2020 Impact Report

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A Messsage from the PRESIDENT/CEO

To say that 2020 was challenging would be the understatement of the year.

Faced with the challenges brought on by the global COVID pandemic as well as the impending fallout from the new auto no-fault statute, the Brain Injury Association of Michigan – through the incredible efforts and generosity of its staff and provider support network – was able to navigate successfully through the numerous challenges that threatened its very existence. Most importantly, we were able to sustain our survivor-focused service lines while establishing new programming specifically designed to meet the needs of those we serve as they faced unprecedented financial and emotional hardships brought on by the pandemic. As the pandemic first set in, we immediately anticipated the financial fallout, cutting back on all non-mission critical expenses and taking advantage of the available financial assistance plans offered through the federal SBA program to secure the needed funding to help sustain operations through the year.

As the year progressed, we were able to identify and secure essential grant funding that also contributed to the continuation of critical programming and services.

In March, each staff member began reaching out individually to our survivor community to check in on their wellbeing during the pandemic. Two months later as a direct result of this effort, we launched the Carol Green Survivor Assistance Program, specifically designed to meet the essential needs of survivors facing immediate hardships. As the pandemic forced the cancellation of three of our four major fundraising events we pivoted once again, making the decision jump into the world of virtual reality with both feet. In September, we held our first virtual Annual Fall Conference and followed that with a Virtual Auction hosted by Mitch Albom in November. But perhaps nothing was more emblematic of the generosity and support of our donor community than the contributions made by these companies and individuals, who despite not being able to attend our cancelled events during the year turned their financial support for these events into direct contributions to the Association. Because of this support, we were not only able to retain our programs and services, but we were able to launch new programming designed to meet the emerging needs of our survivors and families as they continue to face the challenges brought on by this pandemic.

I invite you to read on to learn more about the impact we’ve had and most of all, thank you for your continuing support.


Thomas J. Constand President and CEO Brain Injury Association of Michigan



While advocacy efforts were relegated to online activities and virtual meetings due to the pandemic, 2020 was still a busy year for advocacy. In addition to our ongoing support of distracted driving legislation and the prohibition of double-bottomed trucks on our nation’s highways, a significant portion of our efforts were focused on introducing legislation to address the 55% reimbursement cap in the new auto no-fault statute that, left unaddressed, would decimate the provider network and displace patients come July 1, 2021. While a bill was introduced with bipartisan support in the House (HB 5858) in June, the proponents of the bill were asked to “stand down” so that the budget, COVID relief, and other pressing issues could first be addressed. Ultimately, the bill never received a hearing in the House. Going forward, the Association will continue to collaborate with its partners in addressing the particularly egregious and punitive elements of this new law, while also seeking to create new access points to immediate and ongoing care for all brain injury survivors.


OTHER In 2019, the Association joined other disability advocacy organizations (Michigan Disability Rights Coalition, Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council, Disability Rights Michigan, and Michigan State University’s Department of Outreach and Engagement) to form the “Voting with Disabilities in Michigan” coalition. The intention of Voting with Disabilities in Michigan is to address the importance of educating people with disabilities on their voting rights and the value of making their voices heard. In the Fall of 2020, we conducted two virtual panel presentations: one on voting rights and the other on why it is imperative that people with disabilities should exercise their right to vote. After the general election of 2020, the Coalition decided to make a concerted effort in trying to re-establish the Legislative Disability Caucus to give people with disabilities a seat at the table when it comes to how public policy affects those Michiganders who have disabilities, with the hope of seeing the Caucus become official before the end of 2021. In addition, the Association collaborated with the Michigan Non-Profit Association to educate our members on the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census through presentations, social media, and email communications.


FALL CONFERENCE In mid-September, the Association executed its first-ever virtual Fall Conference. The Conference offered eight separate session tracks, 36 sessions and continuing education credits, and a virtual exhibit hall. It brought in approximately 600 attendees and 46 exhibitors, and gave the brain injury community in Michigan a chance to network, albeit virtually. THINK AHEAD Think aHEAD, the Association’s newest program was introduced in January, with a goal of preventing brain injuries by increasing helmet-wearing behavior among recreational sports participants. Originally intended to launch in West Michigan, Think aHEAD quickly became a statewide initiative through our partnership with Michigan Snowsports Industries Association. Through our collaboration, ski patrol at each of Michigan’s 36 ski resorts, rewarded children and teens who were “caught” wearing helmets while skiing and snowboarding, with partner coupons, free food, and giveaways. The Association continued its efforts to promote community-wide awareness of brain injury by displaying masks from the Unmasking Brain Injury program at several libraries during Brain Injury Awareness Month in March.


SURVIVOR OUTREACH Early in the pandemic, the Association staff made an effort to call and check in with each and every survivor one of the 600+ brain injury survivor members in our database. Sometimes those calls were met with “I’m doing just fine. How are YOU doing?” Other times, those calls took longer, as many members who were isolated before the pandemic, suddenly became even more isolated. The Association staff also created a series of videos, giving “Tips & Tricks” for surviving quarantine. Topics included staying hydrated, getting exercise, how to overcome boredom and the importance of reaching out to friends and loved ones.

