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For our March edition, I asked everyone at the firm to write about someone who inspires them. In past newsletters, I’ve written about family, friends, and community members who have inspired me over the years. Today, I want to highlight a pillar of our Chicagoland community: Philip Nigliaccio. Why do I highlight Phil? Because Phil and his family remind us what is good about America. Phil immigrated to America from Ciminna, a Sicilian city, when he was 20 years old. Ciminna is a mountaintop city with a vibrant culture centered on its annual festivals and religious processions. Phil best describes his journey: My dad immigrated to Chicago in January 1965 with his parents and all of his siblings. When my dad’s oldest sister got married and moved from Ciminna to Chicago, my grandfather insisted that this move would not split up his family. So he traveled with my aunt and uncle to Chicago, found a job, and earned enough money to afford to bring his wife and five other children to Chicago, too. By the time my dad’s family received approval from the United States to immigrate, my grandfather had earned enough money to fly his family to Chicago on an airplane. When I left Ciminna over 50 years ago, I knew I wanted to find a permanent home for myself and for my future generations in America. I found my home in Chicago. The name of my barber shop, Philip Di Ciminna, is a tribute to the place where I grew up, but there’s no question that Chicago is my home. When I’m not at the shop, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Rose, my two kids, and six grandchildren. I try to attend as many of my grandkids’ sports games as I can. I also appreciate the large number of great Italian restaurants in this city. In fact, it might be one of the reasons I’ve stayed here so long. I first met Phil and his wife in the early 1990s. I walked into the Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop steps away from city hall and the Daley Center. I instantly knew I was in the hands of a professional barber. I felt like I was part of the family there, and PHIL NIGLIACCIO: AN INSPIRATION Living the American Dream

I’ve been a regular ever since. Back in those days, Phil was cutting hair and Rose was polishing nails. Their life centered on their great marriage, their

two daughters, their faith, and their spectacular barber shop. Over the years, Phil and Rose have become grandparents to six grandchildren. How do I know? Just check out the beautiful photos on the walls! Folks like Phil and Rose inspire me, because I am continually inspired by people who take chances for a better life. Phil and Rose continue to live the American dream. This nation was built on the hope of a better life, the faith of our people, and the hard work of our immigrant families. They came to Chicago wanting a better life. Through their hard work, they have been running a terrific business for decades and employing a lot of talented barbers. There is an attitude of gratitude at Phil’s barber shop. Phil and Rose also brought the richness of their faith and culture with them. In December of 1995, Phil and his family walked away from a terrible car crash without any injuries. Believing they survived through the grace of God, Phil began the crusade to have a replica of the Holy Crucifix from his hometown in Ciminna made, bringing the tradition of the procession to Chicago. You may read more about Phil’s dedication to his faith at Suffice to say, Phil and his family are making a difference in the lives of anyone who visits Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop and those at Maryville Academy in Des Plaines who are involved in the Societá Santissimo Crocifisso and San Giovanni Bosco di Ciminna Chicago, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the religious welfare of the Italian community in Chicagoland.

Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop is located at 175 N. Wells St. in Chicago. They always answer the telephone at 312-263-4930.

–Joe Shannon

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