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Q. WHAT ELSE CAN SCHOOL FAMILIES DO? A. Communicating the importance of these matters to young adults can be challenging, but it is worth making every effort. For instance, parents should also fill out the HIPAA Privacy Authorization form, which authorizes disclosure of protected health information on your son or daughter to you if needed. This would include matters involving alcohol or drug abuse treatment, mental health records and communicable diseases like HIV and AIDS. Remember, the child has to sign the form as well. You can obtain this document on state bar association websites. Finally, you might use this moment to broach other sensitive topics. For instance, one consideration is making sure everyone’s Health Care Directive on the back of the driver’s license is up to date. Call your family attorney or find one experienced in these matters by calling the bar association to help you determine the documentation that needs to be in place.


  Make an effort to get a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Health Care Directive in force for your child going away to college.   While it’s best to consult with an attorney, you don’ need a lawyer to create the necessary forms.   Put signed copies on file with your primary health care provider, one in a safety deposit box and a copy in the glove compartment of your child’s car if your child has one on campus.

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