DeSoto FY21----FY22-Approved-Budget

($44,226,235). GF expenditures fund services for the Administration, Financial Services, Municipal Court, Regional Cooperatives (Southwest Regional Communications, Tri-City Animal Shelter and Regional Jail), Information Technology, Human Resources, Development Services, Parks and Recreation, Library, Police, and Fire. Operating expenditures for the GF show an increase from $42,961,006 (FY 2020) to $49,427,615 (FY 2021). These increases in expenditures are primarily due to a continuous rise in costs for personnel, supplies, and transfers to other funds. And also our reclassification of property and sales tax economic incentives. Budgeted Positions (New): Marketing Manager (Administration), Building Inspector (Development Services), Administrative Assistant PT (Police Department), and Police Officer (Police Department). ~Texas Municipal Retirement System~ The FY 2020 Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) contribution rate will be 11.27%. This is a difference of 0.14% from FY 2020 (11.13%). Contribution rates are based upon calendar years instead of FYs; therefore, the 11.27% contribution rate will not take effect until January of 2021. Above all, the funded ratio has decreased from 95.2% (2018) to 95.0% (2019). On average, municipalities who participate in TMRS have a funded ratio of 88.0%. ~Cooperative Agreements~ Southwest Regional Communications Center The Southwest Regional Communications Center is a cooperative agreement between the Cities of DeSoto, Duncanville, and Cedar Hill. In FY 2020, the participant share for Southwest Regional Communications Center (SWRCC) will be $1,250,433. This is an increase of $92,496 from FY 2020. These additional expenses are related to personnel, supplies, professional services, stabilization fund and equipment and additional debt. Regional Jail The Regional Jail Fund is a cooperative agreement between the Cities of DeSoto, Lancaster, Glenn Heights and Cedar Hill with the addition of City of Duncanville for FY21. Last FY, the Cities of DeSoto, Lancaster, and Cedar Hill contributed funding in the amount of $370,000, while the city of Glenn Heights contributed $64,500. In FY 2021, the contribution amount will decrease due to the addition of the City of Duncanville. The contribution amount is as follow for each City: City of Desoto $335,000 City of Lancaster $335,000 City of Cedar Hill $335,000 City of Duncanville $270,000 City of Glenn Heights $ 60,000 These additional funds will be used for new personnel (2 new jailers and reclassify a current jailer to supervisor), supplies, professional services and equipment.


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