Sweet Love Issue



Wr i t ten by Trebresa Smi th | Photography By Trav i s Hudgons Ass i s ted By Sty l e Ed i tor s | Joy Jones & Ja l ynn Jones

Whenever you get two people who are in love, you learn more about love. We interviewed Miguel Wilson of the Miguel Wilson Collection, and his newfound love Chancey Timmons learned that he thinks about the day he met the perfect stranger and how in return, she loves, needs, and wants him; it is pure romance. It was the most beautiful interview we have done. The setting was at the home of his collection in Buckhead, and the backdrop was natural and effortless. We started the interview by asking the couple to name a few of their favorite things: modest and cute.

We got a glimpse into the wedding planning into the interview, and all we can tell you is it's going to be amazing! Miguel has already picked out the men's attire, and both have agreed with their favorite blue color. We can vision Chancey's dress to be epic. This fashionista mentioned that her favorite diamond cut is marquise; her favorite flower is orchid and roses, and not in the traditional sense; she likes to differentiate with color, varieties, and red would be the alternate choice. The time they spend together is genuine and includes laughter, great conversation, date night, and family. "I have been single for a long time. I didn't think I would ever be in anything too serious. But as God would have it, I'm in love. She's the one." Quoted by Miguel Wilson.

Question? How did you guys meet? We met at a wedding; believe it or not, I was on my way to the restroom when Miguel approached me with a hello, said Chancey. I didn't want to seem rude, but I thought I have to go literally. Miguel was persistent and would not let this lovely lady get out of his sight. He tried, again and again, to strike up another conversation, and it turns out it was worth the effort. Question? How do you all define romance? Miquel answers. I sum it up in words like a euphoric, state of mind, feelings,

actions and emotion. Chancey answered with quality time, thoughtfulness, affection, and friendship.

We asked several other questions. To learn more about the love between this dynamic couple, like dark or milk chocolate, and in unison, they both uttered the same answer; milk.

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