DeSoto FY21----FY22-Approved-Budget

Section 3. Budget a Public Record. The budget and all supporting schedules shall be filed with the City Secretary when submitted to the Council and shall be open to public inspection by anyone interested. Section 4. Public Hearing on Budget. At the Council meeting at which time the budget is submitted the Council shall name the date and place of a public hearing and shall cause to be published in the official newspaper of the City the time and place, which will be not less than seven (7) days nor more than fifteen (15) days after the date of notice. At this hearing, interested citizens may express their opinions concerning items of expenditure, giving their reasons for wishing to increase or decrease any items of expense. Section 5. Proceeding on Adoption of Budget. After public hearing the Council shall analyze the budget, making any additions or deletions which they feel appropriate, and shall, at least ten (10) days prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year, adopt the budget by a favorable majority vote of all members of the Council. Section 6. Budget, Appropriation and Amount to be Raised by Taxation. On final adoption, the budget shall be in effect for the budget year. Final adoption of the budget by the Council shall constitute the official appropriation as proposed expenditures for the current year and shall constitute the basis of the official levy of the property tax as the amount of tax to be assessed and collected for the corresponding tax year. Estimated expenditures will in no case exceed proposed revenue plus cash on hand. Unused appropriations may be transferred to any item required for the same general purpose. Section 7. Unallocated Reserve Fund. The City Manager may recommend for action by the Council, an unallocated reserve fund to be used for unexpected items of expense, which were not contained as original items of expenditures. Section 8. Administration of Budget. Payments and obligations prohibited -- No payment shall be made or obligations incurred against any allotment or appropriation except in accordance with appropriations duly made in the budget unless the City Manager or his designee first certifies that there is a sufficient unencumbered balance in such allotment or appropriation and that sufficient funds therefrom are or will be available to cover the claim or meet the obligation when it becomes due and payable. Notwithstanding anything above, there shall be no transfer of budgeted funds or monies from one department to another department without prior Council approval. Section 9. Financial Reports. The City Manager shall submit to the Council each month a report of the financial condition of the City by budget item, budget estimate compared to accruals for the preceding month and for the fiscal year-to-date. The financial records of the City will be maintained on an accrual basis to support this type of financial management. The City Manager shall make available to the City Council monthly a cash disbursement journal of the City of all funds and accounts. Section 10. Amending the Budget. Under conditions which may arise and which could not reasonably have been foreseen in the normal process of planning the budget, the Council may, by a majority vote of the full membership, amend or change the budget to provide for any additional expense in which the


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