HOT|COOL NO. 4/2021 - "Going Greener"

Overview of the general best practies for the constructiong phase


General best practices

Business case and costs

Adhere to the Best Available Technology

Work together with other utilities

Lower the supply temperature to increase efficiency

Be prepared for hiccups

Social acceptance

Only do construction outside the winter period

Co-ordinate with utilities to cause less disruption

Execute project in phases to minimise disruption to normal city life

Other strategic items

Have regular co-ordination meetings

Put more time in the project to crete bonds with partners for future projects

The interviewees discuss the results The second most important best practice was – find inspiration from others. This project took its own medi- cine and made a webinar where the results was pre- sented to a wider audience. Both the case from Antwerp and from Bruchsal presented their case and through a discussion of the findings they compared to their own experience. Watch the webinar here

The report can be downloaded To fully familiarize yourself with all the best practices and understand much more about the 8 cases Please find the report here

For further information please contact: Frits Verheij, Morten Jordt Duedahl,


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