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TENDONITIS & SPORTS Solutions to Keep Pain Away from Your Game


is the fact that many athletes attempt to push past the pain of their initial injuries, which often leads to those injuries becoming more severe. Working with a physical therapist is especially important for athletes for this reason. A physical therapist can help identify potential issues with posture or form that may increase your risk for injury,help identifypotential injuriesas theydevelop, andassess theseverityofandbest treatmentoptions for those injuriesassoonaspossible,soyoualways knowexactlywhatyourbodyneeds to feelat itsbest.

time.Tendonitis is an incredibly common issue that causespain todevelop in the joints.Thiscan impact thehips,knees,elbowsorshoulders.Paincausedby tendonitis can impact everyday activities, making it exceedingly difficult to remain comfortable day to day or to remain active. Tendonitiscanmakesimpleactivitiessuchaspicking up a gallon of milk or attempting to put something away on a shelf over your head incredibly painful and challenging. Unfortunately, when tendonitis develops, it often sticks around. This means that pain that begins as frustrating and seemingly minor can quickly become chronic and incredibly painful. Working with a physical therapist is the best way to address tendonitispainearlyon, to improve rangeof motion and reduce the severity of your pain without having to turn to pain medications.

Athletes are naturally at an increased risk for experiencing injuries. This is not as a result of any particular health issue that athletes typically have in common. Instead, it is a simple exposure equation. The more frequently you push yourself to try new things, to engage in physical activity, or to push yourself to reach a new goal, the more you are going to increase your risk for potential injury. On more days than not, the injury won’t happen, but as everyathleteknows, itonly takesonebadday—one day when fatigue throws off your form just enough to cause your gait to be off, for you to feel a little distracted and not realize an obstacle is coming up, or justaflukeofamoment inwhichsomethinggoes wrongandyougodown.Whatmakesmattersworse


While there are some sports injuries that happen after a bad day, there are others that develop over



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