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I am delighted that you are considering pursuing a career in law. If you become a lawyer you will join a rewarding, interesting and exciting profession with an opportunity to make a real difference to your clients – be they individuals with a problem or a large corporate organisation engaged in a transaction worth millions of pounds. Law impacts everyone. I am extremely proud of BPP University Law School. We are entrusted with training all the future trainees of over 60 leading law firms, most of which operate on the international stage. BPP University Law School has been selected by these firms because of the relevance of our training and the high standard of our teaching, facilities and materials. In a 2014 Legal Week survey we were placed in the top five of all law schools in the country for the quality of our teaching.

We will support your career ambitions in a number of other ways; through the delivery of business training which is very relevant to the practice of law, through our award-winning Pro Bono Centre and through a series of support systems which help to guarantee that you will be successful in achieving your ambitions. Read more about these in the following pages and learn about the success of some of our former students and the various ways in which BPP University Law School has helped them. I wish you all the very best for the future and hope if you do decide on a career in law, that your next step will be to join us at BPP University Law School. I am always delighted to hear from prospective students so please do get in touch with me if I can be of any help. Professor Peter Crisp, Dean and Chief Executive, BPP University Law School


60 Over

leading law firms send their trainees exclusively to BPP University Law School.

BPP University Law School exclusively trains over 60 leading UK and global law firms’ trainee solicitors. Our focus is to develop trainees who are ready to embrace the demands and challenges of a training contract and professional practice. We provide first- rate education and training with an emphasis on business and finance which enables trainees and law firms to maintain a competitive edge and better meet the needs of their clients. Many of these firms work with us in other ways too. Attending our events, supporting our careers service, assisting with pro bono projects and telling us when additional recruitment is planned; meaning you’ll get plenty of opportunities to impress potential employers during your time with us. The firm favourite for law.


At BPP University Law School you will benefit from being taught by legal professionals who have pursued careers at leading firms and chambers. This means that as a student you will have an insight into a real world professional experience from day one.

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering professional legal qualifications, we have proudly earned our place as one of the largest law schools in the UK. We train more law firms’ trainees than any other law school in the country, and have more students in pupillage than any other provider. We pride ourselves on building and shaping legal careers; whatever your level of study, we help to develop you into commercially focused and highly employable solicitors or barristers. Our programmes.

BPP University Law School programmes

Non-law undergraduate degree.

LLB (Hons).

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

Master of Laws (LLM)

Solicitor Legal Practice Course (LPC).

Barrister Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).


In a survey of 2014 LPC graduates, 97% of those who participated have gone on to work or further study. * * BPP University Postgraduate Survey 2015

Becoming a solicitor. The best thing about being a solicitor…

Meeting the people you are going to work alongside for the next two years - it provides further motivation to learn all you can when you are working with accomplished and dynamic people. Realising that all the learning you undertook during your degree and LPC comes in useful! Don’t throw anything away from the LPC - it all provides a reference point, especially when drafting documents.

Grace Roddie, LPC Graduate, Commercial Associate, Eversheds


is about more than just the law. Essential skills include client relationship building, excellent writing and drafting crafted to meet the expectations of your audience, and particularly commercial awareness - all of which ensure you can tailor your advice to meet your clients’ needs. Whether your aim is to work within a global, niche or high street practice, our postgraduate law programmes are designed to enable you to create a bespoke career pathway to ensure your future success. A successful lawyer...

Before starting the programme I was worried about the volume of the materials and its intensity. However, such worries were proved not necessary. I am now convinced that the course was structured to help us achieve a successful result with constant support from the tutors, together with our persistent approach to studying throughout the year. Ionela Cosneanu, LPC Graduate, Litigation Paralegal, Silverman Sherliker

During my time at BPP University Law School I have been able to get involved in pro bono opportunities, the social community and the Access to Practice Mentoring Scheme which has been a great experience and really

good opportunity. Catherine Scholfield, LPC Graduate, Paralegal

Mentoring you throughout your programme.


