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Making the Time Finding My Balance Between Law and Home

My dad always taught me to fight for the voiceless. He told me our good tidings and resources should be used to help those who haven’t been so fortunate. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in South Korea, my family instilled in me these values I still carry to this day. Luckily, over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to pass those lessons along to my family and clients alike. For that, I am forever grateful. When I first started this firm in 2011, I knew I wanted to give back to my community in ways only an attorney could, and since then, my husband and I have been able to do just that. Here at Pendleton Law we believe no person should go unrecognized, no matter what kind of hand they’ve been dealt in life. That’s why we continue to fight for our clients day after day and work tirelessly to see their cases resolved with the best possible outcome. While finding the proper balance between marriage, family, and client dedication can be difficult, we can rest easy knowing we’ve given everything to better our lives and the lives of those around us. I see all these moving parts as inextricably connected to one another to begin with. While we fight for our clients first and foremost, we also keep up our standard of care, so our children can grow up with the role models they deserve. That balance is shown through the many satisfied clients we’ve been able to serve here at Pendleton Law. Their smiling faces show us that justice has been served— and we’re just getting started. Our work has ripple effects we can’t even begin to understand. While you may not think it today, my future wasn’t always so set in stone. As my dad worked as a college professor and youth pastor when I was growing up, we moved back and forth from South Korea and the United States every few years. In Jan. 2000, when I was a junior in high school, we settled down here for good. Through

my lifelong passion for music, I attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on a music scholarship for classical piano. I was all settled in the fact that I would spend my life as a pianist until I decided to take the LSAT during my senior year. Those study sessions and meetings leading up to the exam started to change my life’s direction. I began attending every law-related club I could find on campus and asking every question I could think of about law school. Then I pulled the trigger, packed my bags after graduation, and headed off to North Carolina Central University to begin my journey in law. Along the way, as fate would have it, I had a law class at NCCU with my future husband, Damon. After my graduation, we moved to Virginia to start our professional lives. Damon and I were married in July 2010. Understandably, we were very excited to start our careers in our respective fields, but life is not a cake walk for a couple of brand- new lawyers. After a few contract attorney jobs commuting back and forth between Washington, D.C. and Richmond and a position at another law firm here in Richmond, I decided it was time to pave the way for myself, and in mid-2011, I did just that. Two months later, my husband, an incredible attorney in his own right, joined the firm, and we began growing our business to where it is today. Around the time we opened the firm, we learned our first child, Jordan, was on the way. Now, with four kids on our hands, we have a full family and even fuller hearts. As if that wasn’t enough, our firm is doing better than we could have ever dreamed, and we only have our clients to thank for that. Through your trust, we have been able to serve the Richmond area over the past eight years, and we look forward to many more. No matter what life throws at

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you, the dedicated professionals at Pendleton Law are here to see your case through to the end. For more information on how we can help, give us a call at 804-250-5050 or visit our website anytime at

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