Sweet Love Issue

Whenever you get two people who are in love, you learn more about love. "In life, you'll meet a lot of acquaintances, but rarely will you meet a friend. This new love is genuine, and we plan to follow this adorable couple down the aisle. Miguel and Chancey are a die-hard couple who are blessed with many talents elaborate taste and, to mention, are a fan of YSL, Gucci, and toped by The number one designer Miguel Wilson. "We both are at a new time in our lives, and we believe good things happen to those who wait for it." Quoted by Miguel & Chancey. Love happens when your perseverance pays off, and you meet your partner, your classic match; you have to stand back and pinch yourself and bask in your answered prayers. A special thanks to Miguel Wilson and Chancey Timmons for gracing our pages, and we wish you all the success, prosperity, and love that will take you to depths and places as far as you can dream.

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