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When you think of our armed services, the first things that come to your mind might be freedom, power, and sacrifice. Though I have never been in the service, many of my friends have served, and I have deep respect for those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Through my loved ones, I have learned more about the ways in which our armed forces function. Now when I think of the defining characteristics of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, I think of organization. One of the main aspects of any successful business is organization. I have worked with and alongside businesses that put very little emphasis on order and are satisfied with being cumbersome. However, slow, inefficient business practices hurt the bottom line. I’ve been in and around the tent rental business for 20 years now, and I have seen firsthand what organization reform can do for an unsuccessful business. I ensure my own success by striving for order at Teeco Solutions. When disaster strikes in our world, our troops mobilize and arrive where they are called in a matter of days. Think about how much effort it takes to organize thousands of troops and quickly get them to where they are needed. Having owned a tent rental company, I can sympathize with the stories our customers often share about days when they cannot even get a truck with two men down the street to make a delivery on time. Every business owner’s goal should be to operate like our armed services and strive for efficiency and order in all business transactions. The key to getting your employees on the same page and operating efficiently on a consistent basis is to make sure your employees understand your goals, mission, and vision. Every

business owner wants their company to grow. However, fast growth is the best way for your goals, mission, and vision to get lost in translation or miscommunicated. That is why it is so important to have leaders on your team who can communicate your goals to all employees, new and old. If you team is properly trained and your supervisors can effectively communicate your vision, there is little room for error. To win a war, a sergeant relays a strategy to a private. To ensure success, you have to communicate your vision to your team and lay out the exact steps it will take to attain your goals. Everyone must be clued in to your mission. Otherwise, your team will be standing around and waiting for you to tell them what to do next. If they understand the mission, they’ll know what to do. Once you have established expectations for every role in your company, they become easy to follow and pass on. People can change and roles can change, but if you have a reliable team who can communicate your goals, your bottom line will not suffer. If there is not a clear understanding of your company’s purpose, you won’t experience growth, and your bottom line will take a substantial hit. From my own perspective, when everyone is on the same page at Teeco Solutions, I can rely on my team, and I don’t have to micromanage every single aspect of the business. I know my team will get things done correctly and efficiently according to our mission and vision. The organization and efficiency of the armed services make a great model for your own business, and once you clearly communicate your mission to your employees, you will reap the benefits.

– Steve Arendt

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