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Over the years, I’ve learned that in order to run a successful clinic, it’s not enough to be a great veterinarian. It’s equally important to have a team I can trust. I need to have the confidence that my staff can get their jobs done right so I can step aside and focus on my job. I could be the best veterinarian in the world, but without the right group around me, I couldn’t get half of my job done. When clients call, they often want to talk to me or BUILDING THE PRACTICE What Makes a Great Team?

Each person on the staff is part of the clinic because they truly belong here. Over the last 10 years, I’ve learned it’s not enough just to have a body in place. If we want to continue delivering the quality of care our patients and clients deserve, we need to employ people who match our philosophy. Technical skills can be taught at school or on the job. But

my associate, Dr. Corum. That’s great, and I’m glad they trust us to help. But we often can’t talk to them for five hours, because we have patients to tend to. Fortunately, our clients know we have a staff that can take care of them the same way I would. When someone says, “I’m so glad Dawn works here,” or “Anna was so helpful when I called,” it reaffirms what I already know: My staff is amazing. In our practice, our mission is to exceed people’s expectations and continually impress them. That’s something my staff aims to do in every possible avenue. The first people you talk to when you call the office or walk in the front door are Anna and Ashleigh. They make up our department of technical services and have a knack for helping clients feel

people skills, the ability to genuinely care about others and the work you do, is not something we can teach. Someone either has it in their heart, or they don’t. It’s my job to make sure the people I bring into the clinic have the kind of disposition that will treat people and pets well.

We have a talented, dedicated,

This isn’t an easy task. For every one person we interview, there are 20 other applicants who didn’t make the cut. It takes time to find the right kind of person I can trust with my patients and clients. But when I meet that person, they’re always worth the wait. We have a talented, dedicated, and loyal group of people at the practice. I have worked really hard to find people I want to stick with me until I retire. That’s the truth. If I could keep my staff for 20 years, that would be awesome.

and loyal group of people at the practice.

comfortable. Then, there’s our executive director, Andrea, and our wonderful veterinary technicians: Dawn, Kristin, Patsy, Danielle, and Katie, all of whom do so much to help me and our patients. And I can’t forget my associate, Dr. China Corum, whose power presence has really transformed the practice and seamlessly allowed us to help more patients.

We have grown and will continue to grow, so we’ll need to bring on new people. But don’t be worried if you come to the clinic and are greeted by new faces. There may be new team members, but I promise they will deliver the same high level of care you have come to expect.

—Dr. Jevon Clark 406.755.6886


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