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We have a beautiful facility with all sorts of charm, magic, tools, technology, culture, and ambience. But they all pale in significance to the true commitment and dedication required to create and then recreate deep, purposeful practice. Together each morning, we are reminded of our “why.” Why we are here! Why we chose to do what we do! Who we are, and what we really want! Every day, we get to decide how much we are going to invest in ourselves and the people around us. The Ranch daily mindsets are, in my opinion, the secret sauce to our amazing success at the Texas Baseball Ranch TM . They are reminders that who we are is not limited by the results of last night’s game or last season’s stat line.

Every morning at 9:30 a.m. sharp from the beginning of June to the middle of August, players, parents, and staff congregate in the Red Barn Theatre to hear the mindset lesson of the day that will hopefully place everyone in the mental and emotional frame of mind to maximize their work for the day ahead. It is an extremely important 20 minutes in the full, five-hour, daily Ranch training experience. In fact, so many parents and players have commented that the daily mindset is the most impressive and impactful piece of the entire training process. Every single day, I see parents leave their cars, end cellphone conversations, file in, get out their notebooks, and jot down the notes from the day’s message. I believe they are absolutely correct in their assessment of its importance. If you are not completely clear on why you are doing what you are doing, you will almost certainly never maximize your work. Our “why” is way more powerful than our “how.” Our processes, procedures, and techniques (the “how”) only become important after there is real purpose and meaning in our work.

Baseball is what we do. Baseball is not who we are.

–Coach Wolforth


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