King's Business - 1950-05

BROADCASTING to ISRAEL In The Jewish Language

K F O X Sunday Afternoon 2 P.M. K F V D Sat. & Sun. Mornings 1:30 A.M.

H C J B Quito, Ecuador Saturday Afternoons (Short wave)

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F OR several years the Jewish language broad­ cast over the Voice o f the Andes, Quito, Ecu­ ador, has been reaching thousands of Jewish refu­ gees all through South America, Europe and al­ most around the world. From Havana, Cuba, came a request for permission to use our transcriptions in the Jewish language, on a broadcast conducted by a dear saint of God. This has been granted, giving our ministry a greater opportunty to reach these people. The regular Sunday afternoon broadcast from a California station reaches out hundreds of miles, proclaiming the blessed gospel to Israel. Aside from this, we are now adding a third broadcast which will feature thirty-minute pro­ grams, 1:30 to 2:00, twice a week each Saturday and Sunday morning. This broadcast will reach into three states bringing the Word of God to both Jews and Gentiles, these early morning messages being the only religious programs on the air at that hour. This time is selected so that the unsaved,

spending Saturday night in sinful pleasure until the small hours, may have opportunity to hear the gospel. Also, this time was chosen that many sick people, unable to sleep and with only a variety of jazz programs to tune in, may now enjoy the min­ istry of the Word, not forgetting many who at this late hour many be contemplating suicide, revenge, or carrying out some criminal intent, and who may by way of radio be stopped in their evil pursuit through hearing God’s plan of salvation. The Lord continues to bless the ministry of our street meeting work, Saturday afternoon visitation work in homes, personal contacts in hospitals, bus­ iness places, or wherever He leads; tract work, distribution of Gospels, Testaments and Bibles; Sunday afternoon Jewish meetings, and the broad­ cast of this service over KFOX, on Sundays at 2:00 P.M. We are desirous of training young Jewish be­ lievers to go as missionaries to their own people. Should God lead you to share with us in this min­ istry, please write for more information.

The Jewish Department is a faith work, supported by free will offerings. Send for Jewish Evangelism literature. JEWISH DEPARTMENT Daniel Rose, Director BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES and CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, Calif.

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