: | Contact: 6610 6562   

Hallmark Physiotherapy Consultation and Treatment • First visit at a special rate of $140 • Subsequent visits at a special rate of $130 Consultation only Enjoy 20% discount on your first visit and 10% discount on subsequent visits. Promotion valid till 1 October 2021. Address: 320 Thomson Road, S(307663) | Email: | Contact: 6258 8707

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DrSpa® 10% off ala carte treatments

PLUS! Enjoy a complimentary Bright & Energize Eye Treatment worth $120 upon purchase of skin treatments. • Palais Renaissance I Tel: 6738 8441 I 390 Orchard Road Palais Renaissance #03-04 Singapore 238871 • Orchardgateway I Tel: 6221 6612 I 277 Orchard Road #B1-07 orchardgateway Singapore 238858 • Bugis Tel: 6238 0500 I 9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02 TQL Suites Singapore 188098 • TANGS Tel: 6734 9885 I 310 Orchard Road TANGS at Tang Plaza Level 4 Singapore 238864 Chinese New Year Special!

Receive a complimentary Bright & Energize Eye Treatment worth $120 upon purchase of award-winning GUASA Healing Skin Treatment @ $58/ $108 for 2 persons (U.P. $320 each)

• Palais Renaissance I Tel: 6738 8441 I 390 Orchard Road Palais Renaissance #03-04 Singapore 238871 • Orchardgateway I Tel: 6221 6612 I 277 Orchard Road #B1-07 orchardgateway Singapore 238858 • Bugis Tel: 6238 0500 I 9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02 TQL Suites Singapore 188098

DrHair® 10% off ala carte treatments PLUS! Enjoy a complimentary Scalp Tension Relief upon purchase of scalp and hair treatments. • Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at Ngee Ann City I Tel: 6222 5279 I 391 Orchard Road, #05-23 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238872 • TANGS Tel: 6734 9885 I 310 Orchard Road TANGS at Tang Plaza Level 4 Singapore 238864  Promotion valid till 31 October 2020. Chinese New Year Special! Complimentary Scalp Tension Relief Therapy upon purchase of award-winning Deep Cleanse Scalp Treatment @ $58 / $108 for 2 persons (U.P. $188 each) • Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at Ngee Ann City I Tel: 6222 5279 I 391 Orchard Road, #05-23 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238872 Promotion valid from 1 January 2020 to 29 February 2020.

Irén (Face Shower Bar by Ikeda) 1st trial at $58 (Usual Price: $90) | Birthday Treat- Modelling Masks at 50% off (Usual Price: $40) Promotion valid till 31 October 2020. Promotion is only available at Face Shower Bar located at One Raffles Link, B1-17A, Citylink Mall, Singapore 039393. • First trial Hydra Cleanse Facial is only redeemable for first-time customers of Face Shower Bar. • Deal is not allowed to be used in conjunction with other discounts, promotions, or packages. • Reservation is required at least one week in advance, subject to availability.

LIFESTYLE • Enjoy discounts for your next Golf game! • 10% off golf tee time Bookings on Promotion valid till 31 July 2020.

Boats, Boats and Boats Services (Private Yacht Charter) • 12% off listed rates for Private Yacht Charter Promotion valid till 30 April 2020. Visit | Email: or | Contact: 6861 6965 Ryders Singapore (Wakeboarding) • $50 off for 3 hours booking (Usual: $390) • Promotion includes wakeboarding equipment, coaching, and mineral water, ice and ice box. Promotion valid till 30 April 2020. Visit | Email:

The Eaqlia Studio (Fitness & Beauty) • $10 per class • 10% off Beauty Package

Promotion valid till 30 September 2021 Contact: 8222 8829

The Rink@Jcube (Ice Skating) Family Bundle with complimentary rental boots : $42 (U.P. $52) Promotion valid till 30 April 2020. Promotion can only be redeemed at Customer Service Counter at The Rink ,2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-11, JCube, Singapore 609731

D’Haven (Ice Skating Lessons) 10% off Group Lesson Packages Promotion valid till 30 November 2021 Email:


Crowne Plaza Changi Airport • 15% off Best Flexible Room Rates Promotion valid till 31 March 2020. Address: Changi Airport, 75 Airport Boulevard, S(819664) | Email: | Contact: 6823 5388

for 5-year membership $300

Sign up a TGC membership today AND ENJOY THESE FACILITIES!

Members are allowed to sign-in 2 guests to use the facilities

For updates or further information, please visit

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