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Annual Enrollment

News from OD

The Transportation Insight Human Resources team is proud to announce a successful active enrollment for 2019. Associates can expect new insurance cards to arrive on or before January 1.

New Faces

401K News

Opportunities for Growth

On December 4, Principal conducted an educational meeting on Transportation Insight’s 401K program that is available to all full-time associates who have completed 1,000 hours of service before Jan. 1, 2019. If you were unable to attend the meeting, please contact Kelly Mitchell for more details.

Associates on the Move

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Badge Safety

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Transportation Insight is committed to providing the safest possible work environment. Working safely is also a responsibility shared by all associates. This begins with your access badge. Upon hiring, all associates receive a badge with designated access capabilities. You are to use it to open the external doors for yourself only. Do not allow access to anyone that does not have a Transportation Insight badge. If someone who does not have a Transportation Insight badge seeks access to the buildings, please refer them to the main entrance. Any time a Transportation Insight associate seeks access to any building but does not have a badge, they are to enter through the main entrance and go to the Organizational Development department on the second floor of the Global Building to receive a replacement badge.


Transportation Insight Christmas Party December 12 (Hickory, NC) Service in Action Volunteer to “Ring the Bell” December 18 (Hickory, NC)

W-2 Forms in ADP

Monthly Bible Study December 19 (Hickory, NC)

W-2 Forms will be available in ADP no later than January 31.

1. Click to login here. 2. Click on the MYSELF tab 3. Click on the PAY tab.

When they become available, associates will be able to view their W-2 online.

Christmas Holiday December 24-25

From there you will see where you can access your 2018 W-2 form.

If you are having trouble logging in, visit the ADP Login Help page or contact your Human Resources team.

New Year’s Day January 1


Amelia Mulawka —Processing Assistant Keyer (Hickory, NC) Amelia is married and has two sons. Originally from the Hickory area, Amelia has always lived in Catawba County. She is a graduate of Bandys High School.

Emma Sullivan —Marketing Assistant (Hickory, NC) Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Emma moved to London 10 years ago where she earned a degree in creative writing and media from Kingston University. Emma’s parents moved to Hickory eight years ago, and as she traveled back and forth to see her family, Emma fell in love with the Hickory weather, people and pace of life. In October, Emma moved to Hickory. She loves reading, yoga, cooking, running, karate and dogs. Chris DiBernardi —Client Solutions Director (Remote) Chris was born and raised in New York, and he earned a bachelor’s degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey. His first career was in broadcast network television and included stints at CBS, MTV and VH1. Chris is married and has a daughter and two sons. His hobbies include home improvement, remodeling and design. His interests are boating, traveling for leisure and entertaining family and friends Italian style . Justin Smith —Corporate Account Manager (Overland Park, KS) Originally from Naples, FL, Justin’s family moved to Eldorado, KS, in the early 1990s. In 2014 he moved to the Kansas City area where he lives with his wife and son (born in July). Justin studied Wildlife Management and Science at Butler Community College and Fort Hays State University. Justin’s passions away from the office include hunting, fishing and his 1970s model Pontiac Trans Am.

Linda Lewey —Operation Planner (Overland Park, KS) Linda has a husband, Jim, three daughters and four fur babies. Linda loves to travel to the beach with her husband whenever she can.

Michael Wray —Project Manager (Hickory, NC) Michael has a family of eight, including his wife Amber, four girls, one son and Daisie, the best black lab ever! Michael earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville (while wearing University of Kentucky blue to graduation) and an Executive MBA from Bellarmine University. His achievements also include PMP Certification, Six Sigma Green Belt and parallel parking proficiency. Along with being a foodie (he once ate a scorpion taco in Mexico), Michael loves the outdoors, sports (especially baseball), family and DIY house projects.

Rosalie Rogers —Staff Accountant (Hickory, NC) Rosalie is originally from Florida and moved to Hickory five years ago. She is a graduate of the University of Florida.


Some of the new opportunities for growth at Transportation Insight include:

Client Development Associate, Client Development (Hickory, NC) Corporate Account Manager, Client Services (Charlotte, NC) Solutions Engineer, Solutions (Hickory, NC) Systems Engineer, Information Technology (Hickory, NC)

For more growth opportunities, please visit the Careers Page on the Transportation Insight website or contact Chrissy Sherrill at .


