“I flunked out of school,” he said. “But I study con- stantly. I love learning. I was not good at school, but I kept learning when so many others didn’t.” He joked that he learned everything he knows from playing Monopoly. “I like schools where I can DO some- thing,” he said. So, it’s no wonder why pilot school and the military worked well for him. His point of view is that ‘old’ advice — go to college, get a good job, save money, get out of debt, invest for the long term, and diversify — has become obso- lete advice in today’s fast-paced Information Age. His philosophies and messages challenge the status quo and his teachings encourage people to take initiative to become financially educated and play an active role in investing for the future. Kiyosaki’s most recent book is titled FAKE — Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets in which Kiyosaki dispels many of the societal teachings that, in his view, have not worked and are not entirely true. “ FAKE is about how fake our money is, and you can’t pass off fake money without fake teachers. There are so many people my age (Baby Boomers) who have nothing. And so many Millennials are also in serious trouble due to student loans. Banks and Wall Street are fake. To me Rich Dad, Poor Dad was high school, and FAKE is col- lege. I’m essentially saying the same message,” he said. Kiyosaki shares his messages about financial edu- cation via his Rich Dad brand platform in books and myriad outlets including videos, radio, apps, and board games. His CASHFLOW games teach people of all ages about investing, managing assets and liabilities, and building wealth. The Rich Dad brand celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017, and 2020 is proving to be a big year for Kiyosa- ki as he has three projects in the works. The next book scheduled to release is called The Ravens , which he co-authored with James Rickards. “A raven is a bird of prophecy. My co-writer Rickards and I are always calling market terms. The book is about how you can see the future and predict markets,” he said.

Robert Kiyosaki on Failure… “I’ve lost hundreds of millions of dollars, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me because I got smarter and came back. You learn by falling, but our schools punish those who fall down. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose millions, but a real winner is one who gets inspired losing. The average person avoids losing, so they never win. How can you win if you’re afraid of losing?” On Job Security… “People pay a high price for job security. In prison it’s called maximum security. I visited a prison in Australia and saw their version of the worst punishment. It was being locked in a room and I thought that’s where most employees are. They’re in maximum security. It’s the worst punishment in the world. And unfortunately, that’s what most kids come out of school looking for.” On Taxes… “How do I make millions and not pay taxes? Invest in real estate! But, you have to understand the tax laws. Tax laws hurt small businesses and those with 401ks. I love passive income that is taxed at zero.”


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