The top tip for applying for training contracts is to be yourself. For their recruitment process, a prerequisite for most law firms is a certain level of academic achievement. Personality is therefore

We know securing a training contract is going to be your main focus. Some of our past students have shared their hints and tips on how to stand out and make the most of your time at BPP University Law School. Securing a training contract.

key to stand out from the crowd. Imogen Holmgren, LPC Graduate,

Get as much real work experience as possible, be that through volunteering, paid employment or official schemes. Also, if you don’t ask you don’t get - it is always worth asking legal contacts if you can shadow them, or undertake some temporary work at their firm.

Associate, Reed Smith

Experiencing real world legal practice.

Dominic Cole, LPC Graduate, Trainee Solicitor, Collyer Bristow LLP

Attend as many open days and networking events at the firms in which you are interested in ahead of your applications, and if possible gain work experience or a vacation scheme. Demonstrating to a firm that you are committed to applying there and getting to know lawyers and members of graduate recruitment can make a huge difference. Alex Molyneux, LPC Graduate, Associate, Reed Smith

BPPUniversity LawSchool’s work experience schemewas extremely beneficial and helped give me the edge when it came to interviews and vacation schemes. I have since gone on to complete two vacation schemes and accepted a training contract offer fromone of these firms. James Whittam, GDL & LPC Graduate, Trainee Solicitor, Addleshaw Goddard


In a survey of 2014 BPTC graduates, 95% of those who participated have gone on to work or further study. * * BPP University Postgraduate Survey 2015

Becoming a barrister.

The GDL was the best year of teaching I’ve ever had and taking part in the Truancy Pro Bono Project helped me obtain pupillage. My advice to any aspiring barrister? Don’t underestimate the power of networking: the solicitors are the ones you’ll get your work from. Alastair Martey, GDL & BPTC Graduate, Education Law Advocate, CEN


We’re here to support you, at every stage in your legal career. If you don’t already have a law degree we will start to prepare you on the GDL with access to a bar careers tutor and our GDL mooting competition. This support continues onto our BPTC where advocacy and conference are taught in groups of four and we have true-to-life mock trials and assessments, plus a wide range of options. If you’re set on becoming a barrister...

I would recommend BPP University Law School in the highest terms and was impressed with the quality of the tutors. Every tutor is willing to give up time to help you and nothing ever appears to be too great an ask. Elliot Kay, BPTC Graduate, Barrister, Zenith Chambers

I have achieved quite a lot since starting my GDL at BPP University Law School. The main thing for me has been gaining a mini-pupillage at a top Leeds Chambers. Without the help and support of BPP University Law School this would not have been possible. Danielle Young, GDL & BPTC Graduate, Residential conveyancy team, RG Solicitors

The BPTC is hard work, and balancing studies alongside mooting, pro bono and other extra-curricular activities is challenging. However, that is all part of preparation for life at the Bar, and I know that BPP University Law School has given me the best possible training .

Jasmine Chan, BPTC Graduate, Pupil Barrister, Zenith Chambers


Never be complacent, never take anything for granted and always understand your clients’ needs. Is it the best job in the world? Absolutely! Alex Cameron, BPTC Graduate, Pupil Barrister, Dyers Chambers

Looking for pupillage? Read some of the personal achievements, tips and advice from our barristers past and present. Securing pupillage.

My personal achievements: getting a first, smashing all of my BPTC exams, being called to the Bar and most importantly my pupillage. Oh and making my mum cry with happiness when I put on my wig and gown for the first time at Call Night.

Rosie Godfrey-Lockwood, BPTC Graduate, Pupilliage commences 2015

For me perhaps the most valuable aspect of studying at BPP University Law School was the support offered by the careers department. When I was applying for pupillage the careers staff checked through and offered detailed advice on each of my paper applications and provided one-to-one mock interview sessions. I really believe that it was this invaluable tailored and intense support which helped me to get pupillage during the first round of applications. Emily Reed, BPTC Graduate, Barrister, Park Square Barristers

After writing your answers to the questions asked on the application form, read them out to a friend. Do they sound too earnest, dull, unrealistic, naive? Or do they sound well researched, practical, interesting and make the reader want to meet you in person? Someone has to read your form. Make them want to meet you! Ishan Kolhatkar, BPTC Lecturer and Barrister


My one piece of advice is to get involved... Your Career Guarantee.