CAROL GREEN SURVIVOR ASSISTANCE FUND “This will be a great help towards paying for my prescription.” “I can’t thank you enough for helping me pay off this medical bill.” “My new walker will help me get along better.” “It’s safer for me to take a shower with my shower bench.”

These are just a few quotes from survivors who have been helped by the Carol Green Survivor Assistance Fund (CGSAF). BIAMI is happy to share that since May of 2020, the CGSAF has helped twelve survivors and their families meet their basic needs. As of this writing, we have two more survivors who are in need of support and have already started the application process. The CGSAF is designed to provide short-term assistance to survivors who are experiencing financial crises in their lives. With this newly established survivor program, BIAMI is able to fulfill its mission to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury. We continue to work tirelessly to fulfill this mission and hope to grow CGSAF so that we can help survivors for years to come. Survivors may continue to call this number if they are in need of assistance (810) 772- 4230.


ADOPT A FAMILY Once again, through the generosity of our providers (primarily NeuroRestorative), BIAMI’s “Adopt a Family” program was able to brighten up the holidays for four survivors and their families by providing them with needed items as well as many surprises. CHAPTER AND SUPPORT GROUPS Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association’s chapters and support groups were forced to go “virtual,” and were held through conference calls and Zoom meetings. Since the Association’s founding, chapters and support groups have been a linchpin of our connection to, and bond with, survivors and families. For many survivors, chapters serve an even more critical purpose – they’re a lifeline to recovery, a means to re-engage in the community, and a bridge to a higher purpose. Each group provides a primary source of support, information, activities, and camaraderie for its members and attendees. A very special thank you goes out to the chapter and group leaders, as well as the many volunteers who give their time and talents to help these groups run smoothly. We could not fulfill the Association’s mission without them, and we are very grateful for their commitment.


2020 was a tough year for all. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to postpone or reconfigure all of our events. We did our very best to overcome these challenges through the generous support and help of our provider network and board. With their support, we were able to meet our goals. We were able to get through a challenging year. Thank you to everyone for their support and contributions. LEGACY AUCTION In November, the Association executed its first "virtual live auction" in addition to our annual online auction. The live auction on zoom, hosted by Mitch Albom and John Prosser on November 20th from 7-8 pm, brought in $16,000 in one hour. The online auction ran from November 13th-22nd and brought in approximately $8,000 in bids. A special thank you to our sponsors and committee members for making this live auction a success. EASTERN & WESTERN GRAND INVITATIONALS Last summer, BIAMI supporters enjoyed the Eastern Grand Invitational at the Inn at St. John's Plymouth. With scheduled tee times, mask enforcement, and social distancing we were able to have a fun and safe outing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outing successfully attracted 136 golfers, 18 sponsors, raising approximately $36,000. The Western Grand Invitational was moved to an online auction. With the help of Harvey Lexus of Grand Rapids and Lexus Champions for Charity, we were able to raise $11,790.


CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE The 2020 Virtual Fall Conference attracted approximately 600 attendees and 46 exhibitors. It also offered eight-session tracks, 36 sessions and continuing education credits, and a virtual exhibit hall.

SOCIAL MEDIA FACTS At the end of last year, BIAMI’s consistent social media presence had resulted in 8,421 Facebook followers; 101,185 impressions on Twitter, and 2,560 views on YouTube.

MEETINGS & SOCIAL EVENTS Last year, BIAMI chapter meetings, support groups, and planned social and recreational events afforded approximately 140 opportunities for survivors, their families, and professionals.

NUMBER OF CALLS In 2020, the BIAMI received 751 calls, 935 emails, and four office visits from survivors, family members, providers, and others requesting assistance with matters relating to brain injury.

FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES In 2020, BIAMI held four major fundraising events, yielding approximately $78,019.67 in revenue.

MEMBERSHIP As of December 2020, BIAMI boasted more than 1,085 corporate, individual, and survivor memberships.


Tom Constand President & CEO

Nichole Shotwell Vice President of Programs and Operations

Diane Dugan Program Outreach Coordinator

BOARD MEMBERS Karen Amick Cheryl Angelelli Julie Betzler Kristin Howard Jim Howell

OFFICERS Tammy Hannah Board Chairperson Martha Nield Immediate Past Chairperson Thomas Sinas, Esq. Vice Chairperson Colleen Rapson Treasurer Jack Richert Secretary

Keith Moore Max Moylan Heidi Reyst, Ph.D. Jack Richert

Alexandra Weston Program Coordinator

Lindsay Flood Marketing Communications Coordinator

Tobias Roberts Phillip Weaver Ron West Joyce Wright Marty Zobrovitz Tom Judd MBIPC Representative Tom Constand BIAMI President & CEO

Kathie Sell Infomation and Resources Coordinator

Sharon Schannault Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Jacey Brodersen Administrative Assistant and Board Liaison




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