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MARCH 2020

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W hat’s your favorite story? I don’t mean your favorite book or movie plot. What’s your favorite story to tell? I recently learned that March 15–21 is World Folktales and Fables Week, and that got me thinking about stories. Folklore of a culture teaches lessons through storytelling and other means, but I think we all have personal family folklore, too. It seems one story always gets told every time the family gets together. My mom likes to tell the story about when my best friend and I decided to clean my bedroom. Keep in mind, my friend and I were around 5 years old at the time. We got this bright idea while my mom was on a long phone call. My family lived in a split-level house, so although my bedroom was on the second story, my window was only a few feet off the ground. This is important because to get my room really clean, my friend and I decided to take everything that wasn’t a heavy piece of furniture and throw it out my bedroom window. The whole time this was going on, my mom could hear us running up and down the stairs, looking out the front door and giggling. She thought we were just playing like little boys. It wasn’t until our neighbor came over to ask if we were having a yard sale that she looked out the window. I had never seen my mom so mad. She made us bring everything back inside, sent my friend home, and sentenced me to my bedroom for a whole hour! Fortunately, this story has gotten a lot funnier with time. Evans Family Folklore

window,” and not “Dad once threw stuff out his bedroom window, so it’s okay.” The stories we tell kids are important because that’s how they learn when they’re young. Accordingly, I’ve made a point to read Audrey bedtime stories ever since she was an infant. I love reading to Audrey. It’s good quality time together. Plus, I think I have a budding reader. Even though she’s not old enough to read herself yet — we only just got her potty trained — she’s always excited to get a book and have me read to her. Audrey has lots of books, like “Big Red Barn” and “The Pout-Pout Fish,” but her favorite bedtime story is “Pancakes in Pajamas.” This is a cute little tale about a family of bears who decide to stay in their pajamas and eat pancakes all day. The bears end up going on a bike ride, which leads to the whole town having a big pancake party together.

I know my mom is going to love telling this story to Audrey when she’s older. I hope the message she takes away is “Don’t throw stuff out your

We’ve been reading Audrey this book since before she was old enough to eat pancakes herself. The first time Audrey had pancakes, she was so excited. She told us they were yummy then spread syrup all over her face. The story of Audrey’s first pancakes will definitely be part of our family folklore now. Maybe someday, I’ll be telling that story to her kids.

“The stories we tell kids are important because that’s how they learn when they’re young.”

–Dr. Seth Evans

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