Participate, do pro bono, moot, join competitions, attend guest lectures, utilise the help and support offered. You will make a much better candidate for jobs and will have gained so much more from your experience at BPP University Law School if you make the most of the opportunities offered to you. Bruno Gil, GDL & BPTC Graduate, Pupillage, Old Square Chambers


Career Guarantee. We’re dedicated to making sure you leave us ready to embark on a successful career. To do this we have developed a 10-point plan to fully prepare you after graduation. It includes networking, commercial awareness and mentoring throughout your programme.

Your career guarantee.

Planning your career and helping you become the lawyer you want to be.

Developing the skills that make you more employable.

We are so confident that you will secure a training contract or pupillage by following this plan and completing your LPC or BPTC with us, that we offer our ‘Career Guarantee’. Our Career Guarantee means that if you don’t secure a training contract or pupillage within six months of completing your LPC or BPTC, we’ll let you study for free* another qualification to further enhance your skills and employability. This will enhance your profile and further increase your chances of securing a training contract or pupilage.

Preparing you for interviews and assessments. Specialising in a professional area.

Committing to your career from the day you accept a place.

Commitment to your career from day one. As soon as you accept your place you’ll receive invites to our Careers Workshops and depending on your choice of programme we’ll also send you helpful guides such as ‘How to Get a Training Contract’. One of the first things you’ll do with us is complete a Career Development Plan and meet the Career team who will help you get started. You will also have the opportunity to apply for one of our Career Guarantee Scholarships, awarded to applicants who can demonstrate strong commitment to the legal profession. Developing the skills that make you more employable with practical opportunities. From award-winning pro bono opportunities, optional GDL Skills in Practice workshops, our LPC free fourth elective and programme materials designed in conjunction with leading law firms, everything we do is designed to give you the skills you need to become a lawyer. Networking and meeting the right people. As a student with us you’ll become an member of the wider legal community from your first day. Throughout your programme you’ll be given opportunities to expand your legal contacts at the firms you are targeting.

Specialising and gaining commercial awareness. Our industry leading programmes offer a wide range of elective and optional modules from all areas of legal practice, allowing you to select from a range of options from your chosen practice area. On the LPC our practice ready portfolio gives you the opportunity to enhance your qualification at no extra cost, through a range of free workshops ran in conjunction with leading law firms and the option to take an additional online fourth elective. This will ensure you graduate with the commercial awareness and specialist expertise sought by firms. Mentoring you throughout your programme. Throughout your programme you’ll be supported by a professional mentor matched to the area of law you’re interested in through our unique Access to Practice Scheme. Preparing you for interviews and assessments. Our focus on your career extends through a timetable of mock interviews and mock assessment centres carried out in conjunction with our Careers Service and tutors matched from the practice area you’re looking at. Assessing your career in progress and planning your next move. After completing your GDL or LLB we’ll encourage you to review your career journey so far. Our careers team and tutors will be on hand to discuss your options and offer key practical advice, interviews skills and practice.

Networking and meeting the right people.

Assessing your career in progress and planning your next move.

Mentoring you throughout your programme.

Experiencing real world legal practice.

Gaining commercial awareness.

* Full terms and conditions apply. LPC Career Guarantee terms and conditions can be found online at: bppuniversity.ac.uk/lpctermsandconditions and BPTC Career Guarantee terms and conditions can be found online at: bppuniversity.ac.uk/bptctermsandconditions


Award-winning Pro Bono Centre.

I remember my first call clearly. We make calls from the supervising solicitor’s office and she happened to be there at the time. I was so nervous my voice was trembling and I suddenly forgot how to pronounce most of the words! Half an hour later I had a fully completed form with client details and a very dry mouth. I realised that there was nothing to be scared of and every time I made a call it got easier. Nina Tong, Volunteer Project

There’s no better way to get practical legal experience than signing up to one of our pro bono projects. At BPP University Law School pro bono is a valuable part of the training you’ll receive with us. Our award-winning Pro Bono Centre is an excellent place to start perfecting your legal skills in a supportive environment. We have a wide choice of projects, and law firms constantly tell us they’re impressed by students partaking in pro bono projects - it shows a commitment to law and the legal community. You’ll have a wide range of projects to choose from including staffing an employment law advice line, delivering legal education presentations in schools, prisons and homeless centres, and researching cases of prisoners who have lost all rights to appeal.

