DeSoto FY21----FY22-Approved-Budget

prescribed schedule, penalties are imposed. The option should be considered when circumstances indicate the city will with certainty be successful in achieving a two-year spend out goal. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to the following: a. Obligations are issued to finance a variety of small construction projects, not large projects that might be unexpectedly delayed after the issuance. In addition, the requirements and goals for spend out are understood and firmly committed to by project management. b. Obligations are issued for a single, large high priority project with a relatively short construction period and there is a high level of commitment to speedy completion. When the two year spend out option is elected, debt will be issued for an estimated one year of expenditures to provide for unexpected delays of up to a year without incurring penalties. The exercise of the two year spend out option will always be coordinated with Bond Counsel and the Financial Advisor. 19.0 INTERNAL INTERIM FINANCING In order to defer the issuance of obligations when sufficient non-restricted reserve funds are on hand, consideration shall be given to appropriating them to provide interim financing for large construction contracts or parts of contracts. When the appropriations are subsequently re-financed with the proceeds of obligations or other resources, the non-restricted reserve funds shall be repaid. When expenditures are reimbursed from debt issuances, applicable state law and the Internal Revenue Service rules on reimbursements will be complied with so that the reimbursements may be considered expenditures for arbitrage purposes. Requirements are in general: a. The city shall declare its intention to reimburse an expenditure with debt proceeds before paying the expenditure, and will exclude costs such as design and engineering fees or cost of issuance; b. Reimbursement bonds must be issued and the reimbursement made within one year after the expenditure was made or the property financed by the expenditure was placed in service, whichever is later; and c. The expenditure to be reimbursed must be a capital expenditure. 20.0 DEBT MANAGEMENT POLICY REVIEW The Audit and Finance Committee will review these policies annually and significant changes may be made with the approval of the Managing Director of Financial Services and City Manager. Significant policy changes, as determined by the Managing Director of Financial Services, will be presented to the City Council for confirmation.


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