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Celtic Flare in Vankleek Hill


When they first started, they played at the May show, a VCI reunion, and a Christmas concert. Champlain Mayor Gary Barton asked if they would consider playing at the annual PloughingMatch in 2011. “It just kind of blew up from there,” laughedMacWhirter. “Now we are working on making a CD. We will be starting on that April 12.” In themeantime, the women get together everyThursday to practice, to bond, and to talk. “Sometimes we have some tears, most of the time we laugh, a lot,” saidMacWhirter. “It’s that feeling of that one thing we all have in common. We each have our strengths.” “It’s never been a hassle to come out on a Thursday night,” said Hall. “We do a lot of laughing. We respect each other.” They work together to make one group and the result is brilliant. “We’re a team,” saidHall. “We all provide a different aspect of that team.” “One of us can forget something, and another will pick it up without notice,” added Rodger. “The audience never seems to notice that we forgot the words.”MacWhirter said working so closely and intuitively takes time. “I’ve always enjoyed singing,” said MacWhirter. “I used to sing with two other

Celtic Flare is made up of three local women, Alice Rodger, Tara MacWhirter, and Debbie Hall. The three went to VankleekHill Collegiate Institute (VCI) as teenagers, and all were in love withmusic. Although the three had known each other formany years, it wasn’t until six or so years ago the triowould find out what their future would hold. In 2009, it all came together, and Celtic Flare was born. “We were going to play at theMay show,” explained MacWhirter. “Phil Arber asked us ‘what do you play?’ We said Celtic with a little flare. We all looked at each other and said, ‘That’s it, that’s the name of our band’.” WhenMacWhirter’s mother bumped into Rodger at the grocery store, they started talking and made a few discoveries. “My mom bumped into Alice at the store. They talked about music, and my mom said we should get together.”MacWhirter and Rodger met up to discuss and play music. Before long, Hall was invited into the group and the band begun.

These three ladies that have known each other forever are working on raising a family, living life, and creating their first CD.

girls. They moved away, and I was so sad. I never thought I’d find that again. I always wanted to be in a band. I wanted to be a rock ‘n roll star.” Writing songs and loving life The group has written most of the songs they perform, some together and some individually. “We have about 14 or 15 original songs so far,” said Hall. “We’ve all sort of written originally over the years.” All very busy with families and careers, they plan on writingmore songs when time permits. “We meant to do some writing a couple of weeks ago,” laughed Rodger. “We went to a cottage just for that purpose. Come Sunday, we still hadn’t written a thing. But we ate and sang and had a great time.”

The three get along famously and often finish each other’s sentences. “I just love it when we are all together and we’re singing,” smiled Rodger. “It’s like therapy.” “This is kind of a home away fromhome,” Hall said. “It’s all about the friendship. If we are still doing this in five years, that’s fine. Anything we get is a bonus. We don’t want to lose the memories. It would be really cool if, someday, our grandkids were at the cottage playing music that we wrote.” Celtic Flare will be playing at Quigley Wiggly’s in Maxville, on April 25, and at Blueberry Hill Bistro in Vankleek Hill, on May 6. More information about the group can be found at




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