It’s the experience of actually meeting and speaking to clients that firmly cemented my desire to become a solicitor. Rebecca Penn-Chambers, Former Student Director, Legal Advice Clinic

Taking part in the innovative

Brent CAB Skype project has definitely helped me gain a training contract. Firms appreciate the level of commitment and organisation which goes in to projects. Bethan Griffith, Former Student Director, Brent CAB Project

Developing the skills that make you more employable.


Careers Service.

I have the Careers Service to thank for the amount of help they have given me through the recruitment process and I have managed to secure a training contract at Addleshaw Goddard. They helped with applications and offered excellent mock interviews. The schemes they run are very useful too. I took part in the Access to Practice Scheme and the connections I established through this really helped during the recruitment process. Tom Hopwood, GDL & LPC Graduate Trainee Solicitor, Addleshaw Goddard

We are committed to your legal career. That’s why our programmes are complemented by a dedicated and experienced Careers Service.

Our excellent Careers Service is available from the moment you accept your place, and includes: • Application and CV reviews • Dedicated 1-2-1 appointments • Access to Practice Mentoring Scheme opportunities • Mock interviews • Mock assessment centres • Employer panel events • Career Ready Days: workshops and employer talks

We are here to provide support tailored to your ambitions from the moment you accept your place. After all, everybody is different so our careers approach is designed around you. That means offering individual support when and where you need it; face-to-face, over the phone or via email. Our team is also available to help with your CV, application forms and even mock interviews tailored to the firm you’re having an interview with. Tutors who have worked in relevant areas will conduct these mock interviews. In fact, with our help at BPP University Law School you couldn’t be better prepared.

• Speed networking events • Law vacancy jobs bulletin • Employability Award opportunities

The Careers Team have been so valuable to me as they have taken time to sit with me to look through my application forms and perform mock interviews. Purvi Doshi, LPC Graduate, Paralegal

The Careers Service at BPP University Law School played an invaluable role in me obtaining pupillage. They provided feedback with my pupillage applications and assisted me with interview preparation.

Ayesha Smart, BPTC Graduate, Barrister, Park Square Barristers


Any successful lawyer understands the value of commercial awareness and this is embedded in all of our law programmes. Law firms require business savvy trainees and we work closely with over 60 exclusive law firms to offer programmes such as the MA (LPC with Business) which specifically meet the demands of current legal practice. In fact, our focus on commercial awareness doesn’t just start when you begin your studies with us, we deliver Commercial Awareness Workshops across many universities throughout the academic year. This will ensure you get the best possible head start to your legal career right at the outset of your decision making process. Commercial awareness.

Commercial awareness is key. Clients need our junior lawyers to understand their businesses, industries and sectors – therefore if our trainees have not just commercial knowledge but also a mindset where they engage with clients on their business goals, that will add significant value. Nigel Spencer, Global Director of Learning and Development, Reed Smith

Eventually I’d like to own and run my own firm; to do that I’d need to know how to run a business. The MA (LPC with Business) will help me to achieve this. Nazia Munir, MA (LPC with Business) Graduate, Trainee Solicitor, Arden Solicitors Advocates

The value of having a business understanding in a legal career lies in the fact that a law firm ultimately is a business. In addition to doing your job more efficiently (e.g. having a stronger grasp of clients’ businesses and commercial concerns), it also helps you understand how law firms function from a macro perspective.

Chu Ting Ng, LPC Graduate, Associate, Reed Smith


A combination of solicitors, barristers and academics. Our GDL team brings real world legal experience to the programme.

Know what makes a great lawyer? Being taught by one.

GDL team. Some staff profiles.

At BPP University Law School you’ll be taught by committed lecturers who combine academic knowledge with practitioner expertise. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and BPP University Law School was voted in the top five universities in the UK for excellence in teaching. * Don’t just take our word for it, come along to one of our events or Open Days and meet our tutors.

