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We have a beautiful facility with all sorts of charm, magic, tools, technology, culture, and ambience. But they all pale in significance to the true commitment and dedication required to create and then recreate deep, purposeful practice. Together each morning, we are reminded of our “why.” Why we are here! Why we chose to do what we do! Who we are, and what we really want! Every day, we get to decide how much we are going to invest in ourselves and the people around us. The Ranch daily mindsets are, in my opinion, the secret sauce to our amazing success at the Texas Baseball Ranch TM . They are reminders that who we are is not limited by the results of last night’s game or last season’s stat line.

Every morning at 9:30 a.m. sharp from the beginning of June to the middle of August, players, parents, and staff congregate in the Red Barn Theatre to hear the mindset lesson of the day that will hopefully place everyone in the mental and emotional frame of mind to maximize their work for the day ahead. It is an extremely important 20 minutes in the full, five-hour, daily Ranch training experience. In fact, so many parents and players have commented that the daily mindset is the most impressive and impactful piece of the entire training process. Every single day, I see parents leave their cars, end cellphone conversations, file in, get out their notebooks, and jot down the notes from the day’s message. I believe they are absolutely correct in their assessment of its importance. If you are not completely clear on why you are doing what you are doing, you will almost certainly never maximize your work. Our “why” is way more powerful than our “how.” Our processes, procedures, and techniques (the “how”) only become important after there is real purpose and meaning in our work.

Baseball is what we do. Baseball is not who we are.

–Coach Wolforth


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CATCHERS TAKE CENTER STAGE After many requests over the past They include the following:

couple years, we at the Texas Baseball Ranch are excited to announce the creation of the Elite Catchers Boot Camp. This inaugural event will be held Dec. 14–15, 2019.

GREG BROWN , head coach at Nova Southeastern University, has been called the “dean” of catching instructors in America, coaching the last two Rawlings Gold Glove recipients at catcher — including Garrett Wolforth! JERRY WEINSTEIN , one of the game’s most respected coaches, has over 35 years of experience at the college and pro levels. A member of the ABCA Hall of Fame, he’s the author of “The Complete Handbook of Coaching Catchers.” TIM COSSINS , catching instructor for the Baltimore Orioles, will offer wisdom from his 17 years of coaching experience. EDDY RODRIGUEZ , catching coordinator for the LA Angels, was a former pro catcher himself with the San Diego Padres and Tampa Bay Rays organizations. Plus, we have our special pro instructor, the previously mentioned GARRETT WOLFORTH . He’s been exposed to our throwing secrets at the Texas Baseball Ranch for his entire life and was drafted as a catcher this past June by the Cincinnati Reds. If you are a young catcher, age 14 and up, you don’t want to miss this event. Learn more and register by going to TexasBaseballRanch. com/catcher or call the office at (936) 588-6762. Save $500 if you register by Sept. 30, 2019.

You asked, and we listened.


• Elite-level receiving: two sessions (fastball and secondary) • Elite-level blocking techniques: two sessions • MLB pitch calling: two sessions • The sub 2.0 pop time with an electric, accurate, and durable throwing arm: 2 sessions • Tag plays, foul balls, and bunt coverages: two sessions A critical piece in the decision to move forward was making sure we were able to get the right instructors for the event, and we truly believe we have hit a home run. There has never been a lineup of catching instructors like this in one place for catchers to learn from and train with.


Ingredients for Better Body Balance

sauces, cilantro, and radishes. Peas and quinoa is another pairing that completes the essential amino acid profile, and the two work well together in a salad or scramble. CHERRIES AND SPIRULINA You may not always think about your blood health, but you should because your blood distributes crucial nutrients throughout your body and floods toxins out. Iron, folic acid, vitamin B-12, and protein are the building blocks for better blood. You can find these nutrients in dark red foods, such as cherries, raspberries, beets, and kidney beans, and in dark green foods, like spinach, spirulina, and wheatgrass. Holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton, author of “My New Roots: Inspired Plant- Based Recipes,” suggests starting the day with a refreshing smoothie made with some of these foods.

We seek balance through many methods, like morning yoga poses and guided meditations before bed. But another important part of a balanced, holistic lifestyle is diet. When your body is missing nutrients, you suffer from all kinds of physical and mental ailments. Based on a holistic nutrition perspective, here are some foods you can pair together to promote better body balance from the inside out. CITRUS FRUITS AND DARK, LEAFY GREENS The vitamin C in citrus fruits helps your body absorb the iron in kale, spinach, and other leafy greens. Unlike the iron found in animal proteins, the iron in leafy vegetables isn’t as easy to absorb. Get the most out of those greens by tossing your spinach salad with a lemon vinaigrette or brush some lemon or orange juice onto your grilled kale. BEANS AND RICE This simple staple meal for many Latin American families is prevalent for a reason. Together, beans and rice make a nutritious and protein-packed meal to fuel your body. Keep this dish interesting by creating new combinations with avocado, zesty

These ingredient combinations bring out the best in each other, so your body can function at its best. Pair them together and enjoy!



