HOT|COOL NO. 4/2021 - "Going Greener"

Considering that 20% of energy consumers in Denmark (typ- ical companies with production facilities) account for 80% of the total energy consumption, there is a considerable market for information that can help this 'Top 20 list' of companies intelligently reduce their energy consumption. A sort of Insight-as-a-Service that can point to the most apparent areas of optimization through data analysis allowing the company to reduce its energy consumption, save money and help the carbon accounting. Data enrichment with OT/IT Lastly, the digitalization and data plan within the energy sector is naturally linked to the OT/IT relationship (OT = Operationel Technology and IT = Information Technology). If the energy companies are to harvest the benefits of the sweeping digitalization ultimately – even in the outermost parts of the company – it will also include the online access of machines, equipment, processes, and products. The tech- nologies that bridge OT and IT already exist. And in KMD, we have even built the necessary governance structure that makes the data transmission across OT and IT a secure and compliant discipline. The enrichment of, for instance, the SCADA systems with data from smart meter devices and vice versa is, in addition to the coupling of pumping stations, IoT devices, DataHub, etc., all part of the future's Smart Grid. The new possibilities to calcu- late and predict the energy balance in the grid have derived effects that will spread far into society and point in a green, sustainable direction.

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Solar collectors in action

16 HOTCOOL no.4 2021

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