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from previous page | ATYAASAA SPEAKS : NURTURING PERFORMANCETHROUGHTHE POWER OF FEEDBACKS AND FEEDFORWARDS Please understand every feedback is correct, as it is a seen behaviour. A feedforward is corrective in advance or even a potential behaviour of success practiced with low frequency or intensity.

Like Jung, the famous psychologist stated that every person is a combination of “nature and nurture." Feedbacks and feedforwards work on both.That's how a human being evolves.When we stop taking feedback, we are lost in the woods. We can’t track our paths correctly. Course correction in life at all stages is a must. Make feedbacks and feedforwards a part of your essence. If you are committed to your goals, you will surely see the benefit. For the goalless, it is just another fancy conjecture.

OD ENTHUSIAST’S ORATE Gayatri Subramanian is a Masters in Computer Science with a rewarding career, however, her thirst for exploring the new is never quenched. Occupying a key position in a budding IT firm, she takes on multi-tasking and role-swapping almost seamlessly. She is a voracious reader that makes her absolutely passionate about writing. Interacting with people, understanding them and bringing out the brighter side of life is something she loves to do. An aggressive thinker and a person with high energy levels, she makes sure that things get done right!

FEEDBACK TO FEEDFORWARD - A GEAR SHIFT! Before plunging into the fathoms of the subject matter; two capitalized words from different statements would effectively illustrate the key difference between a ‘Feedback’and a ‘Feedforward’mechanism. “Sam! Your ‘LAST’presentation was an absolute mess and it just went right over the top!” “Sam! You could make your ‘NEXT’presentation more intuitive by using communicative tools that actually work!” Feedbacks usually orbit around taking a time machine back into time and looking into ‘what went wrong’. However, feed forwards take a leap into the future and bring to your platter, aspects that deal with ‘how to make it right’! Here’s a look into the five genuine reasons that prove that Feedbacks (FBK) will soon become a thing of the past and Feedforward (FFW) is all set to take the center-stage! Feedforward is futuristic and focusses on ‘what is takes to do it right the next time’. Feedback grinds the happenings of the past making it a bitter experience for the employees, at times. It makes them less of listeners and more of retaliators who are up with their shields in defense. FFW builds an open environment with opinions pouring in from random individuals which makes the learning experience more enriching and enjoyable. FBK is constrained within the four walls of the room making the process of assessment less conducive and more crippled. People with a greater liking for optimistic inputs prefer FFW in comparison to FBK. Employees tend to take FFWs in the right sense since it doesn’t disturb their personal chords, unlike FBK which gets perceived as a powerful attack on an individual’s root thinking. FFW puts the point right across the table that help employees to dust themselves up and put themselves back on the saddle. It allows them to become receptors of life changing ideas. FBK, however, tends to put them into a shell and occasionally disables their ability to think out of the box. FFWs function exactly like FBKs with the difference that you have more people listening attentively on the receiving end. FFW has more to do with performance than people themselves. FBK tends to lose out on this, being more people inclined. Transiting from a feedback to a feedforward; signifies an assertive phase shift in the mindset that has been deep seated since long. Though FBKs have become an indispensable part of an organization’s assessment system; FFWs is sure to steal the limelight with its revolutionary approach. It’s a risk worth taking at a chosen juncture! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The time might be just right to take a leap ‘FORWARD’without looking ‘BACK’!

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Leadership without feedback and feedforward is like a grand tree with fragile roots BEAN STATEMENT

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