DeSoto FY21----FY22-Approved-Budget




101-001-010 ACCOUNT

* It is the City Secretary's responsibility to attend all City Council Meetings, taking notes which document discussions & actions of the City Council. Prepare and submit meeting minutes during the next City Council Meeting for approval. *Notifications of flag protocol are made to the staff and citizens through emails, city website and Facebook pages routinely and as necessary. *Organizing City Council meetings by setting up physical materials used in the City Council Conference Room and the Council Chambers as well as ensuring any electronic devices are maintained and are in good working order (Granicus, Voting Machine, Laptop, IPad). * The City Secretary obtains signatures for Ordinances and Resolutions on behalf of the Council. Once finalized both are published on the City website for viewing. Ordinances are published in the local newspaper. * The City Secretary prepares proclamations and obtains all signatures then presents as necessary. * It is the City Secretary's responsibility to administer elections on behalf of the City. Calling an election is done by Ordinance and requires the coordination of the Dallas County Elections officials to set up equipment and staff. All advertising and posting requirements, acceptance of candidate paperwork, ballot drawing, swearing in protocol, and other miscellaneous requirements of elected candidate prior to taking office are handled in the City Secretary's Office. PERFORMANCE MEASURES/SERVICE LEVELS MISSION/PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The City of DeSoto is a Home Rule Municipality functioning as a Council-Mayor form of government. The latest Home Rule Charter was adopted on May 12, 2012. The City Council is composed of seven members: a Mayor, elected at large, and six councilmembers. Members of the City Council shall be elected by place. The City Council appoints the City Manager, the City Attorney, the Municipal Court Judge, City Secretary and all Boards and Commission members. The City Council sets policy and establishes all Ordinances. The City Secretary is responsible for recording, publishing, indexing, and maintaining City Council minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions and other legal documents of the City of DeSoto; administering elections; and providing support to the City Council and the City Manager's Office. In essence, the purpose of the department is to maintain and enhance the partnership among citizens, elected officials and city employees through efficient and effective management and delivery of all public services. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

FY 2018 Actuals

FY 2019 Actuals

FY 2020 Actuals

FY 2021 Target

Quantifiable Factor(s)

Activity Demand/Workload Number of published Council Meeting minutes

28 38 28 18

25 32 26 23

28 38 25 18

28 35 26 18

Number of Ordinances published Number of Resolutions approved Number of Proclamations prepared

Efficiency/Effectiveness Measures M&O budget per capita M&O budget % of General Fund budget Average turnaround time (in days) to publish Council Meeting minutes

$5.10 0.67%

$5.19 0.65%

$4.12 0.51%

$6.76 0.75%





Percentage of Ordinances processed within five days of adoption by City Council Percentage of resolutions processed within five days of adoption by City Council









Number of Proclamations prepared within five days of request






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