Jon Carson Consulting April 2018

April 2018

Reading Builds Relationships

Many of you might not know, but April 2 is Children’s Book Day. This day of observance really hits home with Dave and me, as we used to be the “poster family” for the Treasure Valley Reading Foundation back when we were on the air. “Reading, whether done alone or with your kids, creates great experiences.” Reading to children, no matter what age, is beneficial for both you and the kids. Not only does reading to youngsters give them a break from school, it enhances their imagination and plays a critical part of language development and writing. Having read to my children quite often, I can say that it’s rewarding in and of itself when I can spend even a half hour with either of them. It’s always been a source of quality time with Carson and Clare. Dave, the kids, and I were featured on billboards (see photo) promoting and encouraging parents to read to their children. At least 20 minutes per day is still the goal. We were happy to help spread the message since we’d been reading to our children since they were infants. The foundation also gave books to families that wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. We relied on donations mostly — companies would send them in bulk! — and we’d get them distributed. It was fulfilling to be a part of the effort.

Carson and Clare were about 3 and 5 years old at the time. We read all sorts of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein books to them. I had fun creating accents and characters with each book I read, which helped them enjoy the books as much as I did. Years later, I even read assigned books to my kids in high school. After a stressful, busy day, it allowed them to just sit back and relax. Plus, I loved spending the time with them. We could discuss the reading and delve deeper into its meaning.

hope to get grants and donations that will help the library grow. We want to keep it updated and current so our patrons can get what they want and need. While I encourage others to read, I am myself quite the bookworm. I always have several books on my nightstand — right now I’m reading through a business book written by one of my mentors, Patrick Lencioni, called “The Ideal Team Player.” I’m also reading “Unbroken,”

Even though our time with that campaign has ended, my love for encouraging children, teens, and adults to read more has not faded in the least! Currently, I am helping to form a foundation for the Meridian

library. Our library is small for our growing population, but it offers so much to the public. It’s not about books sitting on a shelf getting dusty. The library has a lot of technology for patrons to check out and use, and it offers so many literacy and community programs. Our challenge is that the Meridian library is not run by the city, and most people don’t understand that. We do receive taxpayer support through a separate taxing district, but it’s only enough for operations. By forming a foundation, we

which tells the story of war hero and Olympic runner Louis Zamperini. I usually have a collection of books I’m reading simultaneously. Reading, whether done alone or with your kids, creates great experiences. You never really know what you may learn from opening a book. This month especially, I encourage you to read and explore a book with your kids or just for your own entertainment. Have a happy April! Claudia Weathermon


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