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RESMLAC-28MG - Managed military Ethernet switch - 24 Gigabit + 4 combo 10G ports

Main features

SECURITY - Security via Radius authentication 802.1x, Port/ MAC access control - Port security - Per port ingress and egress port mirroring - Mirroring per VLAN and per content awareness match - Private VLAN support per VLAN (Isolated and Promiscuous ports) - Content Aware Policers: • 128 Content Aware Policers • 16 Content Aware rate policers with rates from 1fps to 32 million fps • 8 UDP/TCP port range policers • Advanced ACL through hardware based match patterns • Content Aware Policers for generic MAC, ARP, IPv4, IPv6 protocols • No restriction on any mix of entries to Content Aware Policers • Contente Aware Policers actions are permit/ deny, police, count, snoop and mirror Special support for IP fragments, UDP/TCP port ranges and ARP • Extensive CPU DoS prevention • Surveillance functions by Content Aware Policers counters • Multiple ACLs per port for optimal usage of Content Aware Policers - Storm controllers for flooded broadcast, multicast and unicast

REDUNDANCY AND RING PROTECTION - Spanning tree (802.1d), RSTP (802.1w) and multiple Spanning tree (802.1S) for fast recovery rings - RPR for up to 30 units per ring with recovery time <50ms hardware based - RPR for up to 30 units per ring with recovery time <50ms hardware - 20-Gbps bandwidth for ring topology - QoS consistency across stack / ring - Mirroring across stack / ring - Link aggregation groups spanning multiple switches in stack/ring CONNECTORS - 2 x Power connector type: MIL-DTL-38999/24WC4P (1 optional) - 24 x LAN connector type: SCE2-B-76A07-14SN-001 - Optional fiber optic connectors: • TVOP (MIL-DTL- 38999) • CTOS (STANAG 4290) • TACBEAM (M83526/20&21) - 1 x Serial interface, shared with LAN port #1 - LED indication per Port (Speed, Link/Activity) per Unit (Power A, Power B)

Product specifications

Low profile rugged aluminium extrusion

• Conductively cooled w/custom internal heat-sinks • Ingress protection against sand, dust and moisture • Polyurethane Paint, Per MIL-C-83286 type II, color : Nato green, FS24079, semi-gloss • MIL-STD-1275B, MIL-STD-704A, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-810F GM, IP67



• • •

96.8 Mbps wire speed forwarding rate 56 Gbps maximum forwarding bandwidth


8K MAC address

• Exceed MIL-STD-1275B and MIL-STD-704A Surge and Spike protection • Voltage input: - DC versions: 24VDC nominal (18-32VDC) - VAC versions: 90-265 VAC / 47-65 Hz • Power consumption: 20W typical • Chassis grounding • MIL-STD-461F : CS-114, CS-115, CS-116, RE-101, RE-102, RS-101, RS-103 • RTCA-DO160 sec 25 : +/- 15KV 150pF 330Ohm • MIL-STD-810F G, 507.5, 500.4 I & II, 501.5 I & II, 502.5 I & II, 516.6 I, 514.6 cat 4 & 10, 509.5 • MIL-STD-167-1A, type I, shipboard vibration • Dimensions: 440mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 88(H), including connectors & hardware, 2U, 19” rack • Weight: 5.6 kg



Shock / Vibration / Humidity / Altitude


Amphenol SOCAPEX

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