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• Expect other parents to try to influence or shape

When high school baseball is good, it can be a very rewarding experience. When it’s bad, it can be a living nightmare in the life of a young adult. Many parents have told me directly that they thought “high school coaching would have been better.” The truth is that while there are many great coaches out there, some have personal agendas that end up ruining what should be a joyous experience. With that in mind, here is my advice to the parents of any aspiring high school athlete.

circumstances to positively give an advantage to their child. Sad as it sounds, it’s a regular occurrence for nearly every team in the country.

• Expect cliques or alliances to be formed in order to

increase other individuals’ abilities to shape or influence coaching decisions. Resist becoming involved in such cliques or alliances to assist your child. Simply put, don’t play politics.

• I suggest you view high school baseball as a great

THIS MONTH IN BASEBALL HISTORY One Wild Night When teams are vying for playoff spots late into September, there’s always a chance the race will go down to the wire. All fans hope for a dramatic finish to the season, and they got that in spades in 2011. On Sept. 28, eight teams combined to produce a close to the season that will never be forgotten. In the NL, the Braves and Cardinals were the last two contenders for the wild card. Early in the night, the Cardinals drubbed the Astros, but they would be bounced from the playoff picture when Atlanta beat the Phillies. Meanwhile, the Red Sox and Rays were vying for the AL East wild card, with Boston visiting the Orioles and Tampa hosting the Yankees. Back to Atlanta, with one down in the top of the ninth, Chase Utley hit a sac fly to tie the game and force extras. If that weren’t crazy enough, both the Red Sox and the Rays went beyond nine innings. The Phillies succumbed in the 13th, ending their playoff dreams. Shortly after, the Red Sox fell as well, crossing their fingers the Rays would do the same. But just three minutes later, Evan Longoria hit a season-ending walk-off to send the Rays on their way. opportunity for growth, development, and learning that life is far from fair or perfect. It is a fabulous opportunity for young athletes to learn how to work as a team toward a shared goal without relinquishing personal integrity and independent thought. These days, high school baseball isn’t the be-all, end- all determining factor it was 20 years ago. While it’s still important, you shouldn’t treat it as a make-or-break situation for your athlete. Remembering that will keep you from becoming another angry parent who spends games berating coaches and umpires. Not every program is perfect, but most have integrity, and the coaches are trying their best. That’s what really matters.

• Don’t expect your coach to be baseball’s equivalent of John Wooden. That’s unfair and unrealistic. Truth be told, you are probably not perfect baseball parents either. Instead, expect your coach to simply have personal integrity. The rest you can work through.


Nov. 23–25 Dec. 27–29

Jan. 11–12: Alumni Camp Jan. 18–20

ULTIMATE PITCHING COACHES BOOT CAMP, 20TH ANNIVERSARY Dec. 5–8 ELITE CATCHERS BOOT CAMP – INAUGURAL EVENT Dec. 14–15 OUTSIDE CAMPS Sept. 27–29: ThrowZone Clinic, Santa Clarita, CA Nov. 15–17: Fastball USA Clinic, Chicago, IL For more information, go to TexasBaseballRanch.com/events.


It’s hard to imagine an ending to a regular season ever topping this one.

www.OatesSpecialties. com/Durathro

3 Where You Can DREAM as BIG as Your Work Ethic Will Allow! PHONE (936) 588-6762

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Preparing for Next Year STORING YOUR SUMMER GEAR

STORING SUMMER ATTIRE Consider purchasing plastic storage tubs or boxes to put your clothes in. If you’re storing dresses, skirts, or any fancy clothing, plastic or nylon garment bags will help prevent them from getting dirty and wrinkly.

Although winter seems like a distant prospect, it will be here before you know it. While many people are sad to see their summer clothes and gadgets get stored away until next season, it’s a good idea to start planning now. Taking the time to properly pack away summer gear is beneficial and can save you from unneeded worry next year. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO STORE SUMMER GEAR Properly organizing and storing your summer clothes will help them last longer and prevent you from aimlessly rummaging when searching for that perfect fall sweater or blouse. Likewise, when you cover your patio furniture and tuck your bicycle and tools away, they are less likely to be damaged by animals or any harsh winter weather.

Before you start piling your clothes in, be sure to wash and completely dry them. This helps prevent mold or mildew and keeps your clothes looking new when it’s time to take them out again. Also, it can be a good idea to place cedar sachets in with your

clothes and around the neck of your hangers; the wood will keep away pesky insects without leaving bad smells behind.

STORING YOUR SUMMER GADGETS Outdoor items are more likely to get damaged as they endure the elements. When you’re storing rakes, shovels, or any other garden tools, make sure they’re washed, dried, and sharpened before putting them into your shed or garage. Patios should be cleaned off and given a fresh coat of wax, and outdoor furniture should be dusted, cleaned, and covered to keep the frost, snow, and rain off.



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