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Amphenol SOCAPEX - Rugged Ethernet Switch & Media Converters

RES-GMC-1M-FORC - Military Ethernet Media Converter with Remote Control

Product specifications

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26.8 Mpps wire speed forwarding rate 2 Gbps maximum forwarding bandwidth 2 LED indication (Speed, Link/Activity) per port Wire-speed reception and transmission IEEE 802.3, 10 Mbps 10BASE-T (Ethernet) 4K MAC address


• IEEE 802.3u, 100 BASE-TX 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet) • IEEE 802.3ab, 1000Base-T • IEEE 802.3z, 1000Base-X • IEEE 802.3x Flow control

Standards compliance

• MIL-STD-1275B & MIL-STD-704A Surge and Spike protection • Voltage input: 24Vdc nominal (18-36V) • Power switching of the external DC input of unit 2 upon ON/OFF command from unit 1 • Maximum power consumption: 5W for unit 1, 10W for unit 2 • Standby consumption of unit 2: <0.1W • Chassis grounding • Max power at output of unit 2 (relay): 100A



MIL-STD-461E Electromagnetic compatibility

• MIL-STD-810F, 501.4I, 501.4II, 502.4I, 502.4II, 507.4, 500.4II, 514, 516I, 516VI, 514.5, 512.4 • IP67/68 • Dimensions: 170mm(L) x 140(W) x 110(H), including connectors & hardware • Weight: 1.55kg for unit 1, 1.80kg for unit 2 • Set of Four 4x4.3 mounting holes on bottom for mounting to any flat surface

Environmental: shock/vibration/ humidity




No moving parts. Passive cooling

• -35°C to +75°C (-31°F to +167°F) / -35°C Cold start-up

Operating temp

Storage temp

-45°C to +85°C (-49°F to +185°F)

Overall dimension

Dimensional line drawing - All measurements are in millimeters

Amphenol SOCAPEX

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