* Source: Legal Week 2014

Monali Raleraskar, GDL Lecturer

Bruce Humphrey, GDL Lecturer

Katie Jukes, GDL Lecturer

Called to the Bar in 1999, Monali spent the next 12 years in practice specialising in criminal law at 2 King’s Bench Walk Chambers before joining BPP University Law School in 2012. Starting as a Module Leader for the Independent Research Essay she quickly became Deputy Programme Leader for the GDL in London, teaching criminal law. Monali is an approved Advocacy Trainer for Inner Temple and continues to be involved in training new practitioners and pupils in the Hempel Method both in London and on the residential courses run by the Inns.

Before joining BPP University Law School to start an academic career in 2005, Bruce worked as a pensions solicitor at a leading commercial law firm in Manchester. Since 2005, Bruce has taught at BPP University Law School in Manchester and Leeds, as well as delivering guest lectures at BPP University Law School in London. Bruce’s main teaching interests relate to the law of equity and trusts, land law and the English Legal System. Bruce has responsibility for running the full-time and part-time GDL programmes and the LLB degrees in Manchester and particularly enjoys setting his students brain teasers and lateral thinking challenges.

Katie qualified as a solicitor in Commercial Dispute Resolution at Allen & Overy after studying Chinese at Leeds University. She then moved to Eversheds in Leeds where she worked for a huge variety of public and private sector clients. Katie joined BPP University Law School in Leeds in 2004 and since then has taught on the LLB, LPC and the GDL where she has a particular interest in human rights, social justice and demystifying the law. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is passionate about delivering cutting-edge, creative legal education.

The tutors are absolutely fantastic, and will answer any question, however small. Above all, they are ready and willing to impart the wisdom which they’ve gathered over their many years in practice, which is invaluable. Zaid Dadah, LPC Graduate, Paralegal


From chambers to the classroom. Our BPTC team are here to mould you in to barristers of the future.

Our LPC tutors come from a range of practice areas. We are here to support you whatever type of lawyer you want to become.

LPC team. Some staff profiles.

BPTC team. Some staff profiles.

Jonny Hurst, LPC Lecturer

Tracey Banks, LPC Lecturer

Caroline Lister, LPC Lecturer

Rebecca Pickering, BPTC Lecturer

Ayshea Megyery, BPTC Lecturer

Ishan Kolhatkar, BPTC Lecturer

Jonny qualified as a solicitor in 1991, ending up as a partner specialising in commercial property in the City of London office of a mid-size firm. He changed direction in 2007 when he joined BPP University Law School, where he is now part of the LPC Senior Management Team and is the Joint Head of Faculty for the LPC in London. Jonny enjoys mentoring a number of his former students who are now in practice, several of whom provided quotations for his book “Becoming a Lawyer”, which was published by BPP Learning Media in 2013.

Tracey qualified in 1992, practising as a commercial litigator and contentious insolvency practitioner for corporate clients at a commercial firm in Birmingham for five years, before moving north to a commercial practice for 11 years. She joined BPP University Law School in 2006 and is now LPC Programme Leader in Leeds where she continues to specialise in commercial litigation.

Caroline trained at leading City law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP and spent a further six years in the firm’s Real Estate department. She has also spent time working abroad, in a law firm in Stockholm, and enjoyed a secondment with Schroders plc. After joining BPP University Law School in 2011, Caroline is now a member of the LPC Training Team in London. She is also the Joint National Module Leader for commercial law and intellectual property and teaches property law and practice. Caroline works with several of our exclusive law firm clients and also supervises a number of pro bono projects .

Rebecca was called to the Bar in 2007, having received a scholarship from Inner Temple. She worked as a caseworker with Refugee and Migrant Justice before securing pupillage with the Crown Prosecution Service in London. Following pupillage Rebecca worked as a Crown Prosecutor before returning north in 2010. Rebecca is a tenant at Kenworthy’s Chambers in Manchester where she specialises in immigration, asylum and judicial review work. She is an Advocacy Training Council (ATC) accredited advocacy tutor and is the Module Leader for Asylum Detention Deportation and Extradition.