In November, there were three associate transitions/promotions. Please join us in congratulating the following associates on their new roles: Chelsea Perkins —Client Development Associate Chelsea joined BirdDog as a Strategic Account Manager early in 2018. Learning that portion of the logistics business equipped her with the essential knowledge needed to fuel her advance into conversations about more comprehensive logistics solutions. With a 7-year-old son that is proud of her tenacity to make a better life for them both, Chelsea is grateful, hopeful and excited to further her future with Transportation Insight. Cheryl Center —Accounts Receivable Specialist Cheryl joined Transportation Insight in 2016, beginning her career here in Processing. She wanted to advance another step in the company and applied for an Accounts Receivable Specialist position. When she came back from a recent vacation, she learned that she was getting the position. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge and responsibility that her new role entails and looks forward to many more years at Transportation Insight. Cody Clark —Strategic Account Manager Cody joined BirdDog in January 2018 as a Carrier Capacity Manager for the Refrigerated and Fresh Operations team. With a primary focus on produce coming out of Texas and Southern California, he quickly developed a carrier base to cover loads as needed by our customers. In November he began the transition to a Strategic Account Manager role for the Refrigerated and Fresh Operations team with a direct focus on climate-controlled freight solutions. Cody lives in Hickory with his wife Kati, daughter Avery and son Hunter, who is currently attending Appalachian State University.


Overland Park Thanksgiving Community Outreach Service –Hope House – OPKC Office

TI-KC had a great turnout for our Service in Action Thanksgiving Community Outreach Service for the fourth quarter, providing 15 families with a Thanksgiving Dinner!

Hope House’s mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safe refuge and supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence.

To learn more about Hope House, click HERE .

Ringing the Bell with a Ho-Ho-Ho attitude and wishing a “Merry Christmas” to all those who pass has become a beloved Transportation Insight tradition.

On December 18, the day its associates volunteer to ring the bell at the Hickory Sam’s Club, Transportation Insight pledges to match all funds collected for the Salvation Army.

If you would like to be a part of Service in Action, please go to to learn how you can volunteer.


Stephen Lee (NC) Bryan Cable (NC) Emily Minoofar (KS) Adam Hosmann (KS) 12/5 Robert Schrank (Remote) 12/6 Ashley Reinhardt (NC) 12/7 Amanda McCrickard (NC)12/8 Nicholas Bush (NC) 12/8 Lisa Hoyle (NC) 12/10 Chrissy Sherrill (NC) 12/11 Adam Stokes (KS) 12/11 Cole Dulin (NC) 12/11 Denise Camp (NC) 12/12 Chelsea Perkins (NC) 12/14 12/1 12/2 12/2

Lisa Locke (NC)


Josh Walker (NC) 12/25 Cynthia Culbertson (KS)12/27 Monique Stanfield (NE) 12/27 Thomas Volz (KS) 12/29 Jay Wilson (NC) 12/29 James Mathews (NC) 12/30 Michael Nesheim (NC) 12/30 Annie Dover (NC) 12/30 Linda Davis (NC) 12/31 Clay Gentry (NC) 12/31 Kevin Hunt (NC) 12/31 Stacey Fox (NC) 12/31 Larissa Icard (NC) 12/31

Danielle Gargus (NC) 12/15 Rachel Ratledge (Remote) 12/15 Justin Batt (KS) 12/16 Andrew McDonald (AR) 12/17 Rod Poole (NC) 12/18 A.J. Leshock (NC) 12/19 Deloy Cox (Remote) 12/20 Raven McGuire (NC) 12/20 Rick Slaven (NC) 12/22 Kiersten Ray (NC) 12/22 Denise Thornburg (KS) 12/23 Cora Courtney (KS) 12/23 Megan O’Neill (NC) 12/24


Scott Hagenkord (KS) 7 years Trena Kee (NC) 6 years Joseph Pope (NC) 6 years Beau Bridges (Remote) 6 years Stacy Baldwin (NC) 4 years Reanna Bogle (NC) 4 years Adam Eagle (NC) 4 years James Fogel (NC) 4 years Haley Huffman (NC) 4 years Jordan Kistler (NC) 4 years

Kelvin Patillo (NC) 4 years Peter Sternberg (GA) 4 years Kristin Mendat (NC) 3 years Valerie Hoffmann (NC) 2 years Jessica Cunningham (NC) 1 year Adam Welch (NC) 1 year Jedadiah Chatman (NC) 1 year Delphine Perkins (NC) 1 year Brandi Hill (NC) 1 year

Monica Shelton (NC) 19 years Roxanne Devine (NC) 18 years Kimberli Robbins (Remote) 15 years Phillip Carpenter (NC) 13 years Dianne Dockery (NC) 12 years Linda Davis (NC) 9 years Brenda Haswell (NE) 9 years Leeann Wigington (NE) 9 years Mindi Burke (NE) 8 years Angela Parolek (NE) 8 years


Published monthly by Transportation Insight’s Organizational Development team in collaboration with Corporate Marketing, Associate Insights is designed to promote a greater sense of community among all associates by providing updates on our people, our departments and our company.

Jodee Fulton, HR Administration (ext. 5234) Kelly Mitchell, HR (ext. 5281) Bryan Rueger, Talent Development (ext. 5237) Chrissy Sherrill, HR/Talent (ext. 5238) Josh Walker, OD Management (ext. 5230) Meredith Williamson, Payroll (ext. 5118)

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