Ayshea was called to the Bar by Middle Temple in 1997, gaining pupillage and then tenancy at No.6 Chambers, Leeds, where she practised predominantly in family and criminal law. She is ATC accredited and teaches advocacy, written skills, remedies, professional ethics, personal injury and clinical negligence, and family law on the BPTC. Proving that those in the legal profession are anything but old-fashioned, in her spare time Ayshea sings and plays in two bands alongside fellow lawyers.

After converting to law, Ishan was called to the Bar in 2002 by Middle Temple as both a Jules Thorn and Benefactors Scholar. He completed pupillage and gained tenancy at 2 Hare Court, where he prosecuted and defended before the criminal courts. Later, he branched out into civil work and after a short spell in-house at the Nursing & Midwifery Council joined BPP University Law School. Ishan is the Module Leader for criminal litigation, evidence and sentencing and also the professional discipline option. He also teaches advocacy and is an ATC accredited tutor. In 2013 he was appointed by the Bar Standards Board as an External Examiner for advocacy.



BPP University Law School Birmingham 32–34 Colmore Circus, Birmingham B4 6BN

BPP University Law School Leeds Whitehall 2, Whitehall Quay, Leeds LS1 4HR

BPP University Law School London Waterloo 137 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NN

Our centre is located in the heart of the Colmore Business District in the centre of Birmingham. We are surrounded by local, national and international law firms and chambers. We are just five minutes’ walk from Snow Hill Station and ten minutes from Birmingham New Street Station. BPP University Law School Bristol BPP House, Grove Avenue, Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4QY Our Bristol centre is situated in the Harbourside area, close to the historic Queen Square. We are close to many law and accountancy firms and within walking distance of Temple Meads Station. We work closely with firms in the South West and the Bristol Law Society and Junior Lawyers Division to ensure that you can build your network from day one. Our friendly and professional team of tutors have extensive experience of practice to help you get your career off to the right start. BPP University Law School Cambridge Third Floor, Lion House, Lion Yard, Cambridge CB2 3NA Our Cambridge centre is based in the centre of the historic city of Cambridge. We are conveniently situated for public transport links into the city. BPP University Law School in Cambridge is the leading provider of professional law courses in the local area. We provide a friendly and professional environment with excellent tutor support and work closely with law firms within Cambridge and the wider regional market.

Our Leeds centre is located at the heart of the legal and business community, just a five minutes’ walk from the train station and close to the main shopping areas. Our building features mock court rooms and high level technological facilities. We work closely with local and regional law firms, chambers and societies and other educational institutions. BPP University Law School Liverpool 1st Floor, Merchants Court, 2–12 Lord Street, Liverpool L2 1TS Our Liverpool centre is located in the heart of the legal district overlooking the historic Queens Square. Located close to the commercial centre our Liverpool centre is conveniently located for all local amenities and transport links with Liverpool Lime Street train station less than 10 minutes’ walk. BPP University Law School London Holborn 68-70 Red Lion Street, London WC1R 4NY Our postgraduate law programmes in London are delivered at the Holborn centre, which is located in the middle of London’s legal district, close to the Inns of Court and the Law Society, a few minutes’ walk from Holborn and Chancery Lane tube stations. Our central location helps us work closely with over 60 top law firms who send their trainees exclusively to BPP University Law School.

Nestled close to the cultural quarter of the South Bank, our Waterloo centre is in a part of the city famed for being both vibrant and busy. Less than five minutes’ walk fromWaterloo station and with a range of transport links close by. As well as high quality facilities, our dedicated and enthusiastic support staff help you get the most out of your studies. BPP University Law School Manchester St. James’s Building, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6FQ Situated in a newly renovated historic building in Manchester’s buzzing city centre - BPP University Law School in Manchester, St James’s Building is conveniently located within five minutes’ walk of Oxford Road train station and the main shopping areas. Students benefit from excellent facilities and all of our staff are committed to going the extra mile to help you.

Wherever you study with BPP University Law School you will receive an excellent professional learning experience.

Bristol Birmingham Cambridge Leeds Liverpool London Manchester

Our Locations Birmingham Bristol Cambridge Leeds Liverpool London Manchester


Make BPP University Law School your first choice. Call 0333 331 0172 Or visit us at www.bppuniversity.ac.uk/law

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